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 Zhao Fu grabbed the Imperial Ruler's Seal, which was now Great Qin's Clan Armament. Its consciousness also belonged to Great Qin, and no one else from China could affect it anymore. It now fully belonged to Great Qin.

Now that he had completed refining the Clan Armament, it was time to launch a true attack.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed. reat Qin had long since sent reinforcements to the Southern Continent, and there were only 20,000 City Lords attacking the Southern Continent. This was because most of their soldiers had already died while resisting the Fish Scale people's invasion.

As such, Zhao Fu only needed to send 20,000 City Lords to defend. With the soldiers who were already there, it was impossible for them to retake the Southern Continent.

Now, what Zhao Fu wanted to do was conquer the center, west, and south of the Midland Continent, unifying China and the Midland Continent.

Now that China's Clan Armament had been refined, all Chinese people's bloodlines had taken a severe blow, and they were in an extremely weak state. As such, Great Qin's target right now should be China.

The plan was to attack the remainder of the Chinese regions, then attack the countries in the west and south before finally taking over all of the Midland Continent.

As Zhao Fu was refining the Clan Armament, Bai Qi and some other Generals had led an army of one billion soldiers to gather at the boundary of the Midland Continent's central area.

The soldiers were all clad in black armor and held gleaming weapons. They stood in orderly ranks, looking forwards and giving off austere auras. No one could stop such a massive aura.

Bai Qi, who rode on a tall Black God Horse, was at the front of the army, and feeling his bloodline increase in power, he smiled as he ordered, "Attack!"

1,000 people giving off powerful auras walked out and lowered their heads as they cupped their hands, saying, "These subordinates obey your orders!"

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Rays of light giving off immense power shot out. These people were all City Lords, and they rushed into the Void Zone ahead. They stood in the air, looking at the Void Zone before taking out rhombus-shaped crystals and throwing them out.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Shocking explosions rang out, and terrifying shockwaves blasted out. In an instant, all trees and boulders were annihilated, causing smoke and dust to fill the air.

These crystals were all Destruction Crystals that Great Qin had accumulated, and those 1,000 people were all Formation Masters who were adept in all sorts of formations. They did not need to slowly dismantle the Void Zone and could instead use pure power to destroy it.

Whether they were the restrictions in the sky or on the ground, and no matter how tough they were, they were all instantly destroyed.

The restrictive powers in this region all disappeared, and Bai Qi waved his hand downwards. The massive army started to march forwards in an orderly fashion, their footsteps sounding like thunder and giving off a shocking aura.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The people at the front continuously destroyed restrictions, resulting in massive explosions. Apart from the Destruction Crystals, Great Qin had prepared many other methods to destroy restrictions. After all, they had been preparing to attack the southern side and western side for quite a while.

Great Qin army gave off a tsunami-like aura as they continuously flooded forwards, and they soon reached the defensive walls built by the Chinese factions.

Because the Clan Armament had just been refined, all Chinese people's bloodlines had taken a big blow, and the people defending on the defensive walls all had pale faces and extremely weak auras. Facing Great Qin's powerful aura, they looked incredibly terrified, and their legs trembled as their hearts became filled with fear.

China's various factions continuously hurried over, because the noise from destroying the Void Zones had been quite great; it was impossible that they did not know what was happening.

Even though they continuously headed over, there were many people retreating. Because of the Clan Armament being refined, they were all incredibly weak, only having around 50% to 60% of their normal strength. They understood that even at the peak of their strength, they would not be a match for Great Qin.

This time, the various Chinese factions really seemed to be doomed. Such a big piece of news could not be hidden, and the remainder of China fell into panic. The scene started to go out of control; some people went to resist Great Qin while others hurriedly ran.

"Kill!" Great Qin had already begun its assault, and the enormous army swept forwards like a world-ending tide, looking as if it could destroy everything.

Wyverns that were hundreds of meters long roared and flapped their wings, creating massive gales as they flew towards the defensive walls. They breathed out ferocious flames or icy blasts, mercilessly killing the people on the defensive walls.

There were also giants that were almost 100 meters tall, and they swung their heavy weapons towards the people on the defensive walls. Those people were completely defenseless and were easily reduced to meat paste, causing blood and bits of flesh to fly everywhere, creating a gory scene.

On the other side, there were countless spiders flooding forwards. The tall defensive walls could not stop them at all, and they easily climbed the walls and started to kill and devour the people on top. Their claws were as sharp as knives and were able to easily split apart bodies.

The defensive walls fell incredibly easily, and there were about 15,000 Chinese City Lords heading over.

Most of them were system City Lords and not very strong. They were also affected by the Clan Armament but not as much as the players.

Even there were 15,000 of them, Great Qin's force was not any weaker. Seeing them arrive, Great Qin's City Lords met them in battle, opening up a ferocious battle.

Bai Qi gave the order to unleash the Corps Formations in order to quickly take down this place.

"Roarrr!" A massive wave of demonic qi rushed to the sky as a roar sounded out and a massive Demon King image appeared. It gave off an evil demonic qi as it rushed towards the Chinese City Lords.


A massive flame shot into the sky, causing the temperature of the surroundings to rise dramatically. A woman made of fire brought with her countless flames as she flew towards the City Lords.


An extremely cold aura spread out, causing the temperature of the surroundings to drop. A woman made of icy air appeared, creating a snowstorm as she charged at the City Lords.

The 23 Corps unleashed their Corps Formations, and their shocking auras shook the entire battlefield, causing the weather to change.

These were all creatures formed by the auras of millions of soldiers, so if the City Lords did not work together, they could be instantly killed.

After all, Great Qin's City Lords did not lose to them in terms of numbers, making it quite difficult for them to group together and work together. As such, the 23 Corps were able to easily start slaughtering City Lords.

A massive golden sword gave off a terrifying sword qi and instantly split apart five or six City Lords' bodies, the flaming woman used flames to burn City Lords to death, and the icy woman unleashed cold streams of air that froze many City Lords.