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 The Chinese City Lords were unable to retaliate at all. They were already weakened, and they did not have a numerical advantage. In terms of battle strength, they were far inferior to Great Qin and quickly fell.

Looking at the other City Lords being killed and how Great Qin had more or less taken over the defensive walls, the remainder of the City Lords could only choose to retreat. Their defeat was already inevitable.

With the City Lords retreating, the remaining soldiers on the defensive walls did not have any more strength to resist, and they too started running.

Everyone from the Chinese side started to retreat as quickly as they could; not a single person dared to remain. After hearing about this, the expressions of those still hurrying over immediately fell, and they started to run as well.

Great Qin had completely broken through the central area's defenses and started to enter the inner regions.

"Great Qin is attacking; what do we do?" After hearing about this, the countless terrified people became even more panicked. Before, they had held onto a trace of hope, as perhaps they could stop Great Qin. However, Great Qin had now broken through their defenses and were heading straight for them.

Now, countless people only wanted one thing, which was to quickly run. This was because the Midland Continent was about to be ravaged by Great Qin's army. Based on everything Great Qin had done in the past, things would not be good.

The human world still had three Continents: the Western Continent, the Eastern Archipelagos, and the Northern Continent.

These three Continents were the Chinese people's only choice. Only by going to one of those places could they escape death; otherwise, if they remained, they would have to submit to Great Qin.

All of China's various leaders were heavily injured; the price they had paid to make the Imperial Ruler's Seal resist Zhao Fu was not cheap, and the backlash from Great Qin refining the Clan Armament had been great. They had no strength to fight at all, and they could only run.

Otherwise, if they fell into Great Qin's hands, they would be dead without a doubt. After all, the hatred between them was irreconcilable. Even if they surrendered, Great Qin most likely would not accept their surrender.

After Great Qin's massive army entered the central area, it split into two armies, one heading west and one heading south. They had unstoppable momentum and continuously broke through region after region without any resistance.

The Chinese factions could only continuously run, as they could not defend against Great Qin at all.

Most teleportation channels had become useless, and countless people cried and shouted in terror, wanting to escape from here. Amidst the chaos, people rammed into each other, and the sounds were incredibly chaotic. Everyone disregarded everything as they ran for their lives. Their resolute aura from before was completely gone.

As Great Qin's army continued to surge forwards, watching for anyone who had not been able to run away yet, Great Qin's soldiers rushed up on their horses and swung their weapons, killing those who were running away. Blood flew everywhere as pained cries continuously sounded out.

Now that the real world had been destroyed, it was not just individuals running away but often families. There were many people holding their children's' hands as they ran away.

Great Qin did not show any mercy to these people, stabbing their cold weapons into their bodies. No matter how much they cried or pleaded, Great Qin continued to charge and kill.

Countless corpses littered the ground, regardless of whether they were male or female, young or old. They all became cold corpses, with pained and despairing expressions on their faces. Blood dyed the ground red, making it look like hell on earth.

"Fire!" Looking at the people running ahead, Great Qin's Archers drew their bows and stood in ranks before firing at the command of their General.

"Arghhh..." The arrows tore through the air before piercing into those people's bodies, causing blood to fly everywhere. Some people died immediately, others fell to the ground in pain, and others continued to run.

Great Qin's Archers continued to draw their bows and aim at the people running in fear. The arrows flew out, directly killing this group of people. Great Qin's soldiers ignored their corpses and continued to hunt down these escaping people.

Some people were incredibly scared and knelt on the ground, loudly saying that they wanted to surrender. However, Great Qin's soldiers showed no mercy at all and continued to kill them.

A person from the School of Taoism watched as a Great Qin soldier rode his horse and stabbed a mother through before dragging her body and stabbing towards her child.

That person could not watch on; his body flashed before appearing before the child. He grabbed the spear with one hand and stopped the attack. This Taoist's strength was quite powerful, or else he could not have stopped Great Qin's soldiers' attack.

Because of Qiu Fengzi, the Taoist who had realized Zhao Fu's identity in the real world, the School of Taoism had received the acknowledgement of Great Qin, so Great Qin did not attack those from the School of Taoism.

Currently, only two Schools had been acknowledged by Great Qin: one was the School of Taoism and the other was the School of Yin Yang; the School of Yin Yang was because of Xianru.

Both of these Schools had helped Great Qin greatly.

After seeing that his spear had been stopped and looking at the Taoist in front of him, the soldier did not back down despite feeling that the Taoist was quite strong. He shouted out loudly, "These are all criminals who have offended Great Qin's Majesty. You dare to stop us; are you seeking death?"

Seeing what was happening, a group of soldiers quickly surrounded this Taoist, giving off a trace of killing intent.

The Taoist's expression became quite serious. Even though he could easily deal with these ten or so soldiers, there were many more soldiers here. In the end, he would not be able to escape death, and he might even drag down the School of Taoism.

The Taoist bowed before saying in a low voice, "This lowly one does not mean to offend Great Qin; however, Great Qin is wantonly slaughtering the masses, regardless of if they are the elderly or children. Great Qin is also not accepting any surrenders; you all came from the same roots, yet Great Qin is being so ruthless and cold-blooded."

"Hmph, we're obeying commands from Commander Bai; everything else is unrelated to us. If you do not make way, don't blame us for not showing any mercy," the soldier said threateningly as his eyes became cold.

The Taoist did not look afraid. Looking at the soldiers surrounding him, he used his body to shield the terrified child behind him. A battle was about to erupt.

"Let them go. If there are people who are willing to submit to Great Qin, there is no need to kill them. I will explain this to His Majesty." An enchanting voice sounded out from the sky. It was a peerlessly beautiful woman wearing a veil and violet clothes.

"Yes, Lady Xin!" Looking at the woman in the air, Great Qin's soldiers obeyed and turned to find other targets.

The Taoist inwardly let out a sigh of relief and looked at Xianru. He could not help but marvel at her beauty. If it wasn't for her, he definitely would have died, so he bowed towards her.

Xianru nodded before turning into a ray of light and flying off.

Great Qin continued to charge and kill, sweeping through the land. By now, more than half of China's territory had been conquered by Great Qin.