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 The results of this fusion between the Primogenitor Statue and Japan's Nation Armament would be an incredibly powerful killing machine, one that would shake the heavens and earth and cause even godly spirits to tremble.

However, if Zhao Fu wanted to unleash its full effects, he would have to completely refine the Primogenitor Statue. Since the three items had fused with the Primogenitor Statue, they would only be reborn together with the Primogenitor Statue and could only be used together with the statue.


A massive explosion sounded out as a massive cauldron formed in the air. Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines' Nation Armaments flew into it and were refined by a formless flame. Their previous auras were wiped away, while Great Qin's Fate flowed into them, causing them to go through changes.

Indonesia's Nation Armament was a circular shield made of bronze, and there were pictures of ancient Indonesia fighting engraved on it. \Great Qin's Fate caused the aura of killing and conquering to become even more intense.

Malaysia's Nation Armament was a small boat that looked quite ordinary, but it gave off a very powerful aura. Some black dragon inscriptions appeared on the boat, making its aura more noble.

Finally, the Philippines' Nation Armament was a spear. After Great Qin's Fate fused into it, the spear became jet-black and gave off a heavy and mysterious aura.

After refining these three Nation Armaments, Zhao Fu placed them next to the Great Qin City's City Heart. Now, Great Qin had ten or so Nation Armaments. Zhao Fu went to the blood pool and fused Japan's three items into the Primogenitor Statue's chest, which happened quite smoothly.

After taking care of these matters, the only things left for Great Qin to do was clear out regions, construct the Great Wall, and assimilate the new people.

Two days later, another massive piece of news shook the world, and this was perhaps related to Zhao Fu - the Spirit Light race's real world had been devoured in advance, and all Spirit Light people had been brought into the Heaven Awaken World.

Because the human world was about to be destroyed soon, Zhao Fu felt quite curious about this, so he obtained some information to understand more about this matter.

Originally, the Spirit Light race had not received any system announcements about their world being destroyed, but after that massive battle, they suddenly received notice that there were only seven days until their real world was going to be devoured. It seemed that the effects of that battle had been quite great.

The Spirit Light world was the first to be completely assimilated into the Heaven Awaken World, and this was quite disadvantageous for them. Fortunately, unlike the human world, there was not a massive rift open between it and another world, so other worlds would not invade so easily.

After all, with one side risking a true death and the other side being able to revive, the side that died true deaths would be at a great disadvantage. As they fought on, their numbers would grow smaller and smaller, while the other side could continuously revive; at most, they would just become weaker after reviving.

It was a pity that the Dark Demon world was between the human world and the Spirit Light world; otherwise, Zhao Fu would have taken this opportunity to invade the Spirit Light world. This would have relied on the players.

The Spirit Light world was now in a completely defensive mode. They had set up a large number of defenses at the boundaries, because their world had already been destroyed. Once the Heavenly Domain Boundary disappeared, the previous world and other worlds would immediately invade. They would be doomed without any defenses.

As such, they felt incredibly hateful towards Great Qin's Legatee, who had caused the destruction of their world to happen earlier.

Moreover, all living creatures in the Spirit Light world had been sent into the Heaven Awaken World; this included even beast, bugs, and fish. However, the specifics were unknown.

Now, Great Qin continued to divide the various alliances. When Great Qin unified the northern side of the Midland Continent, many people had considered joining Great Qin. Now that it possessed nearly half of the Midland Continent, it had an even greater advantage.

Moreover, now that Great Qin was about to unify the Midland Continent, the other Continents no longer just gave some slight assistance. After Great Qin unified the Midland Continent, their Continents would be in danger, so they started to become even more united and even started to attack Great Qin a few times.

What Zhao Fu did not expect was that another Kingdom had appeared in the human world.

On June 14, a dragon roar sounded throughout the entire human world. The weather changed as the Heaven and Earth Fate roiled. The sky in the west was covered by a golden glow, filled with a holy King's aura, making people want to submit.

Even Zhao Fu, who was in China, could clearly feel this power. Golden snowflakes floated in the sky, painting a majestic and beautiful scene. Creating a Kingdom was incredibly important to the human world and could cause all sorts of abnormal signs.

At a certain place in the Western Continent, countless people knelt as golden light descended from the sky. A golden dragon gave off a massive aura as it circled in the sky, and on a Heaven Prayer Platform, a beautiful, confident woman stood wearing a silver knight's dress, holding a gold sword. The scene was incredibly grand and holy.

This person was Tina Pendragon, and the Kingdom that she had established was called the Great British Empire. It had 320 regions and was a Level 3 Barony.

Everyone in the world knew of Tina Pendragon's name, and she was called the most legendary woman in the world. No one could compare to her, and all women dulled in comparison to her.

First, she was of noble birth and the descendant of the legendary King Arthur. From the beginning, she had been respected by various western factions. Moreover, her confidence, sense of justice, and bravery made countless people infatuated with her.

Next, her power was one of the most powerful in the human world. As the head of the eight Legatees, she was only below the World Protector; it could be easily seen just how powerful she was.

Finally, her peerlessly beautiful face made it easy for any man or even woman to fall in love with her.

Compared to Great Qin, which was bloodthirsty, ruthless, and evil, Tina Pendragon was virtuous and treated people kindly. She ruled with benevolence and only conquered as a last resort. She walked on the path of kindness and holiness, while Great Qin walked on the path of tyranny.

Both paths had their advantages and disadvantages; the path of kindness definitely developed slower than the path of tyranny. However, those on the path of tyranny had many enemies, while those on the path of kindness had very few enemies and attracted many learned people to join them.

As such, most people who joined Tina Pendragon joined her voluntarily. She very rarely conquered through warfare, and those who submitted to her were very loyal. This was completely different to Great Qin, who was fighting every day; anyone who did not submit would be conquered.

That was the difference between the path of kindness and tyranny. With Zhao Fu's personality and Great Qin's Legacy, it was impossible for Zhao Fu to walk the path of kindness.