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 The ground continuously trembled as cracks appeared in the sky. A wild gale whistled as lightning bolts madly descended. Countless creatures instinctively ran for their lives, but found that there was nowhere to run to. They could only cry out in terror and despair, creating a horrifying scene.

At that moment, all of the heaven and earth source energy gathered to one place, and all Spirit Light players were forcefully kicked out of the Heaven Awaken World.

The massive amount of heaven and earth source energy continuously gathered, forming a hazy figure. It was difficult to see that figure's likeness, and one could not tell if it was man or female, old or young, but it gave off an extremely powerful might. This might cause all creatures to kneel as if it was as powerful as an entire world.

This was the manifestation of the Spirit Light world's consciousness, and it would only appear during the most dangerous time for a world. Now that Zhao Fu had unleashed power that could destroy anything, the world's consciousness was forced to personally descend.

Looking at Zhao Fu within the pillars of light, as well as the space around him collapsing, the world's consciousness did not hesitate to act.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom...

Shocking explosions continuously sounded out throughout the entire world, and an extremely terrifying battle was about to unfold. The heavens and earth fell into darkness, and even the players who had been kicked out of the Heaven Awaken World still looked terrified. The feeling of despair still remained with them, causing their bodies to feel cold.

Only after a few days were they able to enter the Heaven Awaken World again. The Spirit Light world had been greatly ravaged, with countless trees and boulders lying about and gashes all over the ground.

Some people could not help but head towards where the center of the battle had been, and the sight was simply too shocking and horrifying.

The sky was covered by thick, dark clouds, and 1,000 or so regions had been burned to nothing. There were still traces of a black aura rising up from the ground, and all life there had been exterminated. There were deep abysses in some places and valleys in others. In fact, oil leaked out of the ground in some places, making it look like an apocalyptic scene.

One could only imagine how terrifying the battle had been. Anyone who had remained would have died without a doubt, trampled on like ants.

However, in the end, it was a victory of the Spirit Light world, or else the consequences would have been even more severe. That person could actually fight with the world's consciousness; just what sort of existence was he?

Following this, Great Qin's Legatee's name resounded throughout the entire Spirit Light world. It was the first time most of them had heard of this name, and they still felt some chills when they remembered his power. It completely surpassed anything that they knew.

Even though he had been forced into retreat by the world's consciousness, the four Guardian Beasts had almost died and had been heavily injured. Fortunately for Kamen, he had run quite quickly, or else he would have died. However, he was also on the verge of death, and this was the same for the World Protectors of the other worlds.

Most importantly, that person had killed countless creatures in over 1,000 regions. It was difficult to estimate just how many people had died, and even now, their cries still filled those regions.

Now, the entire world listed Great Qin's Legatee as their greatest and most dangerous enemy. All those who belonged to the Spirit Light world were determined to kill Great Qin's Legatee. He not only took away their Primogenitor Statue but did such a thing to their world.

The most important person in all of this had already returned to Great Qin. This was mainly because of the golden dragon, because without it, Zhao Fu would have remained in the Spirit Light world until he died.

After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu was also heavily injured, and his aura was quite weak. Luckily, this time, the Imperial Physicians Pavilion had the Revival Pill. Li Si immediately ordered people to use the Revival Pill, and Zhao Fu's injuries quickly recovered.

There was also the Emperor Phoenix Statue, which poured a large amount of Phoenix Qi into Zhao Fu's body, helping with his recovery greatly. It was about half the effectiveness of the Revival Pill.

Finally, the Flower Fairy also helped heal Zhao Fu, causing Zhao Fu to regain consciousness in just a few days, though his aura was still incredibly weak.

By now, Zhao Fu had already returned to his original state, and his eyes had become normal again as well. The splits in his pupils had also recovered.

Zhao Fu was not sure what had happened back then; after being nailed against the mountain, Zhao Fu's consciousness had been pulled into a boundless darkness, and his body and been controlled by his bloodline. It was mainly the Death Race's bloodline that had taken control.

That was why it seemed like Zhao Fu had died, because the Death Race was made up of Undead creatures, and Zhao Fu's bloodline was a top-tier bloodline among the Death Race.

Because his body was taken over by the Death Race bloodline, his three Fate Stars sensed that he was in enormous danger, so they broke free from Zhao Fu's control and released their most powerful energy. At the same time, the demon god Divinity within Zhao Fu's soul also affected his body, giving him pure destructive power.

Now, Zhao Fu sat against the headboard of his bed, eating some healing medicines while listening to the golden dragon describe what had happened. When Zhao Fu's pupils had split, that was when Zhao Fu had broken the Life Restriction, entering the Dao Eye state.

All living creatures had the Life Restriction; it determined a person's lifespan, a person's innate attributes, and a person's talent. One's lifespan and talent were all determined by one's Life Restriction.

Even though this could be changed through other external things, such as longevity pills or spirit medicines that could increase one's Grade, that was merely making changes, not breaking the Life Restriction.

Zhao Fu had entirely broken free from his Life Restriction. From now on, Zhao Fu would no longer be bound by that and could even become a god or a demon. It was even possible that he would not maintain his human likeness and could become a monster.

Now that he had broken his Life Restriction, he was no longer bound by anything, and his path forwards became uncertain.

Moreover, the Dao Eye was something gained from breaking the Life Restriction. It was a power that was extremely close to the Dao. It could see through the power of all things, and no illusions were effective against it.

Zhao Fu had never thought that such a thing would happen. What made Zhao Fu extremely angry was that he had been unable to use the world's energy, resulting in him being completely suppressed by the nine others who were using world's energy. Otherwise, if he had his world's energy, even if he could not defeat them, he would have at least been able to run.

He had heard from Flower Moon that the reason he had been unable to use the world's energy was because of certain people, and they had provided a list of names. It could be said that the reason he had been injured so heavily was because of those people. Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed - he would kill all of those people in the future, even if they wanted to surrender.

Finally, there was the Primogenitor Statue. Everything had begun because of it, and all of these things had happened because countless people had tried to snatch it.