The scene quietened down, and no one said anything because what the elder said was true and they could not refute his words.

Seeing this, the elder coldly harrumphed and said, "Who can you all blame for this? Which of you haven't attacked Great Qin before?

"Especially last time, you Chinese factions allied with so many other factions to deal with Great Qin. You even asked two World Protectors for help, and now one of them has brought his people to invade our world. What do you all have to say for yourselves?"

The leaders of the Chinese factions had unsightly looks on their faces, but they could say nothing in response. Even though everyone else felt quite displeased, they did not know what to say.

Now that things had calmed down, some people stepped out and tried to mediate, saying, "Everyone, the most important thing to talk about right now is how to defend against the Fish Scale world's invasion. Even though Great Qin's Legatee has not come, we still need to deal with this issue.

"Now, all of the leaders of the biggest factions in our world have gathered, and with all of our strength combined, we should have a chance against the Fish Scale world. It's just that we lack confidence; if we band together, I'm sure no one will be able to defeat us.

"If such a terrifying faction like Great Qin joined us, we would naturally feel more confident. Great Qin has many hidden trump cards, and since its strength is undeniable, perhaps we can think of some way to convince it to join us."

"This is a matter for the entire world - can Great Qin defend against an entire world by itself? Of course not. If we're destroyed by the Fish Scale world, Great Qin will also perish. How can Great Qin's Legatee not understand this?

"Now is the time for certain people to admit their wrongdoings to him, apologize, and give him some face. If they do that, he will naturally join us. I'm sure he isn't willing for everyone to die together."

Hearing this, most people nodded, as those words made sense. Standing at the side, Tina Pendragon and Geoffrey looked at this and felt slightly less nervous. Right now, the most important thing to do was to rationally discuss how to deal with the Fish Scale world instead of fighting among themselves.

They wanted to personally head to Great Qin because Zhao Fu did not seem like a bad person to them, nor was he unreasonable. It was possible that they could convince him to come.

When they thought of this, Tina Pendragon and Geoffrey exchanged a few words and prepared to depart for Great Qin to meet with Great Qin's Legatee.

However, at that moment, a person rushed in with a piece of paper and called out, "The Fish Scale world's World Protector sent a letter, saying that as long as we remain neutral and allow them to destroy Great Qin, our human factions will not be destroyed; if we help them kill Great Qin's Legatee, the Fish Scale world will no longer invade our world."

Instantly, many people looked quite delighted and asked excitedly, "Will they really stop invading if we help kill Great Qin's Legatee? How can we make sure they keep their promise?"

Some of the people let out a sigh of relief and laughed as they said, "I knew it; Great Qin definitely caused some kind of trouble, resulting in our human world landing in danger. Since it was caused by Great Qin, we should let Great Qin deal with this themselves."

Some other people also said happily, "Man I was scared to death; so the Fish Scale world's true objective is Great Qin. Now, we don't have to go and beg for them to help; those people should be destroyed."

The quiet scene once again became noisy, but it was only a minority of people talking; the majority sank into their own thoughts. If they could use the Fish Scale people to destroy Great Qin, that would be quite a good thing.

However, there was no way of making sure that the Fish Scale world would keep their promise. Even though they did not trust Great Qin's Legatee, he was at least a human, while the other side was a different race.

Everyone was quite clear as to what the Fish Scale people had done, so they did not trust them at all.

Looking at those people discussing happily as if the crisis was over, some people could not help but curse at them, saying, "Stupid! Right now, Great Qin is the only thing that the Fish Scale world fears. If Great Qin is destroyed, what will be stopping the Fish Scale world from killing us as well?"

However, some people refused to accept this, saying, "That World Protector already made a promise, and if there's something that can bind them, we can trust them. Both of them are evil, so we might as well let them fight amongst themselves."

"That's right, that's right, why wouldn't we just trust the Fish Scale people once? I feel like there's nothing wrong with this. It's you all who are being too narrow-minded, thinking that only humans can be trusted."

"Who cares what race they are? Don't we kill each other as well? Who held back when attacking others? I feel that we can trust the Fish Scale people."

After those people spoke, some people agreed with them, but the majority all sighed; it was possible that the human race was doomed.

"No matter what, I will stand with Great Qin and with humanity. I will never work with the Fish Scale people," Tina Pendragon said for the first time as she gave off a powerful aura. Her gaze was incredibly resolute; no one could change her mind.

Before, Tina Pendragon had barely spoken because with her personality, she did not want to get involved. However, this time, she could not stop herself from stating her position. After saying this, she turned to leave.

Hearing the ruler of the human world's second Kingdom speak, many people also made a decision.

However, there were some people who mockingly called out, "I'm not saying you're all stupid, but wait until the Fish Scale world destroys you all; when that time comes, you can blame yourselves."

Now, the human world was split into two factions: 30% of people supported the Fish Scale world destroying Great Qin to preserve the human world, while the remaining 70% refused to work with the Fish Scale world. This was because the Fish Scale people never viewed the humans as people, only as slaves. It was not that they were protecting Great Qin but that the Fish Scale people were even worse than Great Qin.

Neither side was able to convince the other; the 30% minority were determined to work with the Fish Scale people, thinking that the majority were idiots. If they signed a contract with the Fish Scale people, they would be able to protect the peace of the human world.

Moreover, even if the Fish Scale people still destroyed the human world, those who helped destroy Great Qin would have made a great contribution and would be given higher statuses. The ordinary people would be made slaves.

However, the ordinary people had nothing to do with them; who would care about the lives of other people? They felt that it was incredibly stupid to die protecting Great Qin.