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 Over at Great Qin, the rainbow-colored pillar of light gave off an enormous aura as it stood between the heavens and earth.

Countless traces of Fate continuously gathered, forming a massive vortex that covered the entire sky. From the distance, it could be seen that all of Great Qin was covered by a haze.

An extremely terrifying aura spread out from the sky, and the sense of crisis that the other Chinese people felt became even more intense. They felt as if they were about to fall off a cliff; their bodies became stiff, and their blood seemed to become cold.

At that moment, traces of Fate rose up from the ground all over China, flying towards Great Qin.

The vortex above Great Qin became larger and larger, and it began to slowly descend as if it was going to fall to the ground. An immense aura of suppression shook the surroundings, causing the scene to feel quite oppressive. The air seemed to have frozen, making people feel quite uncomfortable.

Now, the entirety of China seemed to be covered by a thick haze, and the terrifying aura could be felt everywhere as if the sky was going to fall down. The people from the other Continents looked over and could not help but feel shocked.

Back when Great Qin had refined India's Clan Armament, there had not been such terrifying abnormal signs. This was because this was China's Clan Armament, and China was currently the center of the world. It was understandable just how powerful China's Nation Armament was; it was not something India's Clan Armament could compare to.


A shocking explosion sounded out as the Imperial Ruler's Seal within the rainbow-colored pillar of light violently shook before giving off an incredibly powerful aura. This aura was incredibly ancient and dense, and it gave off the pure aura of China.

The pillar of light gradually dissipated as the Imperial Ruler's Seal gave off boundless golden light. All of the Fate in the sky and all of the Fate on the ground formed two streams, one descending from the sky and one rising from the ground, entering the Imperial Ruler's Seal.

The Imperial Ruler's Seal absorbed a large amount of Fate, and the Fate in the surroundings started to liquify before solidifying into crystals, surrounding the Imperial Ruler's Seal and forming a crystal ball that continuously grew.

This was now the most important step of the refining, and at this moment, the Chinese factions started to act.

"Roarrrr!!" Dragon's cries sounded out throughout the sky. From other Continents, people could see different-colored pillars of light standing between the sky and the ground in China. There were also massive dragons in the sky, giving off heaven-shaking auras, creating an awe-inspiring scene.

All of the Dynasty Legatees, State Legatees and some other factions all exploded out with their Fate, trying to disrupt Great Qin and prevent it from refining the Clan Armament, or else they were doomed.

The commoners all cried out, "Great Qin is tyrannical and evil. With how villainous it is and how poorly it treats people, we will never submit to Great Qin..."

Their voices were incredibly loud and shook the heavens and the earth, sounding out throughout all of China.

Just this alone started to cause some changes. The Imperial Ruler's Seal within the crystal ball had been quite silent, but feeling every Chinese person's will, it started to tremble. A golden flame appeared as nine small golden dragons appeared around it.


A clear cracking sound could be heard as a crack appeared on the crystal ball in the sky, causing Zhao Fu's expression to change. He found that the Imperial Ruler's Seal was resisting, and even though it acknowledged Great Qin, it belonged to all of China.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and rose to the sky, exploding out with a powerful aura. A black flame appeared around him as he pressed his hand against the crystal ball, sending his own Fate into the crystal ball.

Sensing Zhao Fu's Fate flowing in, the shaking Imperial Ruler's Seal once again quietened down and its resistance weakened. The crack on the crystal ball slowly repaired itself as well.

This caused the Chinese factions to feel quite startled. They did not hesitate and exploded out with their own Fates and invigorated their Legacies' power.

"Roarrrr!!" the countless dragons roared, giving off unyielding wills. They rushed into the sky, and the Chinese people, sensing that burning bloodline was growing cold, continued to loudly yell, saying that they would resist Great Qin to the death.

Traces of Fate rose up from the Chinese people's bodies, flying into the sky and fusing with the Legacy factions' Fates. They formed a massive will that seemed to reign over the heavens and earth, flowing towards the crystal all.

"Roarrr...." Feeling this will, the Imperial Ruler's Seal once again gave off a powerful aura, and it once again shined with blinding golden light. Cracks appeared on the crystal ball, and within it, the Imperial Ruler's Seal had become an orb of golden light with nine golden dragons circling around it.

At that moment, the Great World Refinement created by the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation started to slowly disappear. The Imperial Ruler's Seal had resisted Great Qin's refining; the Chinese people had succeeded.

Zhao Fu felt quite furious, and he took out his Great Qin Seal, which gave off a boundless black light. Nine black dragons appeared from it, and a booming voice sounded out in all of Great Qin subjects' ears, "All Great Qin subjects, gather Great Qin's Fate!"

Great Qin's subjects all reverently knelt down, and traces of Fate floated up from their bodies and fused into the Great Qin Seal. A supreme aura burst forth from the Great Qin Seal, and Zhao Fu pressed down on the crystal ball, sending this power into the Imperial Ruler's Seal.

The Imperial Ruler's Seal's resistance once again decreased, while the Chinese side continued to vigorously resist. The Dynasty Legatees went all out in trying to resist Great Qin's will, and the countless Chinese people continued to yell.

The Buddhist Sect, School of Confucianism, and School of Mohism activated their formations, gathering vital energy in the heavens and earth that fused with the will that everyone else had created, strengthening the will as it entered the Imperial Ruler's Seal.


The Imperial Ruler's Seal once again gave off an even greater golden light, and its aura was incredibly intense. The nine golden dragons roared at Zhao Fu, forcing Zhao Fu to take a step back. The crystal ball cracked even more, and it seemed that if it cracked a bit more, it would collapse.

If this crystal ball was destroyed, the refining would naturally fail.

At that moment, the Imperial Ruler's Seal's resistance became too intense, and the nine golden dragons roared furiously at Zhao Fu. After all, the Imperial Ruler's Seal was China's Clan Armament, and it stood with the majority of China, which was opposed to Great Qin.


An explosion sounded out as the cracked crystal ball finally shattered, and the abnormal signs caused by the Great World Refinement slowly disappeared.

Sensing these changes, the Chinese factions and people all cheered, yelling excitedly, "We defeated Great Qin! Great Qin really isn't this great; the Imperial Ruler's Seal stands with the rest of China, not Great Qin!"