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 Around 1,500 to 1,600 City Lords had come to the Midland Continent and joined Si Ji's alliance, becoming part of them. Si Ji naturally welcomed them greatly, but none of them chose to join Great Qin because the Qin Suppression plot, causing Great Qin's reputation to decrease.

No matter how great of an advantage Great Qin had, they were unwilling to join. On one hand, they despised Great Qin for being such a contemptible and evil faction; on the other hand, they had already offended Great Qin, so they did not dare to join Great Qin.

In fact, some people pushed this disastrous defeat onto Great Qin. If Great Qin had helped, perhaps things would not have turned out like this. The sounds of blaming towards Great Qin grew greater and greater.

Almost all player factions and system factions had relocated from the Southern Continent. Only some Villages in the wilderness were not so lucky; those countless Villages became the second target for the Fish Scale world.

They rushed into those Villages, pillaged anything of value, and killed all of the people. Those who did not resist were taken as slaves; perhaps people would buy them.

Now, the Southern Continent was about to be completely taken over by them, so they were not in a rush. They slowly plundered everything in the Southern Continent, whether they were people or resources.

However, humans could not breathe underwater, so those who bought humans as slaves would also have to buy items that could allow them to breathe underwater.

The Fish Scale Cities could repel water and contained a gravitational force that made it difficult to swim normally, so people could only walk. If they could solve the issue of humans being able to breathe underwater, they could live in the Fish Scale world.

Breathing items were quite cheap, so the Fish Scale world's slave markets quickly became a booming industry.

A few slave markets quickly appeared beside the rift. The humans' hands were bound, and ropes strung ten or so humans together. Some were kept in wooden cages as if they were animals.

There were generally only young men and women because the elderly and children did not have much value as slaves, so they were generally killed immediately.

These people were barely dressed to make it easier for clients to inspect the goods. Anyone who saw something they wanted could directly purchase them and would be able to determine their life or death.

The people here all had empty, lifeless eyes and blank expressions as if they were zombies. Their hearts had already died because of their despair.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Some humans were walking quite slowly, so a Fish Scale person savagely whipped them with his whip, causing their skin to swell, and they immediately moved faster.

"Old Luo, you're gonna be rich after capturing so many humans today!" another Fish Scale person laughed as he looked at the person whipping the humans.

The savage expression of the Fish Scale person holding the whip disappeared as he chuckled and said, "I was pretty lucky and found these group of people."

These two people were familiar with each other and started chatting as if they were at a farmer's market. However, instead of fruit and vegetables being on sale, there were humans.

This was quite normal and none of the Fish Scale people were surprised. No one even reacted to the hundreds of human women being violated by the side as if this was incredibly ordinary.

This was the true face of the Heaven Awaken World; the strong determined everything. This was the outcome of those who were conquered, and Zhao Fu had long since seen this sort of thing outside the Legacy Land.

The other Continents started constructing defenses, because after the Fish Scale world devoured the Southern Continent, they would naturally turn to the other Continents.

Almost the entire human race hurried to have a meeting together because the human world really could be destroyed. Even those who did not want to get involved were forced to join in because they did not want to die, and they had heard that becoming slaves was even worse than dying.

This time, many factions from Qin Suppression came as well. Even though they did not bring many people, the leaders all came, such as Si Ji, Oleg, Babilon, Liu Ye, etc.

They could not just continue watching; right now, the greatest threat was the Fish Scale world. Before they were destroyed by Great Qin, they would be destroyed by the Fish Scale world, so they naturally had to come.

Under this immense threat, almost all of the leaders of the human world met together. No one dared not to come - it was evident how important this was.

Everyone was quite terrified that the Fish Scale world would turn on them next. They all prayed that these major figures would be able to think of a way to stop the Fish Scale people and save the humans and this world.

During this crucial time, there was one important person who did not participate, and that was naturally Great Qin's Legatee.

His absence caused everyone's expressions to become quite unsightly, because everyone acknowledged his position in this world; only he could stand against the Fish Scale world, and if he did not come, none of them would feel any confidence.

None of them had expected Great Qin's Legatee to still not come despite the fact that the human world was about to be destroyed. Could it be that he wanted to stop the Fish Scale world with just Great Qin? Or did he want everyone to die together?

No one could understand Great Qin's Legatee's intentions, and Si Ji and the others' expressions became quite grim. Without Great Qin's Legatee, they felt quite hopeless.

In actuality, they felt quite angry at themselves; if they were strong enough, why would they need Great Qin's Legatee? They would be able to resolve this themselves instead of having to pray for Great Qin to come.

"Great Qin's Legatee doesn't understand the gravity of this at all; the human world is about to be destroyed, yet he's still not coming. He doesn't deserve to be the World Protector at all!" a person yelled angrily with a reddened face.

An elder in Confucian robes also yelled, "What a trash World Protector! Putting aside the first time, it's now the second time and he's still not coming. How can he be so narrow-minded; why can't he be more magnanimous? The world is at stake!"

A big man could not help but shout, "I hate Great Qin's Legatee the most; how can there be such a disgusting person?"

The scene devolved into a session of cursing at Great Qin's Legatee; how could they talk about resisting the Fish Scale people.

Finally, an elder yelled, "Enough! Even though Great Qin's Legatee is the World Protector, no one has the power to force him to come. Whether he comes or not is up to him; he can choose to help us or not to help us. You're here cursing at him. How about you deal with the Fish Scale people yourselves? Then you won't need him anymore."