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 The first test attack caused the Fish Scale people to become careless. This wave of attacks caused large blocks of ice to form in the water, and those who were frozen by the ice had the icy qi invade their bodies; there was not much hope for them.

This instantly took the lives of 400 million to 500 million Fish Scale people. The Fish Scale side were infuriated, and they decided to use the methods they had prepared ahead of time.

A row of people came out holding spears made of coral. They were black but the spearheads had blue gems in them, which gave off a faint blue light, and they gave off a powerful water attribute power.

These people threw out their spears, and countless spears containing immense strength arced through the air before landing on the poison island.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Massive explosions sounded out as the spears fell onto the ice, causing the ice to explode. The ice continuously cracked, causing 100 meter wide holes to appear.

The blue gems in the spears gave off powerful lights, causing the ice to melt into water, forming icy pools.

It was the opposite method of the humans; the humans turned water into ice, while the Fish Scale race turned ice into water. The blue gems could turn ice into water; the Fish Scale people did this because the water was their domain, where they could unleash their full power.

Originally, they had wanted to get closer; not only would they be able to turn the ice into water, but they would be able to hit the humans as well, dealing a heavy blow.

It was a pity that the humans had attacked first. However, the effects of their attacks were still quite good; more than half of the ice had been turned into water, and with another wave, they would be able to reach the humans' defensive walls. In fact, they could even use this method to attack the defensive walls.

The City Lords started to fight in the air, unable to affect the battle below. There were a bit more Fish Scale City Lords than human City Lords because only a small portion of the system factions had joined in. The human side did not lose out too much in terms of City Lords.

Seeing their poison island being gradually melted, the humans' expressions became quite grim. They understood how destructive those attacks were, and the leaders ordered people to reinforce the ice below the defensive walls and to protect it.

As the humans reinforced their defenses, the Fish Scale people once again threw out spears, turning the remaining ice into water. The area five meters out from the defensive wall was now all water, and the advantage that the humans had was gone.

They had used up all of their Ice Powder in that previous attack, or else they could have continued to use Ice Powder to freeze the water.

"Kill!" Now that there was nothing stopping them, countless Fish Scale people excitedly yelled as they rushed forwards toward the defensive wall. They were incredibly vigorous and seemed like a massive tsunami that could wipe out anything.

At that moment, the human side also retaliated. They tossed out wooden barrens, which the Fish Scale people took to be Ice Powder again. They raised their bows and countless arrows flew out.

Many of the wooden barrels were pierced by the arrows, but at that moment, black liquid flew out and fell on the water. However, it did not mix into the water and instead floated on the surface of the water.

Swish, swish, swish...

Countless fire arrows descended, lighting up the black liquid on the water. The flames rushed up hundreds of metres tall, and a searing heat wave rolled out. Many Fish Scale people were devoured by the flames, and they howled as they were burned to death.

That black liquid was naturally kerosene, and the massive flames created a wall of fire that prevented the Fish Scale people from coming any closer. That massive sea of flames had killed at least 300 to 400 million Fish Scale people.

The Fish Scale people were once again infuriated. A large number of Fish Scale people wearing robes and holding staffs appeared. People dressed like this were usually mages.

These Fish Scale Mages raised their staffs and chanted a strange-sounding incantation before raising their staffs and releasing a brilliant blue light. The water seemed to be guided by something as it gathered towards them before forming a 1,000 meter tall wave that gave off an aura that seemed to be able to destroy everything.

Seeing this wave, the humans were greatly shocked and quickly tried to think of a way to deal with it.

However, the Fish Scale Mages did not give them an opportunity to think. That 1,000 meter tall wave crashed towards the defensive wall and gave off a horrifying aura. It collapsed, instantly destroying the fire wall that was hundreds of meters tall, then slammed into the defensive walls. Now, some parts of the defensive walls were submerged.

The defensive walls had countless restrictions and buffs on them, making them incredibly tough. However, they still violently trembled and slightly cracked. Some places that were lower had the people on top washed off, resulting in countless injuries and casualties.

However, to be able to form such a massive wave, it had been quite difficult for all of the Fish Scale Mages, and their faces were now extremely pale.

Seeing that this attack was so effective, the Fish Scale leaders immediately ordered the Fish Scale Mages to repeat that attack. Even though their faces were quite pale, they could muster enough strength to cast it once more.

As such, they once again raised their staffs and chanted. A blue light spread out as large amounts of water once again gathered.

At that moment, on the human side, five groups of people clad in silver armor giving off heroic auras quickly gathered at five points on the defensive walls.

"Great Corps Formation!" They roared together as countless traces of silver aura gathered, forming five silver orbs of light that gave off powerful auras. The other humans also received orders from their leaders and released their Cultivation power.

As everyone released their Cultivation power, it seemed to be absorbed by a formless force into the five silver orbs of light, causing them to expand from dozens of meters wide to thousands of meters wide.


As the 1,000 meter tall wave gave off an aura of destruction and rushed forwards towards the defensive walls, the five Corps simultaneously roared, and the five massive silver orbs of light flew out, colliding with the wave and creating a shocking explosion.

The enormous wave was blasted apart, causing seawater to fly everywhere and descend like a torrential rain. A mighty shockwave also rippled out, and both sides were left in chaos from the shockwave.

However, the first to respond was the Fish Scale people. They once again roared as they rushed up, the distance between the two sides closing. Soon, they reached the defensive walls.

The human side was a bit alarmed, and the Archers hurriedly drew their bows and shot out arrows towards the Fish Scale people.

Chi, chi, chi...

Sharp arrows pierced into the Fish Scale peoples' bodies, causing blood to fly everywhere and dyeing the water red. Many Fish Scale people died from this wave of attacks, but they fearlessly charged forwards because they would not die a true death.