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 None of the Fish Scale players would die true deaths, and they were naturally stronger than the humans. If they continued on like this, the humans would definitely lose. The Fish Scale world was lacking people, so if they submitted, they would receive decent treatment.

Moreover, since there would be slaves, there naturally had to be people supervising them. As upper-class people, they would be perfect for this, so they were quite willing to help the Fish Scale people.

The majority 70% could tell what those people were thinking, and there was no point in continuing to argue. Since those people had already decided to submit to the Fish Scale world, there was no hope in convincing them.

After this meeting, everyone looked quite displeased, and nothing had been decided. Instead, the problem had become even more complicated due to the divisions, and everyone wanted to leave.

Suddenly, another person hurriedly ran in and cried out, "Great Qin has sent 500 million soldiers to attack the Southern Continent!"

"What?!" Everyone was sent into an uproar; no one had thought that such a thing would happen. The Fish Scale world had not gone to attack Great Qin, yet Great Qin had sent 500 million soldiers to attack the Fish Scale world.

Had Great Qin gone mad? The Southern Continent had essentially been taken over by the Fish Scale world, and there were countless Fish Scale people now. 500 million soldiers sounded like a lot, but if they went, they would definitely be instantly killed.

After hearing this, everyone felt incredibly shocked. They could not understand why Great Qin would do such a stupid thing. It was not just them; who in their right minds would believe that 500 million soldiers could fight against an entire world?

After even if the entirety of Great Qin defended against the Fish Scale world, they might not even survive, yet they were taking the initiative to attack.

Tina Pendragon, who had been preparing to leave, could not help but look shocked after hearing this. After all, what Great Qin was doing was simply too shocking.

Geoffrey felt slightly less nervous. Since Great Qin was doing this, they would not just sit by and watch. However, Geoffrey could not help but worry about 500 million people facing off against an entire world.

Only a small portion of the northern side of the Southern Continent had not yet been conquered. That area was quickly conquered by Great Qin, and this was not too difficult as most people had fled already.

After hearing that Great Qin had brought 500 million soldiers to defend against their entire world, the Fish Scale people could not help but laugh - Great Qin's Legatee was simply an idiot; did he really think he was invincible? If he wanted to die, then he shouldn't blame them.

After hearing about this, Yu Xuan felt quite surprised as well; he had never thought that Great Qin would take the initiative to attack. However, he could not help but feel serious, because from his understanding of Great Qin's Legatee, he definitely was not someone stupid.

At that moment, the Fish Scale people who heard about this all rushed towards the northern side of the Southern Continent, and they easily surrounded Great Qin.

At the very least, there were over 10 billion people, forming an incredibly tight encirclement, and both sides officially faced off.

A group of fiendish Fish Scale people looked at Great Qin's soldiers ahead, and the Legatee leading them condescendingly looked at Zhao Fu and mockingly yelled, "Great Qin's Legatee, you're so smart; you ran over here to express your loyalty to your elder. Just what are you thinking?"

Another person loudly laughed as he said, "I heard that Great Qin has countless treasures, and beautiful women are as common as clouds there. If you give them to us and make us happy, maybe we'll let Great Qin off, hahaha."

A white-haired elder coldly harrumphed, "Back then, you poisoned billions of our Fish Scale people to death and now you're in this situation. I definitely won't let Great Qin off; I'll be paying the debt back in full, killing Great Qin completely."

They had gathered over ten billion people here, and there were still more people heading over. The City Lords present were already innumerable, and this gave them immense confidence. It was like a grand mountain looking down on a small beast.

This was because a force of 500 million was simply too pitiful in front of them. They could destroy it incredibly easily without any resistance.

Yu Xuan did not reveal himself and instead remained hidden as he observed.

Great Qin's force was quite strange; there were only Cavalrymen riding on large, tall black horses. They were lined up in ranks and wore black armor with three different-colored spears on their backs. They all had resolute looks on their faces and gave off an austere aura, causing the air around them to seem to freeze.

Despite being surrounded by so many Fish Scale people, they showed no fear at all, and they did not have any Archers or Infantrymen; all 500 million soldiers were Cavalrymen.

Only Zhao Fu stood in the sky, wrapped in his black cloak. Facing those countless gazes and those mocking voices, he did not show any weakness nor did he reply to them. He simply had a cold smile.


All of Great Qin's soldiers received orders, and they gripped the white spears on their backs as their horses charged. The sounds of the horses galloping sounded like thunder, ringing out in the surroundings.

Seeing Great Qin dare to take the initiative to attack, the Fish Scale people coldly smiled as they also rushed forwards. However, at that moment, Great Qin's Cavalrymen threw their spears towards the sky.

The white spears turned into white lights as they shot into the sky, giving off shocking sounds. The Fish Scale people were quite surprised to see that the spears were not aimed at them.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Explosions started to sound out as the white spears seemed to float in mid-air, with white magic formations with the spears at the center expanding out.

These white magic formations filled the entire sky, each one around 100 meters wide. They were filled with complex runes, giving off a faint white light and looking quite mystical.

However, the Fish Scale people still had not realized anything and continued charging onwards. However, some people at the front suddenly cried out, "What's going on? I can't breathe!"

The people at the front collapsed to the ground, their faces turning purple as they struggled in pain. They desperately gulped as if they were fish out of water, desperately trying to get some oxygen into their lungs.

The rest of the Fish Scale people were quite shocked and stopped, not daring to get any closer. Great Qin's Cavalry took out more white spears from their spatial rings and gave off a terrifying aura as they continued to rush forwards.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

The spears gave off terrifying power as they rushed into the sky, looking like bolts of lightning and filling the sky with more white magic formations.


Another large group of people collapsed to the ground, struggling to breathe. This strange scene caused the countless Fish Scale people to retreat in terror.