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 Afterwards, Zhao Fu returned to the Great Qin Village to take care of other matters. It was the fifth day of the Ten Thousand Flower Festival, and he once again went to the Orc City to carry out a transaction. After obtaining 1.1 million Flower Tears from the Orc and combining them with the 100,000 or so Flower Tears that his own people had collected, Zhao Fu went to the Exchange Stone Stele and converted them all into Flower Tear Points before using them to purchase something Zhao Fu had previously had his eye on.

[Hundred Origin Pill - Pill Recipe]: Grade: Blue grade (Stage 2), Required Ingredients: Hundred Origin Grass, Dried Five Root, and Bear Zoysia. Effects: Can increase cultivation speed by 400%.

The Hundred Origin Pill Recipe cost 12 million Flower Tear Points, and Zhao Fu once again spent all of the Flower Tear Points he had. However, this was worth it because the Hundred Origin Pills were twice as effective as the Little Spirit Pills.

At the same time, the Hundred Origin Pill's main ingredient was the Hundred Origin Grass, a Stage 2 medicinal grass. It would be more difficult to find than the Little Spirit Grass, so finding it would require some luck.

Zhao Fu also obtained another two violet Flower Tears, increasing the total to five so far. There were only two days until the Ten Thousand Flower Festival ended, and Zhao Fu started to worry that he would not be able to collect enough violet Flower Tears in time.

Time gradually passed, and soon, it was the sixth day of the Ten Thousand Flower Festival. Now, all of the weapons on the Legendary Rankings had been claimed. Countless factions had gone mad over the 37 pieces of Legendary grade equipment, and those who had obtained one were naturally quite happy, while those who had not felt incredibly depressed.

Most of the Legendary grade equipment had most likely been obtained by the system's factions, and only a couple of them were purchased by player factions. To be able to obtain the top-ranked piece of equipment, Zhao Fu was definitely the biggest winner.

On the sixth day, Zhao Fu obtained another 1.2 million Flower Tears from the Orcs, and he decided to use these Flower Tears to buy three items.

Two of them were medicinal pills, while the other was a material.

[Clearsky Gold]: Grade: Gold, Description: A type of ordinary Gold grade material that can be used to forge Gold grade equipment.

Compared to directly exchanging for Gold grade equipment, exchanging Flower Tear Points for materials was far more cost-effective. Rhode was about to make a breakthrough and would be able to forge Gold grade equipment soon, so Zhao Fu was not worried.

When Zhao Fu thought about Gold grade equipment, Zhao Fu couldn't help but think of Gongsun Lin and wonder how she was doing.

The two medicinal pills were:

[Bloodraising Pill]: Grade: Gold (Stage 4), Description: A medicinal pill that can upgrade a beast's bloodline [Note: Humans or Humanoid creatures cannot use this pill].

Of course, these two medicinal pills were for the Grey Wolf King, Little Grey, and the Black Forest Horse King, Little Black. The Gold grade material cost 500,000 Flower Tear Points and the Bloodraising Pills cost 350,000 Flower Tear Points each, resulting in Zhao Fu once again spending all of the Flower Tear Points he had.

As for the violet Flower Tears, Zhao Fu had only received one today, bringing him to a total of six. With only one day remaining, it seemed that he would need some extraordinary luck on the last day if he wanted to collect 10 of them.

After returning to the Great Qin Village, Zhao Fu called Little Grey and Little Black over. Zhao Fu had promised them that he would help them become more powerful, and as a King, he couldn't break his word.

After they came over, he gave them each a Bloodraising Pill. Little Grey and Little Black definitely had bloodlines because they were not just Chief class creatures. Just from the differences between them and ordinary Grey Wolves and Black Forest Horses, Zhao Fu could tell that there was something special about them.

After Little Grey and Little Black devoured their Bloodraising Pills, changes started to happen within their bodies.


Little Black became quite frantic, and it began galloping about as green fire started to rise up from its body. The green fire continuously increased until it completely covered Little Black, and it continued to whinny in pain within the flames.


After Little Grey devoured the Bloodraising Pill, it terrifyingly howled as silver light started to stream out from its body. It raised its head and howled in pain as the grey on its body slowly receded.

Their voices seemed as if they could cause rocks to shatter, and as they screamed in pain, all of the Grey Wolves and Black Forest Horses in the surrounding 10-kilometer radius area started to howl and scream along with their kings.

The Great Qin Village suddenly became filled with howls and whinnies, giving Li Si a big fright. He quickly ran out to where Little Grey and Little Black were, and he saw the astonishing changes that they were going through. Li Si was just about to say something to Zhao Fu when Zhao Fu raised a hand. Li Si understood and respectfully retreated to one side.

Zhao Fu stood with a calm expression as he watched the changes that Little Grey and Little Black were going through. Even though Zhao Fu knew that they were going through a lot of pain, this transformation was something that they had desired.

Within the green flames, Little Black gave off a terrifying surge of power. Its body did not change much, but the short, black horn on its head rapidly grew until it was about 30 centimeters long, and it gave off a cold light.

A while later, the green flames around Little Black's body slowly died down, and Little Black's transformation finished. Now, there were some more changes to its appearance.

Apart from its black horn, its green eyes now looked like two balls of green flames, and they gave off an eerie feeling. Its body was even darker than before, and there were four small balls of flames around its four hooves. The aura around Little Black's body was also many times more powerful and dangerous.

Following this, Little Grey's body gave off large amounts of silver light until it covered the 10-meter radius area around Little Grey. Silver motes of light filled the area, making the scene look quite beautiful. The tuft of silver fur on Little Grey's head suddenly shined like a flame, and the greyness in Little Grey's fur disappeared before being replaced by a white-silver color.

Finally, Little Grey also finished its transformation.

Its body was now three times bigger than before, and it was now as big as a cart. All of its fur was now silver-colored and felt quite soft. Its eyes had also become silver, and its aura became more powerful and mysterious.

After Little Grey and Little Black completed their transformations, the normal Grey Wolves and Black Forest Horses calmed down. Little Grey and Little Black rushed over to Zhao Fu and started to lick him to express how excited and happy they were.

Zhao Fu laughed and stroked their heads as he looked at their stats. Apart from their stats greatly increasing, he found that Little Black had awakened a bloodline called [Underworld Nightmare] and had obtained [Underworld Nightmare's Power]. Little Grey had awakened a bloodline called [Star Moon] and had obtained [Star Moon's Power].

"Congratulations, Your Majesty!" Seeing the shocking changes to Little Grey and Little Black, Li Si walked over and smiled as he congratulated Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded. Little Grey and Little Black continued to affectionately rub their heads against Zhao Fu, and Zhao Fu patted them on the head before telling them to go and play. Zhao Fu went to take care of other matters, and soon, it reached the seventh day: the final day of the Ten Thousand Flower Festival.