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 The Primogenitor Statue was the absolute most important item to the Spirit Light race, and it was extremely powerful. It surpassed anything people could even imagine, and it indeed had the power to bring the Spirit Light race to a new age of glory; this showed just how important it was.

The Primogenitor Statue was an ultimate treasure birthed by the Spirit Light world, and it was created by the primogenitor of the Spirit Light world. It was said that the Spirit Light primogenitor created everything in the world, like a true god.

For example, China had legends of Pangu separating the sky from the earth, while the west had stories of God creating all creation. This Primogenitor was on a similar level; it could be seen just how powerful this Primogenitor was.

However, compared to China's legends, the Spirit Light world's Primogenitor was a real existence, and his body had turned into a statue that had become the Spirit Light race's ultimate treasure.

Its first use was that it could greatly increase the Spirit Light race's power. This sort of power was a bloodline power, increasing one's innate attributes and causing their overall power to become stronger.

Most importantly, the Primogenitor Statue was not limited by numbers; this was not raising the strength of a few hundred million or a few billion people but raising the entire Spirit Light race's power. This statue could increase the entire world's power, and such things were incredibly rare.

Moreover, it gave a great boost to strength; it could cause the Spirit Light race's innate strength to reach Stage 0-9. In other words, without even doing anything, those who were born would have Stage 0-9 strength and would not have to painstakingly reach that level like other people.

As such, this Primogenitor Statue was incredibly important to the Spirit Light race. With its power, the Spirit Light race's strength would surpass that of even the world before it.

Apart from this, it could also gather the Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi and could even forcefully absorb other worlds' Spirit Qi into its own world.

This would cause the Spirit Light world's Spirit Qi to become even denser, resulting in Cultivation speed becoming faster, while the Spirit Qi in surrounding worlds would decrease, resulting in their Cultivation speed becoming slower. This would make them stronger while making their enemies weaker.

Because the Primogenitor had the power to create an entire world, the third ability was that it contained a Primogenitor Domain, and Spirit Light people who Cultivated within it could comprehend higher-grade power.

The fourth ability was the Primogenitor Statue's own terrifying power. Even though the Primogenitor had lost a lot of its power after dying and turning into the statue, its strength was still greater than the eight Aquatic Beast Kings combined. If one unleashed all of its power, it would be a world-destroying killing machine.

With these four abilities, if the Spirit Light race obtained it, it would definitely lead them to a new glorious era.

However, only people from the Spirit Light race could use this Primogenitor Statue, so even though Zhao Fu had it, he was unable to use it. This was quite heartbreaking, and its only use was to suppress the Spirit Light race.

The Primogenitor Statue was formed from the Primogenitor's body, and it was incredibly important to the Spirit Light race. It could give the Spirit Light race all sorts of benefits, but now that it had fallen into an outsider's hands, it could greatly suppress them.

For example, Zhao Fu had obtained a Reversal Talisman in the past; if he reversed the Primogenitor Statue's effects, it could greatly suppress the Spirit Light race, and this was something that they could not escape or avoid, as the suppression came from their bloodlines.

If Zhao Fu changed the attributes of this Primogenitor Statue and used it on the battlefield, all Spirit Light people's strength would be reduced by 60%; if someone had Stage 1 strength, that person's strength would be reduced to Stage 0-4.

A Stage 0-8 soldier would be able to kill ten or so Stage 0-4 people easily, and a Stage 1 soldier could kill dozens of them without any problems.

With such a great reduction of power, just how big of an advantage would they have? A single Great Qin soldier could fight against forty or fifty Spirit Light people, and if Great Qin sent out one billion soldiers, they would only be able to contend with 40 or 50 billion people.

With this Primogenitor Statue, it would be incredibly easy to deal with the Spirit Light race. As such, even the world's consciousness did not want it to fall into someone else's hands, as it simply suppressed the Spirit Light people too much. With this item, Great Qin would find it quite easy to destroy the Spirit Light world in the future.

Moreover, even though the Primogenitor Statue could only be used by outsiders to suppress the Spirit Light race, Great Qin had the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation, and perhaps they could refine it and give those four abilities to Great Qin. If that was the case, Great Qin would be the ones ushered into a glorious era.

The thought of this was incredibly exciting, as those four abilities were incredibly powerful.

The golden dragon had a greater understanding of these things, and Zhao Fu immediately asked it for advice. After all, ordinary refining methods would not work.

The golden dragon did not hide anything and answered Zhao Fu's questions in detail. Zhao Fu found that even though it was possible to refine the Primogenitor Statue, it would be incredibly difficult, much more difficult than refining a Nation Armament.

This was because a Nation Armament was formed by Fate, and Fate could change or fuse with other Fate. For example, if a nation devoured another nation and formed a new nation, their Fates would fuse; if a nation split, the two new nations would have different Fate as well.

As such, using the other Nation or Dynasty's Fate, combined with Great Qin's Fate, it was possible to refine another Nation Armament so that Great Qin could use it.

However, the Primogenitor Statue was different, because the core of the Primogenitor Statue was the bloodline. Zhao Fu did not have the Spirit Light race's bloodline, so he naturally could not use it. The golden dragon's method was to change the bloodline by instilling it with Great Qin's bloodline.

However, this process was incredibly difficult, as the Primogenitor Statue possessed the Primogenitor's bloodline. Replacing it would require the bloodline from almost everyone in Great Qin, forming a new bloodline that would be able to replace the Primogenitor's bloodline.

However, there were many uncertainties, and perhaps the Primogenitor Statue would be destroyed or its attributes lowered. Of course, there was a chance it could become even more powerful.

The key thing was time. Great Qin currently had five billion or so people, and the bloodline they fused together would take 600 years to completely refine the Primogenitor Statue. After all, the Primogenitor Statue had been nourished by the Primogenitor's bloodline for thousands of years.

The only way to speed up this process was to get more people. If they had more people to form a more powerful bloodline, the speed at which they could refine the Primogenitor Statue would be faster.

Zhao Fu did not even know if he could live for 600 years; if he couldn't, he could only leave this to future generations. The only way to obtain more people was to quickly expand. If they could unify the human world, they would be able to form a much more powerful bloodline.