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 Hearing Zhao Fu refuse so resolutely, the ambassador thought about his mission, mustered up his courage, and raised his head as he shouted, "Your Majesty, they are your blood relatives; this is something that you cannot change. The Li family truly acknowledges its wrongdoing and hopes you can forgive them. As long as you forgive them, they are willing to do anything."

"There is nothing between Us and the Li family. Did you not hear Us ordering you to take these things and scram? Do you really want Us to kill you?" Zhao Fu said angrily with a hint of killing intent.

All of Great Qin's Ministers felt a chill run through their bodies and understood that His Majesty was truly angry, and they could not help but feel anxious. They understood Zhao Fu's personality; when he was truly angered, he could do anything.

At that moment, some guards came over and grabbed Great Tang's ambassador, who struggled as he cried out, "Your Majesty, no matter if you acknowledge it or not, you are a descendant of the Li family. Can you really kill your own family? You are the Great Qin's Grand Emperor; aren't you afraid of being laughed at by the rest of the world? They..."


A muffled explosion sounded out as a formless energy caused the ambassador's head to explode. Blood and brains splattered everywhere, causing everyone to feel terrified.

Zhao Fu had a furious look on his face, and he directly walked out of the Palace with his hands behind his back. The guards sent back all of the gifts that the Li family had sent, whether they were the treasures or women, and this also included the ambassador's corpse.

After Zhao Fu left, the various Ministers all felt quite nervous and afraid, and they also left.

Li Si hurriedly went to find Wu Qingniang and Nü Lü, saying, "Imperial Concubines, His Majesty had become truly angered this time. It is the first time this lowly subordinate has seen His Majesty like this; it most likely has to do with His Majesty's experiences in the past. You are His Majesty's most beloved people, so please help His Majesty. Great Qin's grand enterprise is not yet complete, and His Majesty must not ruin his health because of something like this."

Hearing this, Wu Qingniang and Nü Lü felt quite surprised, because they knew that Zhao Fu got angry very rarely. Nü Lü was quite worried because she did not know about Zhao Fu's past.

Wu Qingniang nodded in understanding. After she had started getting to know Zhao Fu, she had investigated his past and knew that his past had been quite unhappy.

Wu Qingniang smiled as she whispered into Nü Lü's ear, causing Nü Lü to go completely red. She looked at Wu Qingniang and asked, "Qingniang, is that really okay?"

Wu Qingniang lightly harrumphed and said confidently, "Of course it is. That fellow is a mother-con. Back when he was younger, he and his mother relied on each other to survive, but his mother passed away early on, leaving him by himself. That's why he's the way he is.

"As Nü Wa's descendant, you have an innate motherly aura that no one can compete with; that's why I'm sure you can definitely do it. Moreover, haven't you felt that that fellow uses up more energy with you every day than with me? I feel angry just thinking about it!"

Hearing this, Nü Lü embarrassedly nodded with a red face before changing into a set of incredibly seductive clothes.

However, she could not find Zhao Fu in the Palace and later heard that Zhao Fu had left for the Southern Continent. This was because there was news that the Fish Scale world might invade, and because the situation was quite urgent, Zhao Fu had left immediately.

It had only been a few days since the humans had entered the Heaven Awaken World, and their neighbors, the Fish Scale world, had definitely found out about this. Because there was a big rift between the worlds, it would be quite easy for them to invade.

Now that all of the humans' real bodies were in the Heaven Awaken World, if they died, they would die a true death. However, the Fish Scale people's bodies had not yet been brought into the Heaven Awaken World. If they started to fight, the human world would be at a great disadvantage.

Zhao Fu was not worried about the human world, nor was he worried about the Southern Continent. It was because this matter threatened Great Qin as well that he had to personally go.

Following this, all of the gifts sent over by the Li family were returned to them, causing the Li family's people's expressions to become quite unsightly.

In order to mediate their relationship with Great Qin, the Li family had put in quite a bit of effort. Even though Great Qin already had much riches, the Li family still sent some treasures, and knowing that Great Qin's Legatee liked beauties, they had picked out the 20 best beauties from Great Tang.

What's more, the Li family's old patriarch, Li Zhe, and Li Baiqing had all written letters filled with remorse and regret. Their tones had been incredibly servile and sincere.

This was especially so for Li Zhe's letter written in blood - it really was written using Li Zhe's blood. Li Zhe had refused to write the letter, saying that he could not lower his head to that bastard; if anyone should be begging for mercy, it should be Zhao Fu begging him for mercy. Only if Zhao Fu knelt in front of him would he acknowledge Zhao Fu.

This completely infuriated the Li family's old patriarch, so he ordered people to grab Li Zhe and take out some of his blood, and he had someone write the letter for him in order to show their sincerity.

Because the blood contained their bloodline's aura, it was easy to tell whether or not it really was Li Zhe's blood.

The Li family really had given their all, hoping that they could mediate their relationship with Zhao Fu. Of course, this was only because Great Qin was simply so powerful that the Li family could not rival it at all.

If Zhao Fu was weak and they were strong, they would definitely choose to destroy Zhao Fu. Their assassination attempts before were the best evidence.

However, in response to their efforts and sincerity, Zhao Fu had shown immense disdain and had even killed their ambassador. His attitude was incredibly resolute, making the Li family's people feel a chill in their hearts. They now knew that there was no room for reconciliation.

What could they do now? Great Qin was so powerful, and even many factions allying together would not be a match for it. At most, they could only stall for time.

In the end, all of the factions would be destroyed; their Li family could not resist at all. After thinking for a while, the Li family's old patriarch could only give orders to continue to express their goodwill.

They first investigated everything Great Qin's Legatee was interested in before locking Li Zhe up to have him reflect on his actions. The one Zhao Fu hated the most was definitely him, so if he could kneel in front of Zhao Fu, cry, and plead with him, perhaps they could wrest back the situation.

Of course, Li Zhe would not agree with this, and he greatly resisted. Li Baiqing also did not want to see this and tried to convince the Li family's old patriarch otherwise, but he was determined because Great Tang's Legacy was the most important thing.

In order to preserve Great Tang's Legacy, the Li family's old patriarch would even kill Li Zhe. He could not allow his ancestors' foundations to perish at his hands.

During that time, a person came to the Li family. It was Su Yan, who brought with him a confident smile, and he described an insidious plan to the Li family.