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 "Kill!!" Great Qin's Cavalry was like a flood, shaking the surrounding tens of thousands of kilometers as they ferociously chased after the escaping Fish Scale people. How could ordinary people outrun horses? What's more, Great Qin's Cavalry rode on Black God Horses that had some divine power.

The countless Fish Scale people tried to use teleportation channels to leave this terrifying place, but at that moment, Great Qin's Cavalry took the final red spears on their backs and threw them out.

Swish, swish, swish...

The sound of the air being torn could be heard as countless red spears flew out, drawing arcs in the air. Once again, their targets were not the Fish Scale people but the ground.

The red spears ferociously stabbed into the ground, the spearheads piercing one meter into the ground. Isolation barriers appeared, locking down the surrounding space and making teleportation channels impossible to use.

Isolation barriers were quite easy to set up and did not take much time. Even if Great Qin did not use this method, as long as they had enough people, it would be enough. 70,000 or 80,000 people who were proficient at creating teleportation channels would be able to set up an isolation barrier that covered an entire region in a short period of time.

The surrounding space became locked down, making all teleportation channels ineffective. The Fish Scale people became even more panicked; was Great Qin going to kill all of them?

"Hurry up and run!" Since the teleportation channels were unusable, they could only run as fast as they could. Only by running could they live; if they stayed here, they would die true deaths.

Great Qin's Cavalry looked like a tiger that dove into a herd of sheep, chasing down the terrified Fish Scale people. The Fish Scale people could only helplessly run in fear, no longer seeming as ferocious.

Zhao Fu looked at Yu Xuan running away, but he did not give chase because he felt that he would not be able to catch up. Moreover, his focus was the current battlefield; he had to stay to make sure nothing unexpected happened.

The countless Fish Scale people continuously ran, and some people who did not know what was happening stood there and watched in confusion.

Logically speaking, shouldn't they have destroyed Great Qin's forces by now? Why were they the ones running? Moreover, Great Qin only had 500 million people, while they had countless people. It was impossible that they had lost.

However, the reality was that the Fish Scale people were running with terrified expressions; just what had happened?

The people who did not know what was happening grabbed one of the runners and asked, "Bro, what's happening? Haven't we destroyed Great Qin's forces already? Aren't we going to take their treasures and women and make them pay for poisoning our people?"

The person who had been stopped replied in terror, "Destroy Great Qin? Great Qin brought the real bodies of everyone at the front into the real world and used weird methods to kill them; I heard that billions of people have died already. They all died true deaths!"

Hearing that person's words, the people who did not know what was happening looked incredibly shocked, saying, "How could so many people have died? Are you sure about this? Didn't we have many City Lords, the World Protector, and the other Legatees? What happened to them?"

The person replied, "Great Qin's Legatee is too strong; our World Protector did not have any strength to retaliate, so he could only run. The City Lords were even worse; they died before they could even attack. Moreover, Great Qin has set up isolation barriers and is killing anyone they can find. Great Qin hasn't arrived here yet, so you'd best all start running. If you stay here, you'll definitely die."

Hearing this, the others imagined an incredibly bloody scene, and they could not help but tremble in terror.

No wonder so many people were running away in horror; now that they knew, they did not hesitate to join in the tsunami of escaping people.

This news quickly spread, causing the entire Fish Scale race to feel terror. Everyone packed their things and quickly ran back towards the Fish Scale world, not daring to stay in the human world for even an extra moment. This was simply too terrifying.

After retreating to the Fish Scale world, a piece of news spread, causing the entire Fish Scale world to feel terror: Billions of people really had died, and they had died in the real world as well.

Billions of people had been killed so easily, wiped out like ants. This was simply too shocking. Let alone seeing it themselves, hearing about it was terrifying enough.

Their Fish Scale race only had 18 billion people in total, and now that so many people had died so suddenly, it was as if they were going to go extinct.

Great Qin's Cavalry gave off an unstoppable momentum as they swept across the entire Southern Continent. Almost all of the Fish Scale people were in full retreat, so they had nothing stopping them. In the end, the Great Qin stopped near the rift and did not enter the Fish Scale world.

This caused the despairing Fish Scale people to let out a sigh of relief. After all, if Great Qin entered the Fish Scale world with such unstoppable momentum, it would be as if their entire Fish Scale race was going to be slaughtered. After all, no one could resist Great Qin at all.

"Hurry, hurry, hurry..." the Fish Scale world's various factions quickly gathered together in terror, urgently discussing how to deal with Great Qin. They could not allow Great Qin to take a single step into the Fish Scale world or they would be doomed. Just what were those things that Great Qin had used?

The fact that the Fish Scale world had successfully invaded the human world and conquered the Southern Continent was definitely a trap set up by Great Qin. They had been too confident and had thought that the human world could not retaliate at all, resulting in this tragic outcome.

Even though Great Qin had stopped at the rift, that was because all of them were Cavalrymen and could not go into the water. They definitely had preparations to invade the Fish Scale world.

Thinking about how Great Qin had slaughtered all of the Fish Scale people Great Qin could find in the Southern Continent, no one wanted this to happen in the Fish Scale world as well. However, how could they stop Great Qin? The various factions were all incredibly panicked because they still did not know how Great Qin had achieved this, so they did not know what they could do about it.

Under Great Qin's immense threat, it was the first time that the Fish Scale world had felt such terror; it was a world-ending terror.

Many people kneeled on the ground in fear, praying that Great Qin would not invade the Fish Scale world and praying that this matter would be resolved soon; they prayed that they would be able to live and that there would not be such danger in the future.

"Great Qin's 500 million Cavalrymen swept through the Southern Continent and chased the evil and arrogant Fish Scale people back to their own world. The human world's crisis has been resolved, and the human world has once again become peaceful!"

This news shook the entire human world, causing everyone to cheer and cry in joy. They could not help but feel excited and delighted; the humans had won, and the various factions were shocked speechless.