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 Zhao Fu made the decision not to go to the Southern Continent to defend against the Fish Scale people because he had an even better plan. If those people could defend against the Fish Scale people, that would mean they had strength; if they could not defend against them, they would die - regardless, Zhao Fu decided not to participate in their alliance.

After making this decision, Zhao Fu ordered all of Great Qin's Generals to start making preparations, and he did not make any comment to the rest of the world.

By now, the various factions had gathered at the Southern Continent, and they first courteously greeted each other and made some small talk before starting to discuss this matter. What they had never expected was that not a single person from the Midland Continent had come.

This made everyone's expressions become quite sour, because the factions from the Midland Continent were all more powerful than other Continents, and there were more of them as well. They would be a key force in resisting this invasion, but not a single person had come; how could they feel happy about this?

The most important person, Great Qin's Legatee, had not come either. This was an incredibly important war to the world, yet the World Protector had not come. How could this be allowed?

During the last invasion, it was Zhao Fu who had changed everything, providing a massive amount of poison to poison three billion Fish Scale people to death. No one had contributed as much as him, and he was undoubtedly the biggest contributor last time.

However, the Fish Scale people were launching an even greater invasion, yet that important person had not come. This made everyone's expressions incredibly unsightly, and their hearts plummeted. They felt that before this war had even begun, they had lost.

With the most powerful person not coming, how could anyone else come in the face of Great Qin's threat?

Seeing that Zhao Fu was not willing to come, all of the Legatees' expressions were quite grim. Even Tina Pendragon, who had established her own Kingdom and was incredibly confident, did not feel so confident anymore.

This was because Great Qin's Legatee was irreplaceable, and even if he did nothing else but tie up the other side's World Protector, he would be incredibly important. Fighting a war was not like playing a game, and Tina Pendragon was not stupid. She deeply understood how important Great Qin's Legatee was.

"What should we do? Great Qin's Legatee's not coming; how can we stop this invasion?" a person cried out in terror.

"That's right! How are we supposed to defend against so many Fish Scale people? I don't want to die for nothing. How about we surrender to the Fish Scale world," another person said in fear.

"I also think that we can't stop them. Even the strongest person, Great Qin's Legatee, hasn't come. I really don't feel confident at all," another person said shakily.

After hearing that Great Qin's Legatee was not coming, everyone felt deeply perturbed, and cries of fear sounded out all around. Even though Great Qin's Legatee was the most terrifying person in the world, having him fight their enemies gave them incredible confidence.

Seeing that the morale had plummeted so much just because Great Qin's Legatee had not come, Akhenaten felt quite bitter and understood what Zhao Fu was thinking - he did not want to work with them because they had tried to kill him many times. However, they had failed every time, and now that the bridges between them had been burned, there was no use asking him.

Following this, the factions from the Midland Continent sent over a letter, stating that they wanted to come and help defend against the Fish Scale world's invasion, but because Great Qin's Legatee was selfish and refused to come, they could not come either.

Now, they did not dare to take even a single step out of the Midland Continent, because Great Qin could attack them at any time. For this, they were deeply sorry.

This letter was not for anyone in particular to read but to state to the masses that they were on the side of justice and were willing to act but were unable to.

They voiced their complaints and portrayed themselves in a positive light while twisting Zhao Fu's image in a negative way. Instantly, people started cursing out.

"Great Qin's Legatee is unable to tell good from bad; can't he put aside his grievances in the face of a common enemy? What a disgusting person."

"I feel like I'm going to die from anger; Great Qin's Legatee is simply too selfish and he only thinks of himself. He's never thought about the lives of anyone else; why does our world have a World Protector like this? What a pity!"

"That's right! Can't Great Qin's Legatee be a bit more magnanimous? The human race is facing such a great crisis, yet he only cares about himself. Even if he can't come to help, why does he have to drag others with him? That guy's really worse than livestock."

"I can't stop myself from venting either. Great Qin's Legatee should put aside his own grievances and think of the human race first. He should live up to his status and not act like someone the rest of us would look down on."

The vast majority of people stood on the side of Si Ji and the others. Their plan once again worked, which was to turn even more people against Zhao Fu. In the future, there would be more resistance against Great Qin.

Whoever obtained the hearts of the people would obtain the world; this move made Great Qin's Legatee's reputation plummet. Now, whatever they did to Great Qin, everyone else would disregard it, as they stood on the side of justice. What's more, they had done this by not expending a single soldier.

Back then, Zhao Fu was the greatest contributor to stopping the Fish Scale world, but what was the result? He was attacked by countless factions and even the World Protectors of two other worlds, nearly killing him. If Zhao Fu was not virtuous at all, how could he have gone to stop the Fish Scale world the first time?

Back then, he had selflessly told them the information he had about the Dark Demon world and Fish Scale world, yet now he had been called incredibly selfish.

Moreover, if they had Great Qin's Legatee, their battle power would greatly increase, and the pressure they felt would greatly decrease. However, by talking like this, it destroyed any chances of Zhao Fu coming.

If they went to beg Zhao Fu, he really would have considered it, but who would go to help people after they had cursed at him?

All of them were too blind to see this; however, they were not stupid, just easily manipulated. Just like the people who commented on news articles, most people did not think before speaking.