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 Of course, it was not just Zhao Fu who had noticed the beginnings of an invasion from the Fish Scale world. Other people had also sensed this, and this included the most powerful and prestigious person in the Southern Continent, Akhenaten.

If the Fish Scale world attacked at such a time, it would deal a heavy blow to the human world. Even if their strength was roughly the same, with the human side dying true deaths and the Fish Scale people being able to revive, it would be a completely unfair war, and it was one that the humans were doomed to lose.

Moreover, now that they would die true deaths, ordinary players had become incredibly cowardly and did not dare to fight at all. As such, they could not rely on the players to be of much help.

Some of the humans had obtained some items that could bring people's real bodies to the Heaven Awaken World, but they could not do this for a large number of people. As such, they were quite worried. Compared to Great Qin, their situation was quite bad, and if they fought, there would be almost no chance of winning.

It would be impossible for Akhenaten to face an entire world, so he naturally could only choose to ally with others.

Back when the rift had been opened, all of the Legatees had gathered to discuss how to deal with it, and everyone had contributed. In the end, through their cooperation, they had been able to force the Fish Scale people into retreat.

However, things were different now, because Akhenaten had burned bridges with Great Qin, and there was nothing to be said.

Currently, the Legatees were split into three factions: the 'evil' faction, which was just Zhao Fu; the 'good' faction, which was Si Ji, Akhenaten, Oleg, Babilon, and Ramis; and the 'neutral' faction, which was Tina Pendragon, Geoffrey, and Masanori Hano.

The reason for all of this was Zhao Fu. Because Great Qin's threat was too great, many relationships had broken down, and everyone viewed the others with hostility.

Akhenaten immediately spread the news of the impending invasion from the Fish Scale world, letting everyone know what was coming. He also thickened his skin and sent a letter to each of the Legatees, including Zhao Fu.

Even though the Fish Scale world would be invading the Southern Continent first, they would want to destroy the entire human world, as all humans were enemies of the Fish Scale people. As such, everyone was in danger, and even if it was the Southern Continent suffering first, the other places would be doomed later on as well.

Akhenaten did not believe that they would not come, because it was not just him who was in danger. If they could not stop the Fish Scale people, everyone would die.

It had only been a few days since all humans had been brought into the Heaven Awaken World, and the situation was not stabilized yet, and something was happening already. Everyone had grim looks on their faces, because hundreds of millions of people had died last time trying to stop the invasion. Back then they would not die true deaths, but things were much more serious this time.

If they did not go, the world might be destroyed by the Fish Scale world, and they would all die. However, if they went, they could also die, because this world-level war would cause countless people to die, and they might be one of those people.

The ordinary people all felt terrified and helpless, and they could only look to the major figures, seeing what they would do. It was only because of those people that they had been able to stop the Fish Scale race's invasion last time. In fact, they had completely defeated the Fish Scale people, killing almost three billion of them.

At the same time, the various Legatees received Akhenaten's letter.

Within an exquisite white palace, Tina Pendragon sat beside a desk and read through the contents of the letter, looking quite serious. As the second person to establish a Kingdom, she understood just how powerful Kingdoms were. She now had the second most powerful Kingdom in the human world.

A world invasion was everyone's problem, because the Fish Scale people would destroy their entire world. They currently had the island of poisoned ice as a defensive barrier, but once it was gone and the Southern Continent was conquered, the human world would be in immense danger.

If they could take over the Southern Continent, they would have the Fish Scale world behind them and could continuously supply resources, making it incredibly difficult to chase them out. More importantly, they would be able to attack other Continents.

"Gather the army!" Tina Pendragon gave the order, and the 12 knights around her responded in the affirmative before walking out austerely to gather the army.

Tina Pendragon was definitely going to go this time because she understood that only by allying together could they resist the Fish Scale world's invasion.

Over at Geoffrey's side, Geoffrey read through the letter and looked quite serious as well. The Fish Scale world was going all-out this time, and its invasion would be many times greater than last time. If they could not stop them, the humans would fall at the Fish Scale race's hands.

"What should we do, sir?" a pure and beautiful woman with flaxen hair, who was standing behind him, asked.

Geoffrey nodded and replied, "Of course we have to go; this is not just a matter for the Southern Continent but for the entire human race. No one can avoid this. Our Northern Continent faces the terrifying Demon Race; once the Heavenly Domain Barrier disappears, we will need the other Continents to support us as well."

As such, Geoffrey gave the order to mobilize the army, while also convincing the other factions to help out and defend against the Fish Scale race together.

Ramis, at the Eastern Archipelago, read through the letter and looked quite hesitant, but he still decided to go. He also brought some soldiers and convinced the other factions to go with him, because the threat from the Fish Scale world was quite great this time.

The Legatees and various factions from the east, west, and north all responded quickly. Under the immense pressure from the Fish Scale race, they could only come, or else they would just be waiting to be destroyed.

Most people's morale was quite low apart from some of the elite armies, who still looked quite resolute and fearless. Everyone else had pale faces and looked quite demotivated, afraid of the impending invasion.

Finally, there was the Midland Continent. As the central continent, its area was the greatest and had the most Fate. The factions there were more powerful, and that was how a monster like Great Qin had been created.

Babilon, Si Ji, Masanori Hano, Oleg, and Zhao Fu were all from the Midland Continent. Masanori Hano was a Legatee, but because she now belonged to Great Qin, she naturally could not receive the letter.

The three others all responded in the same way as the others after receiving their letters. Now, only Great Qin was left.

The situation in the Midland Continent was quite tense, and they were not the ones in charge. Almost all factions were allied together to resist Great Qin, and they could barely hold on. If they withdrew their forces while Great Qin attacked, the people remaining would not be able to defend Great Qin, and Great Qin would be able to unify the Midland Continent.

Now that Zhao Fu did not say anything, they naturally did not dare to say anything either, because they could all perish at Great Qin's hands.

After coming out of the Heaven Spirit Stele, Zhao Fu immediately received this letter. Hearing that it was personally written by Akhenaten, Zhao Fu glanced through it before throwing it away. The letter burned up and turned into a spark that drifted down.