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 "How do you have a violet Flower Tear?" Zhao Fu asked as he received the violet Flower Tear from He Xianru with a delighted expression on his face.

He Xianru lightly laughed, "I took a walk outside of the city!"

Even though He Xianru had made it sound quite simple, Zhao Fu understood how difficult this would have been. He put the violet Flower Tear into his King's Ring and said sincerely, "Thank you!"

He Xianru looked quite surprised as she replied, "Your Majesty, there's no need to be so courteous. Everything I've done is my duty as a subject."

Zhao Fu lightly shook his head as he replied, "That's not the Path of Emperors that I believe in. I understand that my own power is limited and that an empire cannot lack people like you."

Hearing Zhao Fu's words, He Xianru respectfully bowed and did not say anything. Zhao Fu quickly returned to the Great Qin Village, combined the 10 violet Flower Tears, and chose to combine them.

Just like before, the violet orb slowly rose from Zhao Fu's hands and floated into the sky. It turned into the image of a beautiful girl, but the difference was that the girl no longer looked illusory. Instead, it looked quite real. What's more, there seemed to be intelligence in her eyes, and they did not look dead like before.

Just like last time, the girl lightly laughed and spread out her hands, causing countless flower petals to descend from the sky, creating an incredibly beautiful scene. Following this, a violet light spread out.

However, this time, the girl's body did not disappear. It instead slowly floated down from the air and came in front of Zhao Fu before softly hugging him.

This caused Zhao Fu to feel quite stunned. However, he could feel that this girl seemed to be alive. He could feel her breath and smell a faint flowery fragrance from her.

Zhao Fu did not do anything, and in the next second, the girl's body turned into motes of light before dispersing.

System announcements sounded out within Zhao Fu's mind, telling him that he had obtained the Level 3 Flower Fairy's Blessing and a 'Flower's Embrace.'

[Flower's Embrace]: Effectiveness: Permanent, Description: The Flower Fairy's embrace is the most wonderful blessing. This blessing will increase your charm towards females, and it will make it easier for spirits to like you.

Zhao Fu never expected to receive such a blessing after using the violet Flower Tears. However, it did not seem very useful to him - if a playboy had obtained it, it would have been like 'giving wings to a tiger,' but it seemed like a waste for Zhao Fu to have it.

After obtaining the Level 3 Flower Fairy's Blessing, Zhao Fu traveled to Holy Light City, as he still had 1.8 million Flower Tears to spend.

It was now 11 PM, and there was only one hour left until the Ten Thousand Flower Festival finished. However, the streets were still quite lively, and there were still lights everywhere.

Zhao Fu went to the Exchange Stone Stele and looked at the remaining items. He first exchanged for three Gold grade materials, spending 1.5 million Flower Tears. He continued looking and found a detailed map of the Heaven Awaken World.

The map was quite large, and it had roughly every region. It was definitely quite useful, but it was also expensive - it cost 2.5 million Flower Tear Points, which was 250,000 Flower Tears.

"Alright!" Zhao Fu understood the value of the map, so he chose to buy it.

His eyes continued to pass over item after item until they fell on a dress. The dress was violet-colored, simple, and unadorned, but it still looked quite beautiful and gave off a mysterious feeling.

[Dreamwoven Palace Dress]: Grade: Silver, Stats: Intelligence +3, Agility +2, Constitution +1, Description: A dress woven from Fantasy Spider Silk. The dress also has some illusion and recovery properties.

No wonder this dress seemed so beautiful - it was made from Fantasy Spider Silk. Fantasy-type materials were quite rare, and after he looked at his remaining 50,000 Flower Tears, Zhao Fu decided to buy it since there was not much else that he could spend those Flower Tears on.

Zhao Fu bought it with his remaining points, and he decided to give it to He Xianru. After all, she had helped him quite a lot this time.

He headed to the Westfall Restaurant and presented the Dreamwoven Palace Dress to her, making her surprised. Because of Zhao Fu's personality, she had never thought that he would buy her a dress. However, she quickly accepted it and thanked him for it.

Following this, Zhao Fu went out of the Heaven Awaken World. Because he did not have his own intelligence network, he could only collect information about the various factions through the Heaven Awaken World forum. Only then would he be able to gauge their strength and not be a frog at the bottom of the well.

Zhao Fu opened up the Heaven Awaken World forum and started to look through it. The top thread right now was about the owners of the 37 pieces of Legendary grade equipment. This greatly piqued Zhao Fu's interest, so he clicked on it and started reading.

Number 1, [Sky Demon]: Obtained by an unknown faction (My guess: It was probably one of the most powerful system factions. Even though we don't know who it belongs to, it will definitely become a great obstacle for players, so please be careful!)

Number 2, [Dragon Soul]: Obtained by an unknown faction (My guess: It definitely belongs to one of the most powerful system factions because it disappeared only a few minutes after Sky Demon disappeared.)

Number 3, [Demigod]: Obtained by an unknown faction (My guess: It definitely belongs to one of the most powerful system factions, but the faction should be weaker than the above two factions. It's still an existence that player factions can only look up at.)

The top five pieces of equipment were all obtained by unknown factions, but the sixth-ranked piece of equipment, Djinn, was confirmed to have been obtained by one of the system's factions, Moongazing City.

After reading the guess on Sky Demon, Zhao Fu couldn't help but laugh at 'it will become a great obstacle for players, so please be careful!'

He knew his own strength very well, and he had only obtained Sky Demon through much luck and fortune. If he had been a few minutes late, the Sky Demon Sword definitely would have been taken by the second-ranked faction.

It seemed that apart from Zhao Fu, none of the factions that had obtained one of the top six pieces equipment were player factions. However, the seventh-ranked piece of equipment, Sacred Heaven, which was the first equipment to be claimed, was actually taken by a player.

The player was the descendant of the famous King Arthur of the western world... Tina Pendragon.

This sent alarm bells to countless factions, especially to China, which was supposedly the most powerful country so far. A powerful force apart from China had already appeared.

The following three pieces of equipment, [Lightning Fang], [Frozen Soul], and [Spirit Tree], were respectively claimed by Great Xia, Great Zhou, and Great Shang.