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 "Great Qin will never be able to break through; I'm confident of that. However, the future will be quite uncertain and we'll have to take things one step at a time. One thing's for sure though - we'll never submit to Great Qin. It's an evil faction and also part of China."

Hearing this, the person who had asked the question nodded and said, "Great Qin really is evil. I heard they made those who resisted into the lowest class of citizen and give them horrible treatment. Now that our defenses are so secure, it's like we have an incredibly firm castle. We don't need to fear Great Qin, and our countries are also working together with the other Continents. I'm sure we'll be able to withstand Great Qin."

At that moment, someone else said, "I wonder how Great Qin was able to develop so quickly. It's like Great Qin's Legatee found some sort of cheat and used it to unify the northern side of the Midland Continent. His threat is so big, and we're only able to defend against him by uniting together. If we had the strength to destroy Great Qin, that would be great."

Another person could not help but laugh as he said, "If we had that strength, we could charge into Great Qin's Palace and take all of their treasures and the top-tier beauties that Great Qin's Legatee has collected. That would make my entire life worth it."

Hearing this, everyone else laughed.

Within the darkness, a group of Japanese people led 15,000 City Lords from Great Qin silently across the four defensive lines. Because Japan had contributed much in the construction of those defensive lines, they had been able to leave open secret passages, allowing Great Qin to stealthily make it through.

After making it through, 100 or so Japanese people were already waiting. They were the leaders of the top Japanese factions, and seeing Zhao Fu arrive, they knelt with both knees, their heads almost against the ground as they called out incredibly respectfully, "We greet Your Majesty!"

This was to be commended - even the factions that Great Qin had conquered had not been so respectful, and Zhao Fu had a trace of a smile on his face as he said, "You may all rise!"

The Japanese people all got up, and a white-haired elder smiled as he said in a flattering tone, "It's truly my eternal honour to personally see Your Majesty. No matter what Your Majesty tells us to do, we will pledge our loyalty to Your Majesty to the death."

Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he said, "When Great Qin attacks, your factions can attack the other countries. If you can make any contributions, We will reward you handsomely."

The elder and the others smiled and bowed in thanks, seeming incredibly servile.

Following this, Great Qin started to act. The other countries had no idea that Great Qin had already entered their territory, so Great Qin could launch surprise attacks and destroy the six countries in one go. After destroying the defensive lines, they could let in a large number of soldiers.

After this, they could attack the east side of China's territory from behind. Even though the east side of China had some defenses, they were the same defenses back when China had been invaded by other countries. Now that their attention was on China, most of their defenses were between Great Qin and themselves, and they did not have much defenses against the other countries.

Because they had a mutual agreement with the other countries to defend against Great Qin together, they did not want to unnecessarily waste resources there, which made things easier for Great Qin.

The six countries had 1,450 regions in total and about 4,500 City Lords. Great Qin brought 15,000 City Lords and the eight Aquatic Beast Kings. Moreover, Zhao Fu did not bring the entire army, leaving some of his forces behind in case anyone attacked.

The system factions were their greatest obstacle. Zhao Fu ordered the 15,000 City Lords to disperse and sneak into the various system factions to attack simultaneously at an opportune moment.

Of the four Legatees, Zhao Mo and Elise could each deal with one, and Bai Qi and the others would deal with one while Zhao Fu himself would take care of one. The eight Aquatic Beast Kings' bodies were massive and were suited to causing destruction and chaos, making it easier for Great Qin to take down the six countries.

It was late at night, and it was deathly silent. Suddenly, cries sounded out as flames burst forth. Screams and howls pierced through the night as countless people ran for their lives or vigorously resisted, and the six countries fell into complete chaos.

"Great Qin has broken into the six countries!" This news shook the entire world, and countless people were awakened from their sleep. After hearing about this, countless people's expressions fell. They had never thought that Great Qin would suddenly attack, and it was not attacking the countries one by one but taking them down simultaneously.

The strategists' expressions were all quite unsightly. They could not understand how all of these defenses had been completely useless against Great Qin. If they really were useless, then it would be incredibly easy for Great Qin to attack the central area of the Midland Continent, as the ones who Great Qin's Legatee hated the most was them.

Following this, they heard that when Great Qin attacked the six countries, most Japanese factions did not even resist and instead helped Great Qin attack the other countries. They were simply taking the side of the enemy.

The Japanese factions' abnormal actions caused the strategists to immediately realize what had happened. It was not that the four defensive lines had been ineffective but that Japan had betrayed everyone else. Now, they could tell Great Qin's goal, and they immediately cried out, "Hurry and defend the east side!"

Countless factions now realized Great Qin's goal, causing the eastern side of China to fall into panic. Countless factions now gathered towards the eastern border.

The eight Aquatic Beast Kings rampaged within the six countries, unrestrainedly causing destruction and slaughtering the panicked people. The four lines of defenses had already been destroyed, and Great Qin's army quickly arrived through teleportation channels. Many Cavalrymen rushed in all directions, starting to take over the regions.

Great Qin's sudden attack dealt heavy blows to the six countries' system factions. Under Great Qin's 15,000 City Lords' attacks, 1,500 of the 4,500 City Lords had already died. The remaining ones had been forced into submission by Great Qin's ferocious attacks. Now, the countless player factions were also in chaos and could not put up any meaningful resistance.

Elsewhere, Zhao Mo had turned into his 100 meter tall Demon Sovereign King form, his claws giving off immense demonic qi as he killed the Yavadvipa Kingdom's Legatee. The Nation Armament and City Lord Seal powerlessly fell to the ground.

"Roarrr!" A pained and mournful dragon's cry sounded throughout the eastern side of the Midland Continent. A massive violet dragon struggled before gradually dissipating into traces of violet qi and disappeared.

Finally, a system announcement sounded out, piercing into the minds of the Indonesian people - all of the Indonesian regions had been conquered by Great Qin. Indonesia had perished, and all of its Fate had been absorbed by Great Qin.

This caused all of the Indonesian players to fall into despair. Their minds went blank as they tried to figure out what to do. Now that Indonesia had fallen, what could they do? They evidently could not resist Great Qin; were they going to be slaughtered by Great Qin?

They were not the only ones in this predicament. Soon, four more system announcements sounded out: South Korea, North Korea, the Philippines, and Malaysia had simultaneously perished, causing all of their players to fall into panic and despair as well.