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 A massive crack appeared in the horizon as transparent rocks giving off rainbow glows fell from the sky and into the water, resulting in large splashes. A 100,000 kilometer wide rift had appeared.

This was a second rift, and the humans did not expect this at all. Almost 90% of their forces were gathered here and they barely had any forces left on the mainland. Once the Fish Scale people charged into the Southern Continent, the consequences would be unimaginable.

All of the humans' expressions fell as they thought of the consequences; they had been completely fooled. They had never expected the Fish Scale people to have two teams, with the first drawing their attention while the second team was the true army.

Over at the horizon, a small boy with a golden tail held a rainbow shard as he happily laughed and said to a young man, "Big bro, look, I found one again."

That young man was Yu Xuan; how could he not be participating in something like this? By now, he clearly knew the threat that he human world represented - no, Great Qin's threat.

If Great Qin was not destroyed, the Fish Scale world would definitely perish at Great Qin's hands someday.

That little boy was Yu Xuan's little brother. He had someone obtained the ability to destroy the Heaven Domain Boundary; the rift had been accidentally opened up by him last time.

This sort of ability was naturally quite powerful; Zhao Fu did not know of anyone else who could do such a thing.

However, one flaw was that he was not in control of the rift; the little boy could destroy parts of the Heavenly Domain Boundary, but he could not control where.

On the bright side, if he activated it on the southern side, the rift would definitely appear on the southern boundary. As long as he activated it some distance away from the first rift, their plan would succeed.

There were four billion soldiers at the second rift; 70% of them were players and 30% of them were indigenous residents, and there were also many City Lords.

Looking at this rift, Yu Xuan waved his hand and all of the Fish Scale people excitedly roared, giving off terrifying momentum as they rushed into the human world. The human world's crisis had officially begun.

"Retreat! Retreat and stop those people!" Akhenaten yelled in panic.

If this army of Fish Scale people reached the Southern Continent, the Southern Continent would definitely be wiped out by them and they would be finished. If their base was destroyed, what point would there be in staying here?

However, it was not quite possible for them to stop that other army, because they were quite far away and there was still an army of five billion or so Fish Scale people in front of them. How could the Fish Scale people just let them leave?

"Kill! As long as we can stall these humans, we'll win. When the time comes, everyone will have a share in the spoils!" a Legatee loudly laughed and rushed out, while the other Fish Scale people also ferociously charged at the humans.

Facing this massive army of Fish Scale people, the humans were unable to retreat at all. Waves of arrows descended like torrential rain, forcing the humans to stop and defend. The Fish Scale people took this opportunity to scale the defensive walls and start directly fighting with the humans.

The human side tried to disengage, because the other Fish Scale army had already reached the human army, and their morale greatly decreased. Looking at the Fish Scale people who had scaled the defensive walls, they felt quite terrified; they knew how strong these Fish Scale people were.

A person looked at a Fish Scale person who had climbed onto the defensive wall in fear, nervously holding his weapon. His body trembled, and seeing this, the Fish Scale person wildly laughed and savagely attacked, splitting that person in half in just a few attacks.

Another Fish Scale person piercingly laughed as he used his spear to pierce through a human's chest, while a different Fish Scale person swung his axe and chopped at a human, killing him in a few blows.

Blood flew everywhere, and this made the Fish Scale people even more excited. To them, the humans were just their prey and were not even worthy to be their enemies.

The humans were simply too weak, in terms of both their psychological state and their battle strength. When a world that had lived in peace and a world that advocated survival of the fittest clashed, it was evident that the Fish Scale people were much stronger.

"Arghh!" Facing the Fish Scale people's condescending attitude, a human furiously gripped his saber and hacked down a Fish Scale person. However, a few Fish Scale people quickly surrounded him and tore him apart in just a few moments.

Following this, the Fish Scale people covered in blood swung their weapons as they savagely laughed and rushed towards the humans, killing more and more people.

On the other side, the Fish Scale people who had reached the human world started to commit a slaughter. There were very few people within the Cities, and the ordinary residents were not very strong.

Seeing the Fish Scale people attack, they closed the city gates and defended as best as they could, but facing four billion Fish Scale people, they were barely able to resist. The Fish Scale people were able to easily break into Cities and kill all the humans.

A Fish Scale person saw an elderly human try to run, but because he was quite old, he was quite slow. Before he could take a few steps, the Fish Scale person wildly laughed and slashed out, chopping the elderly human's legs off.

The elderly human fell to the ground, crying out in pain. The Fish Scale person loudly laughed before finally chopping his head off.

Another Fish Scale person swung his hammer and smashed it towards a group of humans running away. Howls continuously sounded out, and a man tried to surrender in terror, but his head was smashed in by that hammer.

Another Fish Scale person rushed into a room because he heard the crying of a child. After charging in, he saw a woman holding a crying three year old child.

Looking at that woman's plump figure, he lewdly laughed and snatched over the crying child before killing it in an annoyed manner.

The woman cried as she leapt at the Fish Scale person, clawing at his face, but she was unable to deal much damage. The Fish Scale person maliciously laughed as he pressed the woman against the ground and tore away her clothes as he had his way with her.

A Fish Scale person looked at a human wearing a gold ring. He rushed up and cut that human's arm off, disregarding that person's cries of pain, and took off the golden ring before killing the human.

These people barely had any power to resist, and they were completely slaughtered by the Fish Scale people. Soon, a City became deathly silent.