Hearing these comforting words from the woman he loved, Li Baiqing felt a warmth in his heart, and he squeezed out a smile and said, "Mm, I'll do my best not to lose to him."

A beautiful and gentle-looking woman sitting to the side could not stop herself from crying. She was Li Zhe's wife, Zhang Shuyun, and she had come from a large and powerful family. She blamed herself greatly for this - if she could have accepted that mother and son, none of this would have happened; if she hadn't married Li Zhe, perhaps Great Qin's Legatee would be Great Tang's Legatee.

Seeing his wife cry and blame herself, Li Zhe felt an ache in his heart. he deeply loved his wife, and even though he had been quite dissolute and loose in the past, he had always seen Zhang Shuyun as his only wife; no one could replace her.

Li Zhe brought Zhang Shuyun into his embrace and comforted her, saying, "Dear wife, it's not your fault. Even if I didn't have you, I wouldn't want that lowly woman; how could she compare to you?"

Zhang Shuyun's eyes were completely red, but she felt a sweetness within her heart, and she lightly hugged Li Zhe.

Seeing the two of them act so lovey-dovey, the Li family's old patriarch yelled out, "Why did I give birth to such a stupid son like you? Look at the situation we're in, and you're only thinking about a woman. Do you want to watch that bastard destroy the entire Li family?"

Hearing the old patriarch's angry yell, Zhang Shuyun let go of Li Zhe and lowered her head.

Li Zhe angrily said, "I never thought that that bastard would be able to accomplish such things; I should have killed him long ago. I'll go to Great Qin and have him come to the Li family to apologize for his wrongdoings. He dares to treat the Li family like this? I'm his father, and if he dares not to obey me, I'll slaughter him."

Hearing such foolish words, the Li family's old patriarch's face went red in fury as he roared, "If that bastard's willing to let off the Li family in exchange for your death, I'd happily send you over to him. Get the hell out of here!"

Li Zhe replied dissatisfiedly, "I'm his father; I gave birth to him. He should be doing whatever I tell him. He wouldn't dare to kill me! Now that he dares to act like this to the Li family, it's simply disgraceful! I'll go and break his legs!"

After saying this, Li Zhe really got up and angrily walked out.

The Li family's old patriarch pointed at Li Zhe, angered to the point that he could not even speak. How could there be such a stupid person? How could such a person have given birth to two Legatees, with one becoming Great Tang's Legatee and one becoming Great Qin's Legatee?

Li Baiqing also sighed in response to this and ordered people to stop his father. Great Qin's Legatee was notorious for his viciousness and cold-bloodedness. Even though Li Zhe was his own father, with how great Zhao Fu's hatred was, he really would kill him.

Even if Li Zhe went, he would not be able to change anything, and he would die a meaningless death. In fact, he might even create more conflict between the Li family and Zhao Fu.

What should they do now? They did not know that he was Great Qin's Legatee before, but now that they knew, they had to do something. They could not just watch as this went on, because Great Qin had already taken over half of the Midland Continent. It looked like the remaining half would be taken over by it sooner or later.

Everyone understood this, so they all looked to the Li family's old patriarch because he was the master of this family; everything was determined by him.

Facing everyone's gazes, the Li family's old patriarch could only sigh and say, "Now, we need to think of all ways to express our remorse and acknowledge his mother's status in the Li family. Only by officially recognizing Zhao Fu to be part of the Li family will we be able to lessen his hatred.

"Also," The Li family's old patriarch paused as he looked at Li Zhe and said, "the key thing is you--you need to express your regret in order for there to be any possibility of a reconciliation."

However, Li Zhe replied in a dissatisfied time, "I'll never acknowledge that bastard or that woman. I did nothing wrong."

At that moment, the Li family's old patriarch's gaze became incredibly cold, making Li Zhe feel terrified. He was quite familiar with his father, and seeing that he was about to become truly angry, he immediately backed down and agreed.

After this news spread, the entire world was sent into an uproar; no one expected there to be such a relationship between Great Qin's Legatee and the Li family.

They all felt quite sorry for the Li family, as they had actually given such an incredible person to others. If they had kept Great Qin's Legatee in the Li family, he definitely would have become Great Tang's Legatee, and it might have been Great Tang unifying the world.

What was key was that the Li family had not been able to kill Great Qin's Legatee in the end. With how powerful Great Qin was, the Li family was doomed.

Now, all intelligent people understood that they could not afford to have anything to do with the Li family, or else they would be killed without even knowing how they had died. After all, Great Qin had enmity with some factions, but its enmity with the Li family was especially bad.

Immediately, all of the factions started to avoid Great Tang, making the Li family feel quite embarrassed. However, they could not do anything about this, and they could only hope that Great Qin's Legatee would be willing to put aside his hatred. If that were the case, they might be able to receive good treatment and avoid being destroyed; in fact, Great Qin might even help establish Great Tang.

This was still somewhat possible, as Great Qin's Legatee was someone who was from the Li family. He had the Li family's royal blood in his veins; this was something that could not be changed.

In Great Qin, Zhao Fu sat on his throne expressionlessly. The atmosphere was quite heavy, and no one present dared to even breathe. There were 20 or so people kneeling in front of him. One of them was the ambassador from Great Tang, and the 20 other people were all top-tier beauties.

Great Tang's ambassador knelt with both knees and said anxiously, "Great Qin's Majesty, here are some gifts from the Li family. The Li family's old patriarch, your father, and your little brother ordered this lowly one to bring Your Majesty a letter to show their remorse and repentance. Your father even wrote a letter using his own blood, hoping for your forgiveness."

Those words caused the temperature in the Palace to seem to plummet because this was a taboo subject for Zhao Fu. No one dared to bring it up, and even Li Si, who had all information about Zhao Fu, did not dare to even breathe a word about it. Even he would be heavily punished if he did.

Under Zhao Fu's formless Emperor's aura, the ambassador's entire body felt incredibly cold, and he could not help but tremble. However, he gritted his teeth and endured it because he had come despite knowing he might die.

The Palace was completely silent, and no one made any noise. Zhao Fu coldly stared at the ambassador, remaining silent for a while.

Only ten or so minutes later did Zhao Fu finally speak. His voice was incredibly calm as he said, "Take all of the things back. I never had a father and I have no connection to the Li family. The Li family does not need to try anything, because Great Qin will definitely destroy Great Tang and Li family."