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 "Demon Sun!" Zhao Fu roared as he raised the demon sword, his eyes giving off an intense blood-red light as he looked at the enormous golden lion, his grin incredibly wicked.

A ray of demonic qi rushed into the sky as all of the demonic qi in the heavens and earth madly gathered, forming a sun that gave off demonic light. It gave off a demonic might that could shake the heavens, and at the same time, Zhao Fu's sword descended.

The golden lion's expression fell, and it tried to quickly dodge. However, a black sword light immediately flashed out, sending it flying tens of thousands of meters away. It then crashed onto the ground, opening up a massive crater. The ground continuously trembled, causing all of the leaves on the surrounding trees to fall.

A long gash appeared on the golden lion's chest, from which a large amount of golden blood flowed out. A look of pain appeared on the golden lion's face; this injury was not light at all.

"Roarrr!" The thunder beast, which had the most violent personality, furiously roared after seeing that these two Guardian Beasts could not deal with Zhao Fu. Its body gave off immense black lightning, making it seem as if the sky had exploded. It gave off a world-destroying aura as it rushed towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu did not even bother looking behind him; he stretched out a hand behind him towards the thunder beast, and the Celestial Emperor Star gave off a mighty Emperor's aura as the five pupils in Zhao Fu's left eye quickly spun.

Clang, clang, clang...

The sound of chains filled the heavens and earth as golden chains descended from the sky, rose up from the ground, and shot out from all directions. They were simply innumerable, and there were at least millions, if not tens of millions.

The thunder beast was greatly startled and tried to avoid the countless golden chains, but there were simply too many of them and its body was too big. It was unable to evade them at all, and it was soon bound by countless golden chains.

Zhao Fu grabbed at the air, causing the golden chains to tighten around the thunder beast.

"Roarrr!" The thunder beast felt as if its bones were going to break, and it roared in agony and fury. Even more black lightning appeared around it as it madly struggled.

The massive blue eye coldly stared at Zhao Fu from the side. Its pupils constricted as a massive blue flame appeared around it. The flames continuously changed, eventually forming an enormous cyclops.

"Roarrr!" The cyclops gave off a terrifying aura as it tilted its head back and roared, shaking the heavens. The cyclops leapt high into the sky, gripping both hands together as it smashed them towards Zhao Fu as it fell.

At that moment, Zhao Fu looked up, his terrifying eyes locked onto the falling cyclops. A cruel smile appeared on his face as the gray star in the sky gave off boundless ghostly qi. The six gray dots in Zhao Fu's right eye started to spin.

Suddenly, six massive gray balls appeared around the falling cyclops. These balls were all made of countless traces of ghostly qi, and they gave off incredibly cold auras, seeming very dangerous.

The cyclops was startled to see these six gray balls around it, but after sensing the danger, it immediately tried to dodge. Those six gray balls suddenly exploded, causing a massive shockwave filled with an aura of destruction to blast out.

From the distance, one would see a massive gray orb of light appear in the sky, before an almighty shockwave rippled out. Countless peaks were obliterated, and innumerable trees were ripped up by their roots as many boulders were shattered.

After the explosion subsided, the cyclops had disappeared, and the blue flames had dissipated, leaving behind the blue eyeball covered with wounds.

"How can this person be so powerful? The four of us aren't a match for him at all. What should we do?" the half-bird monster asked loudly with a grim expression.

They were the four Guardian Beasts of the Spirit Light world, yet they were at such a disadvantage; this was quite terrifying. No wonder the world's consciousness was determined to kill him; leaving such a person alive would result in tragedy in the future.

"The Spirit Light world is our domain; everything here is linked to us, and we can even use most of the world's energy. It seems like we'll have to use that technique. We'll use the entire Spirit Light world as a formation with us as the heart of the formation to suppress this person," the golden lion roared. After receiving that sword strike from Zhao Fu, it realized just how powerful Zhao Fu was. If they did not do this, they would not be a match for this person, and if things turned out badly, the entire Spirit Light world could be destroyed by him.

The three other Guardian Beasts did not hesitate and followed the golden lion's instructions, because they had all just been injured by Zhao Fu as well.

"I, the Guardian Beast Divine Golden Lion, ask all creatures of the Spirit Light world to heed my call."

"I, the Guardian Beast Dark Thunder Beast, ask all creatures of the Spirit Light world to heed my call."

"I, the Guardian Beast Holy Eye, ask all creatures of the Spirit Light world to heed my call."

