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 It was now midday, and no one knew how long it would be until the world would be destroyed. Zheng Yuqin had already prepared a sumptuous feast and called Zhao Fu out for lunch.

This was the first time Zhao Fu had continuously eaten two meals in the real world in a long time. Zhao Fu did not hold back, because the food that Zheng Yuqin had cooked was food that he greatly enjoyed.

Zheng Yuqin sat by the side, smiling as she put more food into Zhao Fu's bowl. Her aura was becoming more and more mature, and her cheeks were slightly red. Looking at her, Zhao Fu wanted to eat her up; ever since he had entered university, he had fantasised about doing certain things with her.

Facing Zhao Fu's gaze, Zheng Yuqin felt quite embarrassed, and she lowered her head, her heart full of desire. After enduring the Six Desires Demonic Qi for such a long time, she had been dealing with it by herself every day and night, and she had also fantasised about Zhao Fu many times.

Before, she did not have much confidence, as she was not young anymore, and she was worried that Zhao Fu would not be interested in her.

However, after seeing Zhao Fu do it with Zhang Hongmei, who was even older than her, she found that Zhao Fu was quite capable, and Zhang Hongmei could only come every few days. She also knew that Zhao Fu was quite special.

The atmosphere was becoming quite intense, and Zhao Fu smiled as he prepared to do something. Suddenly, the clouds started to swirl as the ground lightly trembled. Zhao Fu understood that it was time, so he walked out of the villa.

Countless rays of rainbow light descended from the sky, and a boundless aura spread out, causing people's souls to tremble. Everyone was now outside, looking at this fantastical scene.


A massive explosion sounded out from the sky as a massive aura swept through the world like a berserk gale. In front of this immense aura, everyone felt incredibly small and powerless.

The image of another world slowly appeared in the sky. There were massive trees, majestic mountains, and lakes that were as big as seas. There were all sorts of beasts, and spirit qi was incredibly abundant; it was quite an awe-inspiring world.

The image of this world gave off an ancient and powerful aura - this was the Heaven Awaken World.

After the Heaven Awaken World appeared, an unimaginably powerful attractive force came out from it. It was an illusory attractive force that seemed to suck out people's souls.

The entire human world started to fall apart as the ground violently shook, countless cracks appearing. Lava started to flow out of those cracks, and fire rushed to the sky as terrifying bolts of lightning blasted down to the ground - it was truly the end of the world.

At that moment, all living creatures were sucked by that attractive force into that illusory world. This was not just humans but all other creatures as well.

Zhao Fu was also sucked in by that massive attractive force. He felt a wave of dizziness before his body appeared in the Heaven Awaken World. His body gave off a rainbow light as a system announcement rang out in his head, telling him that his body in the real world and his body in the Heaven Awaken World had fused together.

Everyone's bodies fused together with the corresponding bodies in the Heaven Awaken World, and the other living creatures were all given places: Fish were placed by the formless energy into water, beasts were placed in mountains and forests, and birds were left flying in the air.

It was not just the humans who were brought into the Heaven Awaken World but all other living creatures as well.

Now, the real world had most likely been destroyed. The ground had collapsed, and the surface of the world would now be covered with lava. No creatures could live there anymore. Their blue planet had become a fiery planet of death.

In actuality, the world was not completely destroyed, as it still existed. Perhaps after a few hundred million years, life would appear on it again. Perhaps humans would appear and the Heaven Awaken World would once again descend.

Zhao Fu stood there for a while and thought to himself, and Li Si came up to report, "Your Majesty, the Ying family's people have been received into Great Qin. This subordinate has made arrangements already, and they are waiting for you to summon them."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu calmly nodded.

Following this, the Ying family's family leaders and hundreds of the most important people in the Ying family held back their excitement as they walked forwards. They were about to meet Great Qin's Legatee, the most respected person in the Ying family and Great Qin's pride.

Now, they waited outside the Palace, waiting for Great Qin to summon them. A few of them could not help but try to guess what sort of person he was. Some people said he was definitely incredibly handsome, making all women fall for him. Others said he would definitely be incredibly dignified and domineering, or else he would not be able to create such a powerful Kingdom. Others believed that he was incredibly charismatic.

They were about to meet Great Qin's Legatee, someone who stood at the peak of the world. Everyone had different guesses, and even the steady-minded family leaders could not help but feel incredibly curious as to what sort of person he was.

Ying Xi did not think too much, as she had confidence in Zhao Fu. As such, she did not worry too much; no matter what Great Qin's Legatee was like, it would not be her problem. However, from the rumors, he did not seem like a good person.

On the other hand, Ying Xi wanted to see Zhao Fu and Wu Qingniang more. This was because she was mainly relying on Zhao Fu, and she felt quite grateful towards him. With him by her side, she would feel more at ease. As for Wu Qingniang, she was the person Ying Xi was the closest with.

"His Majesty summons the Ying family!" a loud cry sounded out as everyone in the Ying family started to feel quite nervous. They lowered their heads so as not to offend Great Qin's Legatee and followed the palace attendants in.

After walking in, everyone knelt on both knees and said simultaneously, "We greet His Majesty. Long live His Majesty! Long live His Majesty!"

"You may rise!" a familiar voice sounded out, making them feel quite surprised. How could they be hearing Zhao Fu's voice? Only a King could say those words, so now that Great Qin's Legatee had told them to rise, they got to their feet and looked at the person sitting on the throne.

Seeing that person, many of them almost had a heart attack. The family leaders' legs went weak, and they almost fell to their knees again. The person sitting on the throne was Zhao Fu - did that mean Zhao Fu was Great Qin's Legatee?

Everyone from the Ying family looked incredibly shocked, and they stood dumbfounded as they stared at Zhao Fu. They had never expected that Zhao Fu would be Great Qin's Legatee - Great Qin's mysterious, powerful Legatee, who they could not find all over the world, had actually been within the Ying family this entire time.

"Are you surprised the We are Great Qin's Legatee?" Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he spoke.

The family leaders dumbly nodded, and only after a while did they hurriedly kneel, as did everyone else, saying, "We greatly offended Your Majesty in the past; please punish us for our sins."