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 The lower the level, the benefits they received decreased. Only by making contributions to Great Qin would they be able to increase their level and become true Citizens of Great Qin as opposed to Criminals.

The Fish Scale people did not have any objections at all to Zhao Fu's decision. Even though they were Level 2 Criminals, that was better than being made slaves. Thinking about the pitiful experiences they could have gone through as slaves, they already felt incredibly grateful to Zhao Fu.

Li Si picked out 1,500 or so top-tier beauties from among the four billion people to become attendants for Zhao Fu in order to help the Fish Scale peoples' Fate fuse into Great Qin.

Zhao Fu did not have much interest in those women, as many parts of their bodies had fish scales, which felt quite weird. However, Zhao Fu did not refuse anything that benefitted Great Qin. After all, assimilating four billion Fish Scale people would be no easy matter.

After this battle, with the Fish Scale world losing almost one quarter of their people, they had been dealt a heavy blow, and they no longer dared to be as wild and arrogant.

Next was the issue of City Lords. Many of the four billion Fish Scale people were City Lords, but some of their Cities had been conquered because many people had thought that they had already died after falling into Great Qin's hands.

What was important was to relocate the Cities of the people who still had their Cities. However, this was not easy, as these Cities were scattered all over the Fish Scale world, and the entire Fish Scale world was incredibly alert. It would be almost impossible to sneak into the Fish Scale world and take those Cities.

Just as Zhao Fu was considering what to do, a soldier came and reported, "Your Majesty, the Fish Scale world has sent an ambassador, who says that they want to negotiate peace."

Under the threat of extinction, since the Fish Scale people could not think of any way to stop Great Qin, they could only take a step back and ask to negotiate peace.

Right now, the most important thing was to make sure that the Fish Scale world was not destroyed; everything else was of secondary importance. After all, no one wanted to die or become Great Qin's slaves. What's more, even if they begged for peace, Great Qin might not even agree.

As such, the ambassador had brought with him five billion gold coins, thousands of boxes of treasures, and 3,500 top-tier beauties. Among them were some of the highest-ranked beauties in the Fish Scale world in order to express their sincerity and hopes that Great Qin would not attack the Fish Scale world.

Zhao Fu sat on his throne as he looked at the Fish Scale ambassador humbly kneeling on the ground. He first profusely praised Zhao Fu, saying he was incredibly valiant, mighty, and a natural born Emperor. He then introduced all of the gifts before pleading for Great Qin not to attack the Fish Scale world and for both sides to live in harmony.

In actuality, Zhao Fu did not expect any of this at all. Because of the weaknesses of the white magic formations, Zhao Fu had not planned to invade the Fish Scale world. After all, without the white magic formations, Great Qin would be completely annihilated if they entered the Fish Scale world.

After all, Great Qin definitely could not defeat the Fish Scale people, who lived in the water, in aquatic combat. Moreover, they were an entire world, while Great Qin was just a faction.

Since they were the ones asking for peace, Zhao Fu inwardly laughed - how could he not rip them off a bit? Even though Zhao Fu was inwardly laughing, he amicably smiled and said, "We are not a barbaric and bloodthirsty person; since your Fish Scale world is willing to admit its wrongdoings, We are willing to forgive you all this one.

"We will accept these gifts, and We will also tell you a piece of good news: Those people you left behind did not die and have instead submitted to Great Qin and become subjects of Great Qin. However, because they have lived in the Fish Scale world for all their lives, they have not yet become accustomed to the human world.

"As such, We want the Netherwater Continent, the Continent closest to the human world, to be ceded to Great Qin and for Great Qin's subjects to live there, as well as relocate their Cities over.

"Moreover, now that our worlds are at peace, the humans you captured should be returned; only then can we truly be at peace with each other.

"Of course, Great Qin will promise not to invade the Fish Scale world for three years, and We can sign the highest grade of Blood Contract as a confirmation of our friendship."

Hearing that Zhao Fu was not going to invade the Fish Scale world, the ambassador felt incredibly delighted, but after hearing Zhao Fu's demands, including taking one of their Continents, his expression became quite grim.

After all, the Fish Scale world only had seven Continents, and no one was able to take an entire Continent for themselves, yet Great Qin was directly asking for an entire Continent, which was one-seventh of their territory.

The ambassador felt quite troubled and tried to negotiate, saying, "Great Qin's Majesty, asking for an entire Continent, that might be..."

Before he could finish, Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and said, "There's no need to say anything, We have already made up Our mind. This is already the greatest concession We will make; otherwise, We will take it for Ourselves."

Hearing Zhao Fu's threatening words, the ambassador's face became incredibly pale. After all, his aim in coming here was to negotiate peace and for Great Qin not to attack the Fish Scale world and destroy them.

After thinking about it, the ambassador decided that they could not be too stubborn, so he could only leave and consult with the Fish Scale leaders. Of course, the gifts were left at Great Qin.

Zhao Fu put the money into the state treasury and gave out the various treasures as rewards. As for the women, Zhao Fu gathered them together. With the 1,500 women Li Si had picked out and the 3,500 delivered, there were now 5,000 beauties.

All of them were one in ten thousand beauties, as they were the top beauties picked out from billions of people. It was only natural that they had fantastic looks.

Out of all of them, three of them had outstanding auras: One was a slim woman with a delicate face who gave off heroic airs, one looked like a loli, and one had a voluptuous figure and gave off a sexy aura.

These three women were ranked quite highly in the Fish Scale world, and Zhao Fu had some interest in them. He looked at them, and the sexy-looking woman met his gaze and gave a seductive smile, directly taking off her clothes. The two women beside her went red and also followed in suit.

After all, they had been sent here to serve Zhao Fu in order to save the Fish Scale world. If they could receive Zhao Fu's affections, they might be able to convince him to leave the Fish Scale world alone.

Looking at their beautiful bodies, Zhao Fu could not help but laugh. However, he did not do anything and instead told them to put their clothes on. The situation was still quite tense, and it was not the time to be playing around.