"I, the Guardian Beast Violet Demon Bird, ask all creatures of the Spirit Light world to heed my call."

The Dark Thunder Beast struggled free from the countless chains, and the four Guardian Beasts rushed into the sky, giving off terrifying aura flames as they surrounded Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu could instinctively sense the danger, but just as he was about to do something, a massive colorful ring of light appeared around the four Guardian Beasts, and Zhao Fu was instantly sealed by a powerful energy.

This energy was not very powerful, and Zhao Fu started to struggle. If he had some time, he would be able to break free from it.

However, the four Guardian Beasts evidently would not give him such an opportunity. After the ring of light appeared, a massive formless energy instantly covered the entire world.

Whether they were mountains or lakes, or every single tree and every single blade of grass, they all gave off an aura that gathered together. An incredibly massive magic formation slowly appeared; it was a shocking formation formed using the entire Spirit Light world.

The aura of all creatures madly gathered towards the center of the magic formation, and Zhao Fu instantly felt an even greater force sealing him. This energy was hundreds of times more powerful than the energy from before, making it so that he could not move even a bit.

Seeing that Zhao Fu had been sealed and could not move even a bit, smiles appeared on the faces of the four Guardian Beasts, and they were able to relax.

"Now, should we seal him into the depths of the Spirit Light world or use the formation to kill him?" the golden lion asked the three other Guardian Beasts.

"Of course we kill him; do you really dare to keep him alive? We've suppressed him for now, but what if he breaks through the seal? He's simply too great of a threat," the Dark Thunder Beast said murderously.

The other two Guardian Beasts nodded; they could not allow Zhao Fu to live.


The four Guardian Beasts made up their minds and decided to kill Zhao Fu. They continued to use the magic formation, causing a massive energy to blast towards Zhao Fu.


Zhao Fu coughed up a mouthful of gray-black blood, the clothes on his upper body disintegrating, revealing his upper body and his face.

Seeing Zhao Fu's appearance, the four Guardian Beasts felt quite surprised; they had never thought that he would be so young and handsome. His domineering Emperor's aura was quite enchanting, but this did not change their decision to kill him.

They continued to use the magic formation, and it gave off an immense might as it started to slowly spin. Within the formation, Zhao Fu felt as if he was being grinded against a giant millstone, feeling immense pain. Gray-black blood started to flow out of his upper body.

"Arghhhhh..." Zhao Fu howled in pain, with more and more blood flowing out of his body. Under the pressure of the formation, Zhao Fu's bones started to shift out of position, making him look quite wretched.

However, the four Guardian Beasts showed no mercy and were instead delighted. The Dark Thunder Beast called out, "We're a single step away from killing him; send all of your strength into the formation!"


The four Guardian Beasts exploded out with strength, causing the magic formation to spin even faster. Even more power was gathered from all creatures all over the world, before blasting towards Zhao Fu.

"Arghhhhh!!" A scream pierced through the sky as Zhao Fu's body hung suspended in the air. He felt as if his body and soul were being slowly grinded to dust, and that pain was like a knife stabbing into his soul.

At that moment, something seemed to be broken as the three massive stars in the sky exploded out with sky-toppling auras. Countless rays of light shot out as the weather became chaotic and countless creatures trembled in fear.


Three pillars of starlight simultaneously fell onto Zhao Fu's body. The four Guardian Beasts had never thought that this attack would not be able to kill Zhao Fu. They once again exploded out with terrifying power, desperately trying to use the formation to kill Zhao Fu.

The massive formation spun incredibly quickly to the point that the eye almost could not keep up. An even more ferocious energy gathered like an ocean, blasting towards Zhao Fu.

"Arghhh!" Within the pillars of light, Zhao Fu howled even more painfully, with gray-black blood leaking out of his eyes. At that moment, Zhao Fu's eyes seemed to split down the middle.

The heavens and earth suddenly fell silent, and all creatures felt as if they had been sealed by something. The four Guardian Beasts were terrified to find that they could no longer use the magic formation. What made them feel even more scared was that a sense of impending death descended.


A sound akin to the world exploding rang out as an incredibly terrifying energy blasted out from Zhao Fu. In just an instant, the space around him collapsed and became incredibly chaotic. The natural laws fell into chaos, and countless creatures were annihilated.

The four Guardian Beasts were caught up in this energy and were twisted, ripped, and suppressed by this energy. Everyone in the Spirit Light world fell into despair, because they felt that the world really was going to be destroyed.