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 In actuality, even if they did not attack, after clearing out the regions, Great Qin would make a move against the rest of China. After all, Great Qin would already be a Level 10 or so Marquisate Kingdom, and it would be no problem to destroy the rest of the Chinese factions.

Great Qin now had 14 billion people and 1.4 billion soldiers. This meant that Great Qin could now have 14,000 Basic General Seals, 1,400 Intermediate General Seals, 140 Advanced General Seals, and 14 Marquis Seals.

It also had 22,000 Great Cities and 4,521 Cities. At the same time, it also had countless Wyverns and Corpse Soul Commanders who had fused with City Lord Seals.

All of this together was a terrifying force. However, because the situation within Great Qin was not stable yet, Zhao Fu did not want to make a move. After completely clearing out all of the regions, Great Qin's overall strength would increase by leaps and bounds, making it much easier to take down the rest of China.

Through the Chinese factions' probing, they understood Great Qin's goal. Of course, they did not want Great Qin to be able to solidify its foundations and allow it to continuously develop; otherwise, they would be doomed.

As such, they had to act now. Otherwise, they could only wait for death.

Zhao Fu went to the City Hall and took the Imperial Ruler's Seal. Because the Imperial Ruler's Seal had been with Great Qin for quite a while, had acknowledged him, and had absorbed much of Great Qin's Fate, it did not show any resistance. As such, he could directly refine it without going through as much trouble.

Refining the Clan Armament would be a heavy blow to the rest of China; it was a blow to their bloodlines, while Great Qin would receive an additional Clan Armament, causing its bloodline power to become even more powerful.

Originally, Zhao Fu did not want to do this, because refining the Clan Armament would greatly affect all of China. Considering that Great Qin was part of China and that he could already use the Imperial Ruler's Seal, Zhao Fu had been hesitant to do this the entire time.

However, Zhao Fu did not show any more mercy, because he was going to unify all of China. Out of the countless worlds, their human world was still quite weak. The Fish Scale people had just invaded, and in the future, the Dark Demon world or the Grassi world might invade as well.

Only with the greatest power would they be safe. Moreover, because Great Qin was part of China, it would not be destroying China but re-unifying it.

Zhao Fu gathered his ten Generals, went to the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation, and started to activate the formation.


A massive explosion rang out as a rainbow-colored pillar of light rushed into the sky, causing the clouds to swirl and for the heavens and earth to go dim. The Heaven and Earth Fate seemed to be guided by an invisible force and madly gathered, resulting in wild gales.

At that moment, everyone in China stopped what they were doing, because they started to feel a palpitation in their hearts. Their hairs all stood on end as a sense of crisis descended.

"What's going on?" All of the Chinese players started to feel quite panicked, not knowing what was going on. However, all of the ability users and espers' faces became pale, because they clearly knew what was happening - this feeling came from their bloodlines.

Only something incredibly important to China being in danger could make all Chinese players feel like this. This item was, without doubt, China's Clan Armament.

China's Clan Armament was in the hands of Great Qin, and since Great Qin was not in any danger, why was the Clan Armament in danger? The only possibility was that Great Qin was doing something to the Clan Armament.

Thinking about how Great Qin had made India's Clan Armament its own, countless people's expressions fell - Great Qin was destroying its ancestral heritage!

No one had expected Great Qin to do something so rebellious and unfilial; it was completely mad. That was China's Clan Armament, the most important thing to all Chinese people; he was actually refining it to take it for himself.

This would greatly harm all of China. Whether they were people or entire factions, they would lose a large amount of Fate, and their bloodlines would also take a heavy blow, causing China's overall strength to greatly weaken.

Of course, this would not have any effect on Great Qin, but others would be greatly harmed. Almost all Chinese people were enraged; how could anyone not be angry when their interests were being harmed in such a way?

All Chinese people started to condemn Great Qin, criticizing Great Qin for acting in such a rebellious and scandalous way. They were angry to the point of wanting to rip Great Qin to pieces, saying that Great Qin was selfish and evil and that Great Qin's Legatee did not deserve to be called a Chinese person.

Great Qin's actions almost caused everyone to explode with anger. If there was a vote to destroy Great Qin, it would have been a unanimous decision.

The expressions of the people from the Hundred Schools of Thought were quite grim, because they would be greatly affected as well. However, the other side was Great Qin. They were about to unify all of the Midland Continent, and if they acted against them, once Great Qin succeeded, what would happen to them? They might all be slaughtered.

The ones who were the most shocked and scared were the Dynasty Legatees. If the Clan Armament was refined, their Fate would be greatly reduced, and their bloodlines' power would become much weaker. Their overall strength would greatly decrease, and they were about to fight.

"We have to stop Great Qin!" Thinking about the terrifying consequences, countless people's expressions became quite unsightly. They did not hesitate and were determined to stop Great Qin because the Clan Armament was simply too important to China.

However, how could they stop Great Qin? Since the Clan Armament belonged to all of China and contained China's Fate, only all of China could stop it together.

All of the Chinese factions immediately called for everyone to resist Great Qin and stop it from succeeding. If they did not want to live under Great Qin's tyranny, give up their wives and daughters, or for China to disappear, they had to fight back.

After the matter of the Fish Scale world's invasion, almost everyone had expressed discontent towards Great Qin, if not anger. Great Qin's arrogant actions in not even bothering to make any explanations made them already quite furious.

Back then, not many people had wanted to get involved, because even though Great Qin did not do things in a good way, everyone was safe, so they did not want to blame Great Qin. However, things were different now - Great Qin was directly harming their interests.

How could they endure any further? Because of teleportation channels, news spread incredibly quickly, and with the various Chinese factions calling for everyone to be united, many people decided to resist Great Qin.

The Chinese factions also convinced a few Sects and Schools that were unhappy with Great Qin to join, such as the Confucians, Mohists, and Buddhist Sect. With them joining, the Chinese side had more methods to deal with Great Qin.