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 Great Qin's soldiers continued to give off a massive, ferocious aura as they continued to the rest of China. They were unstoppable, and all of China was dragged into battle.

The Chinese factions could not resist them at all and could only escape to the three other Continents.

After hearing that all of China had escaped in defeat, the countries at the western and southern side of the Midland Continent felt incredibly grim. If even the Chinese side was doomed, then Great Qin's next targets would be them.

However, how could they stop Great Qin? The Chinese side had already lost, and if their combined force was weaker than the Chinese factions, what could they do?

The various countries sank into panic. Some people started to escape to the other Continents like the Chinese people, while some did not want to leave and vowed to protect their countries, others decided to submit.

After refining the Clan Armament, Zhao Fu took the eight Aquatic Beast Kings to the central area and had wanted to commit a slaughter and annihilate the Chinese factions in order to vent his anger and take revenge.

However, by the time Zhao Fu arrived, the Chinese factions had already escaped. However, they only relocated their Cities, leaving behind many residents and soldiers. After all, if they did not abandon these people, they would not have been able to leave so quickly.

Zhao Fu had rushed at thin air; in actuality, while the system City Lords had gone to resist Great Qin's invasion, they had already run away.

After all, the people from Qin Suppression understood that the Clan Armament had been refined, so they were doomed to lose. There was no hope at all, and they didn't have the strength to fight. As such, they could only run away, preserve their foundations, and develop again. As long as the mountain remained, there would still be firewood to burn in the future.

Since there was no hope at all, the Chinese factions were quite rational and chose to immediately leave.

As for those ordinary people who had chosen to believe in them, they did not care about those people at all. After all, it was now difficult to preserve even themselves, and they had even abandoned some of their residents and soldiers. Who would have the mind to think about those ordinary people?

After all, even if these ordinary people were all killed by Great Qin, they would not suffer any losses. As such, they did not consider those ordinary people at all.

The reason China had been so unable to resist was because all of the top-tier factions had retreated, leaving behind a pile of loose sand. They were like a herd of sheep in the face of Great Qin, a ravenous beast, which started to devour everything in its sight.

It could be said that most factions' losses were only so-so; the ones who suffered the most were the ordinary people. They were mercilessly slaughtered, and their corpses could be seen everywhere. All of China became a place of corpses, creating a shocking scene.

This order had been personally given by Zhao Fu. Everything that these people had done would be repaid in blood. Since they could not take revenge against the masterminds, they would deal with these accomplices.

In the end, China was completely conquered by Great Qin. Only then did the slaughter of the Chinese people gradually stop.

Because of the various Ministers' suggestions, Great Qin no longer slaughtered those who surrendered; those people could keep their lives. They all looked incredibly scared and servile; before, they had been shouting that they would resist Great Qin to the death, but now, they were all too happy to keep their lives.

After completely conquering all of China, Great Qin had once again unified all of China. Following this, Great Qin started to attack the countries around China.

By now, many of those people had escaped to the three other Continents. However, there were still many people who had stayed behind and vowed to fight with Great Qin to the death. An example of this was Russia.

Even though Oleg had already escaped, many Russian players refused to leave, as they were quite keen on fighting. Even though they were facing Great Qin, they did not show any fear, and they were instead quite excited for battle. Meng Tian, who was responsible for attacking Russia, could not help but feel admiration at these people's battle intent.

Following this, Great Qin started to invade Russia, giving off an immense aura as it thundered into Russia's territory.

Even though all of the Russian players were fearless and had high battle intent, tGreat Qin's strength was simply too great. In just an instant, all of Russia had been conquered by Great Qin, and 90% of the Russians had been killed.

On the Mongolian plains, five million Cavalrymen gathered, waiting for the arrival of Great Qin's army. When that happened, they would give a death charge.

The five million Cavalrymen galloped across the plains, giving off an incredibly sharp aura. They were like an unstoppable spear, and the scene would shock anyone who saw it.

Back when Mongolia had invaded China, these Cavalrymen had been China's greatest headache. After all, once they started charging, they were very difficult to stop. However, they were facing Great Qin.

Facing the Mongolian Cavalrymen charging at them, Great Qin did not directly face them in battle and instead sent out a group of Wyverns. Under their dragon's might, the horses became terrified and lost control. At that moment, countless flames and icy blasts swept out.

The Mongolian Cavalry was completely annihilated. In response to their intense resistance, Great Qin congratulated them by slaughtering the entire country.

Because Mongolia had been completely slaughtered, Kazakhstan was scared into submitting, not daring to resist at all.

These were the countries on the southern side of the Midland Continent. Over at the western side, Great Qin had to face more countries: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh - eight in total.

Even though there were many of them, they were all relatively weak. The only one that was relatively tough to deal with was India. Great Qin's army now began to invade the eight countries.

Immediately, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal, which were all smaller countries, immediately surrendered. Great Qin quickly entered Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Afghanistan, quickly conquering them and destroy those countries.

Last was India. Great Qin had no small enmity with India because the Maurya Dynasty had been destroyed by Great Qin, and Great Qin had also taken their women and refined their Clan Armament. This hatred was extraordinarily deep.

Great Qin's higher-ups took this quite seriously because India had a large population and they would most likely resist intensely. As such, there were more City Lords here to suppress them.

They had also sent over ten Corps to slaughter their way through India. India's forces rapidly decreased, and after Great Qin killed 60% of them, they finally became afraid and became willing to submit. Following this, India also perished.

This was the largest battle in the Midland Continent. It seemed quite short, but it actually lasted for one week. In the end, all of the countries perished, and the Midland Continent became unified for the first time.

Now, the entire Midland Continent became Great Qin's territory. With the Southern Continent and the Fish Scale world's Netherwater Continent, Great Qin now occupied three Continents. Its forces were completely unrivalled.

The people who escaped to the three other countries quickly allied together with the locals, forming a new defensive line. The three Continents now had a single goal, which was to make Great Qin stop attacking, or else they would fight back.