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 Zhao Fu first ordered people to dig a massive, rectangular pool of blood. It had to be at least 100,000 meters long, because the Primogenitor Statue's true length was 100,000 meters long. It was more than ten times bigger than the Aquatic Beast Kings.

After digging the pool, they would collect blood from everyone in Great Qin, regardless of race and status in Great Qin. Because they had such a massive population, this was not something they could do in a short amount of time.

During this period of time, Zhao Fu took the Primogenitor Statue to the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation. Now, what he needed to do was leave a Blood Imprint on it.

This would be done by using Zhao Fu's blood to engrave a magic seal on the Primogenitor Statue. Using Zhao Fu's bloodline as the main bloodline, Great Qin's countless bloodlines would fuse together to form a new bloodline, which would replace the Primogenitor's bloodline. This would allow Zhao Fu to freely control the Primogenitor Statue.

Another benefit to engraving a Blood Imprint on the Primogenitor Statue was that he could place the Primogenitor Statue in the blood pool and pour some blood every day. As long as the amount of blood did not decrease, the Blood Imprint would automatically refine the Primogenitor Statue. That way, they would not need the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation to continuously refine the Primogenitor Statue, as they still needed the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation for many other things.

Zhao Fu placed the palm-sized Primogenitor Statue onto the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation and activated the formation. An intense light appeared as a formless energy brought the Primogenitor Statue into the air.

Zhao Fu slashed his palm and forced out his purest essence blood, which was red with a trace of gold. Under Zhao Fu's control, it flew towards the formation and turned into a blood mist as it fused into the magic formation.

The Heaven and Earth Refining Formation started to give off immense blood-red light, and the Primogenitor Statue in the air was surrounded by blood-red light that started to enter the statue. The Primogenitor Statue gradually started to give off blood-red light similar to that of the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation, and a magic formation similar to the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation appeared on the forehead of the statue.

After this blood-red magic formation appeared, the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation gradually stopped, as the Blood Imprint was complete. Now, Zhao Fu just had to wait.

A few days later, the massive blood pool had been dug out, and blood was poured in. Zhao Fu placed the Primogenitor Statue into the blood pool and restored it back to its original size, beginning the refinement process.

Now, they had to obtain more people in order to refine the Primogenitor Statue faster. Zhao Fu could not wait 600 years.

15 days had passed, and in another 15 days, the real world would be devoured by the Heaven Awaken World. During this time, Zhao Fu continued to have his soldiers clear out regions and construct the Great Wall.

Originally, Zhao Fu did not want to make a move against any factions, as they had not stabilized the northside yet, so attacking such a factions would be quite unwise. However, things were different now.

Within a concealed room, Zhao Fu sat on a chair as he looked down at a kneeling man who spoke with a Japanese accent. His attitude was incredibly servile, and he reported things to Zhao Fu as Zhao Fu listened and thought deeply about what he was saying.

As Great Qin cleared out regions to solidify their position in the northern side, the other direction in the Midland Continent were quickly building defenses. None of them dared to take Great Qin lightly, and they now had four lines of defenses.

The first was a Void Zone that spanned ten regions. Just moving an army through those ten regions would take at least a year.

The second was a Sky-Sealing Great Formation that prevented anything from flying in the sky. The various countries had spent a large amount of money for this, and even 10,000 City Lords would not be able to destroy this formation. This was to prevent Great Qin from launching any air attacks.

The third was underground formations. After seeing Great Qin take down the four other countries, they invested in underground protection to prevent Great Qin from digging tunnels and entering their territory without being detected.

The fourth was a Great Wall for their final battle. They had set up countless restrictions here, because if the first three lines of defenses all failed, they would have to fight a decisive battle with Great Qin. Victory and defeat would be determined in that battle.

With defenses in the sky, ground, and underground, the various countries were quite secure. They now had an impregnable aura as they prepared to face Great Qin's ferocious attacks.

However, this time, they had failed in terms of tpeople, and this was the purpose of this meeting. The person Zhao Fu was talking to was Japan's ambassador, who represented 70% of the top-tier factions in Japan who wanted to submit to Great Qin. They would secretly open up a path to help Great Qin unify the eastern side of the Midland Continent.

"Why are you doing this? What do you all want?" Zhao Fu asked in an imposing manner. People always had a motive when doing things, and 70% of the top-tier factions in Japan wanting to submit to Great Qin was no small matter. They were not stupid and definitely had a goal.

That person knelt with both knees on the ground and bowed incredibly low as he said with great respect and sincerity, "Great Qin's Majesty, no one can stop you from unifying the world, and this world will be yours sooner or later. Submitting to Great Qin is renouncing the dark and seeking the light, and we are thinking about finding the Japanese residents a good ruler. We hope that you will give the residents a safe and prosperous life."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu could not help but lightly laugh; before, these people had been saying that Great Qin was evil and that he was a cold-blooded and licentious ruler. Now, they were claiming that they were renouncing the dark and seeking the light, and he had become a good ruler.

However, Zhao Fu understood the situation in Japan right now - they were lacking in resources, and it had become a place where the strong devoured the weak. Anyone who had strength ruled those who were weaker, so they preferred people with strength.

Now that the real world was about to be destroyed, they understood that no matter how good their defenses were, they would not be able to stop Great Qin in the end. As such, they came to submit beforehand.

Their requirements were quite simple, which was to preserve their large families and Legacies. In the future, the Japanese people would become part of Great Qin and receive the same treatment as ordinary subjects of Great Qin.

Back when the four countries had resisted, Great Qin had lost many people, so he had been furious and made all players from those four countries the lowest class of resident. They had to make contributions to increase their status, and he was now surprised to find that this had brought positive effects.

This matter was quite important, so Zhao Fu did not believe the ambassador so easily. Only after collecting intelligence and making sure of this would he believe these factions. With these factions' betrayal, Great Qin could easily take down the entire eastern side of the Midland Continent, which would bring massive gains. As such, Zhao Fu agreed to their requests for now.

Hearing that Zhao Fu was willing to agree to their requests, the ambassador felt incredibly happy and kowtowed in gratitude.