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 The eleventh-ranked piece of equipment was obtained by the Roman Empire's Legatee, the descendant of Augustus Caesar; the twelfth-ranked piece of equipment was obtained by Great Han; and the thirteenth-ranked piece of equipment was obtained by Pharaoh Akhenaten's descendant.

The next seven pieces of equipment on the rankings were all obtained by system factions, while the twenty first-ranked piece of equipment was obtained by Great Tang.

All of this information caused Zhao Fu to be quite surprised and intrigued. The twenty second-ranked piece of equipment was obtained by Oda Nobunaga's descendant; the twenty third-ranked piece of equipment was obtained by the Tsarist Empire; and the twenty fourth-ranked piece of equipment was obtained by ancient India.

The remaining pieces of equipment were all obtained by the system's factions. It was clear how lucky Zhao Fu had been to obtain the top-ranked piece of equipment, Sky Demon, and it was also clear how intense the competition was.

Moreover, Legendary grade equipment contained massive amounts of power, and they were the symbols of the powerful. Even if one had 100,000 pieces of Gold grade equipment, one might not have a single piece of Legendary grade equipment. It was evident just how rare Legendary grade equipment was, and it could not be viewed as merely a step up from Gold grade equipment.

After looking through this information, apart from the Chinese factions, the one that Zhao Fu paid the most attention to was King Arthur's descendant. It was completely unexpected that she would obtain Sacred Heaven so quickly, and Zhao Fu had a premonition that she would become one of his greatest enemies.

Sitting on his chair, Zhao Fu sank into deep thought before slowly breathing out looking at the Heaven Awaken World forum again to see if there was anything else. Soon, Zhao Fu found a grave matter, which was that some of the Ancient Fallen Clans had been revived.

Ancient Fallen Clans referred to clans that had died out. Even though they still had some descendants here and there, the clan or family itself had perished and no longer existed in the real world.

For example, in China, there were the Nine Li Clan led by Chiyou, who fought against the Yellow Emperor; the Spring and Autumn Period's Yi Clan in the east, Man Clan in the south, Rong Clan in the west, and Di Clan in the north; the Han Dynasty's Xiongnu Clan, Tokhara Clan, Xianbei Clan, etc...

These clans did not have players entering the Heaven Awaken World, but they were instead revived within the Heaven Awaken World as indigenous resident villages of the Heaven Awaken World. They were also different compared to normal indigenous resident villages. Not only did they have a bloodline, but they also had their own history, culture, and traditions.

Their appearance was not very favorable to the Chinese players, and there were often reports of places being attacked by the Xiongnu Clan, Liao People, or Jin People.

After looking at that forum thread, Zhao Fu felt a headache coming on. This world was simply too chaotic, and based on the current situation, the future would be filled with rivers of blood, mountains of corpses, and the death of countless heroes.

The Ancient Fallen Clans had the same starting points as players, so they did not have anything above Towns, though this might change in the future. However, while players could come back to life after they died, the Ancient Fallen Clans' people would die a true death. In other words, once the entire clan fell, it would be exterminated forever.

The Heaven Awaken World was most likely giving these clans a final chance - if they grasped this chance, they would be able to continue existing, and if they couldn't, then they would be completely exterminated.

After looking through these things, Zhao Fu headed back into the Heaven Awaken World with some worries on his mind. Now that the Ten Thousand Flower Festival had ended, everything returned to normal.

Zhao Fu reorganized the four exploration teams and sent them off in different directions to explore. At the same time, he ordered them to keep an eye out for any Ancient Fallen Clans around the Great Qin Village. Even though the Heaven Awaken World was quite chaotic, there were many opportunities within it. Now, the Great Qin Village could attack Human indigenous resident villages, Outlander Villages, and the Ancient Fallen Clan Villages.

Holy Light City's business had returned to normal. Before, because of the Ten Thousand Flower Festival, there were a countless number of people heading outside of the city to look for Flower Tears, so all businesses had taken a big hit. After the festival had concluded, business started to return to normal.

Zhao Fu felt that there was not much else for him to do because there was nothing else that required his personal attention. Everyone had their own things to do, so Zhao Fu was quite bored. Thus, he decided to do some town planning for the Great Qin Village.

In actuality, Zhao Fu had left this to Li Si, and he had done quite well: the Great Qin Village was split into four regions: North, South, East, and West, just like the system main cities, and they were further divided into the Residential District, Business District, etc. Everything was orderly and well-planned.

The planning and building of the Great Qin Village did not require Zhao Fu to personally act, as his people had already done a good job. They might be able to sell some special products after Intermediate teleportation channels have been researched and the road to the outside world was opened up.

Zhao Fu thought of a unique fruit in the Forest of Horrors, which was the Black Forest Fruit. They were about as big as plums, and they had black skin and red flesh. The taste was quite good, and since his territory was so large, it would be a waste not to grow any.

Black Forest Fruits could be sold to the outside world as special products and would earn them a decent amount of money, so Zhao Fu started to order some people to plant many Black Forest Trees.

Time continued to pass, and soon, a few days had passed. On this day, Bai Qi came to report that his cultivation had formally broken through to Stage 1.

This delighted Zhao Fu, as the Great Qin Village finally had someone who was at Stage 1. At the same time, Zhao Fu opened up Bai Qi's stats page with a curious expression on his face and had a look.

Name: Bai Qi

Grade: SSS

Title: [God of Killing]

Profession: [Stage 1 General]

Achievement Points: Commoner (68/200)

Race: Human

Age: 24 (110)

Loyalty: 100

Stats: Strength: 38, Intelligence: 22, Constitution:29, Agility: 25

Cultivation: Stage 1-0

Cultivation Technique: Great Qin Mantra

Skills: Qi Slash, Basic Sword Technique...

Equipment: Ice - Star Slashing Sword...

After looking through Bai Qi's stats, Zhao Fu found that apart from the changes in his stats, his profession had become 'Stage 1 General' and his lifespan had increased by 10 years from 100 years to 110 years.

Zhao Fu did not pay attention to all of this - he first looked at the difference between the Stage 1 General profession and the original General profession.

[Stage 1 General]: C+ grade Military, Description: A profession obtained through a General leveling up, Effect: Can train the General's [Unique Military Profession].

[Unique Military Profession - Unnamed]: D- grade Military, Description: Soldiers personally trained by a Stage 1 General. They can be a historical military profession or a new military profession. Current limit: 100 people. Effect: Receives a skill based on the profession.

Zhao Fu was quite delighted, as any of his Generals who reached Stage 1 would be able to train their own military profession. What's more, the Unique Military Profession was D-grade, which meant that it was not weaker than the Outlanders' Special Professions.