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 On the last day, Zhao Fu's luck seemed to be looking up. His people had found two violet Flower Tears in the morning, bringing him to eight drops in total. Also, because the festival ended at 12 AM the next day, Zhao Fu did not go to the Orc City in the morning, and he instead decided to at 9 PM.

Now that he had eight violet Flower Tears, just to be safe, Zhao Fu decided to see if anyone was selling violet Flower Tears to safeguard against not finding any more by the end of the day.

He walked around Holy Light City but didn't find anything, so he went to Soldier Forest. After wandering around, he saw many people surrounding a street stall that had its goods laid out on the ground.

The stall piqued Zhao Fu's curiosity, so he walked over. He was delighted to find that the owner of the stall was selling a violet Flower Tear. Of course, countless people wanted violet Flower Tears because a single one was worth 10,000 normal Flower Tears.

The reason it hadn't been sold yet was because it cost too much. The owner wanted 3 million silver coins for it, which was 300 million copper coins or $3 billion in the real world.

This was simply a ridiculous price - after all, normal Flower Tears were worth, at most, 20 silver coins, so a violet Flower Tear should only be worth 200,000 silver coins. However, even if the rarity of the violet Flower Tear made it worth much more than 200,000 silver coins, it should not be worth 3 million silver coins. Because this was the final day of the festival, if he could not collect 10 violet Flower Tears, he would only be able to use the violet Flower Tears as 10,000 normal Flower Tears.

If this violet Flower Tear was sold on the first day, it might have been sold for 500,000 silver coins because it may have been possible to collect 10. However, now that the festival was drawing to a close and many people had given up, it was only worth around 300,000 silver coins.

The owner of this stall had been extraordinarily lucky. He went with a large team to collect Flower Tears, but instead of finding any Flower Tears, he was chased by someone who tried to kill him. In the end, he fell down a mountain slope and found this violet Flower Tear.

After making some inquiries, he heard that most large factions only had pink Flower Tears and hadn't even seen azure Flower Tears, much less violet Flower Tears, which were even rarer. He realized how rare violet Flower Tears were, which was why he dared to ask for such a high price.

Zhao Fu went up and asked if the person was willing to sell it for 300,000 silver coins, but he was immediately rejected. He then offered 500,000 silver coins, but the owner of the stall adamantly refused to accept anything below 3 million silver coins.

Zhao Fu continued to try to bargain with the owner of the stall, causing everyone around him to be shocked. Even a normal faction would not be able to spend so much money, and if it wasn't for his tone, they would have thought that he was from a powerful system faction.

Since the owner of the stall was so stubborn, Zhao Fu didn't try to continue negotiating. Zhao Fu had already made great concessions, and he was not willing to spend 3 million silver coins. After all, even though he made a lot of money, he also had great expenditures. It would take him at least half a month to save up 3 million silver coins.

Many of the people nearby excitedly went over to Zhao Fu and said that they were offering high rates for converting Heaven Awaken World currency to real-world currency. However, Zhao Fu had no interest in real-world currency because money in the real world would become completely worthless when the Heaven Awaken World devoured the real world.

Now that Zhao Fu had eight violet Flower Tears and was only missing two more, he planned to go to the Orc City to see if they had collected any. If all else failed, he would have to accept being screwed over by the high price because it would be too much of a pity to give up after collecting so many.

Following this, Zhao Fu went to the Orc City. Gunador was felt quite surprised when Zhao Fu had not come to trade in the morning, but when he remembered that the Ten Thousand Flower Festival ended at the end of the day, he realized that Zhao Fu would most likely come at night. Seeing Zhao Fu come now, he was quite surprised.

"Esteemed guest, have you come to trade?" Gunador asked as he welcomed Zhao Fu into the tent.

Zhao Fu lightly shook his head as he replied, "Respected Vice-Lord, not right now. Because the Ten Thousand Flower Festival is ending at the end of the day, I will come at 9 PM. I'm here now to ask if your people have collected any violet Flower Tears."

Gunador realized what this was about. The Orcs were not interested in the Flower Fairy's Blessing because they did not like flowers, so they did not care about the differences between the Flower Tears.

After listening to Zhao Fu, Gunador took out a spatial ring, retrieved a violet Flower Tear, and handed it to Zhao Fu as he said, "Esteemed guest, these are very rare, so we've only found one so far!"

Zhao Fu was quite delighted and accepted the violet Flower Tear. Now, he had nine violet Flower Tears and only needed one more. Zhao Fu thought about it and thanked Gunador before arranging a time at night and going back to Soldier Forest.

Now that he only required one more violet Flower Tear, he had to take the loss. Even though Zhao Fu really didn't want to go through with it, he had no other choice. It had been incredibly difficult to gather these nine violet Flower Tears, and without a tenth, he would not be able to obtain the Level 3 Flower Fairy's Blessing. This caused Zhao Fu's heart to feel quite uncomfortable.

However, after returning to Soldier Forest, the only thing Zhao fu found was the stall owner's corpse. The stall owner had died quite pitifully: he had been hacked to death by many swords and sabres. Players' bodies would only disappear after one day in the Heaven Awaken World, so Zhao Fu was able to see the corpse when he returned.

Only after asking around did Zhao Fu find out that not long after he had left, a group of people had come over right after the patrolling guards went by and risked their lives to kill the stall owner. In the Heaven Awaken World, anyone who killed someone else would obtain everything that the victim had on him.

Following this, even though the group of people was chased down by the guards, a few of them were able to escape with the violet Flower Tear.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu sighed. As long as the benefit was great enough, there were no such things as safety and security to those who possessed valuables. This sort of thing was not unexpected. After all, even if the violet Flower Tear was worth only 200,000 silver coins, that would be $200 million in the real world, which was why some people would risk everything to take it.

Of course, normal shops had their own guards, who could massacre a group of players instantly. However, this sort of street stall was not as safe.

Now that the only violet Flower Tear he had found for sale had been stolen, Zhao Fu started to worry about the final violet Flower Tear, and time continued to gradually pass.

At 9 PM, Zhao Fu's own people had collected 160,000 Flower Tears, but there were no violet Flower Tears. Following this, Zhao Fu went to the Orc City, which was his last hope. This time, the Orc City had collected 1.7 million Flower Tears, but the Orcs had not collected any violet Flower Tears. This caused Zhao Fu's heart to plummeted - now, there were only three hours left until the end of the festival.

Zhao Fu quickly went to Holy Light City and walked around. He was called over to the Westfall Restaurant by He Xianru, and upon seeing him, He Xianru smiled and stretched out her hand. Within it was a violet Flower Tear.