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 Zhao Fu's body suddenly vanished, instantly appearing in front of Mo Qi. Mo Qi also gave off a terrifying aura as he sent his Demon Power into his sword, causing it to give off a shocking sword light. He slashed towards Zhao Fu, seeming to be able to split the sky.


Facing such a terrifying attack, Zhao Fu merely waved a hand, creating a massive force to knock Mo Qi's sword away. This caused Mo Qi to stare in shock, but before he could react, Zhao Fu spun and lashed out with his foot, sending Mo Qi flying. He crashed onto the ground, his ribs broken.

Now, only Zhao Fu stood in the air, giving off an incredibly monstrous aura. Everyone else was either dead or lying on the ground with weak auras, seeming heavily injured. However, Zhao Fu did not seem to plan on letting them off.

Shing! Shing! Shing...

Sword hums sounded out as countless blood-red motes of light gathered in front of Zhao Fu, forming countless blood-red swords of light. They gave off a massive sword aura, seeming as if they could slay gods. It seemed like Kamen and the others were doomed to die, and nothing could change this situation.


A massive aura exploded out from the east, shaking the heavens and the earth. A massive golden lion appeared, giving off an intense golden light and looking like a golden sun.


An unimaginably powerful aura also exploded out from the west as bolts of black lightning flashed, creating a terrifying scene. A thunder beast that looked similar to a Qilin appeared within the lightning.


A massive might suddenly descended from the south, causing all creatures to feel a sense of terror. Time and space seemed to be frozen as a massive blue eyeball appeared. Its gaze was extremely terrifying and seemed to be able to cause the heavens and earth to collapse.


Finally, an explosion sounded out from the north. The sky was covered with a violet light as a monster with a human's head and a bird's body appeared. It had a woman's head, and the body was like that of a crane. It had violet feathers and gave off an incredibly powerful aura.

The Spirit Light world's four Guardian Beasts had received commands from the world's consciousness, and they gave off terrifying auras as they descended here. Just their auras alone could cause godly spirits to tremble.

The four Guardian Beasts simultaneously descended, causing the weather to become chaotic. The Spirit Light people looked up in shock, feeling like ants. It was as if they were about to die.

The four Guardian Beasts gave off world-shaking auras as they stood in the sky in their respective directions, looking down on Zhao Fu from above. It seemed like they had the ability to easily determine Zhao Fu's life or death, and they indeed had such power; after all, they were Guardian Beasts of this world.

"As an Otherworlder, you were able to awaken three terrifying stars and have unlimited potential; you should not have come here or tried to steal the Spirit Light world's Primogenitor Statue. Now, you will die here," the golden lion looked at Zhao Fu with its golden eyes and said with a booming voice, a trace of pity and coldness in its voice.

"A lower-grade world could actually produce a person like this; this is something that can only be seen once every 10,000 years. It's a pity that he does not belong to our Spirit Light world, or he would be able to usher in a new era for our Spirit Light world, bringing us to a new peak. Now, this person must die; he cannot be allowed to leave," the Qilin-like thunder beast looked at Zhao Fu with its black eyes and said with the coarse voice of a young man, filled with killing intent.

"That's right, this person is from the second world to the side, and if he is allowed to live, our Spirit Light world will be destroyed by him sooner or later, and our powerful Spirit Light race will be enslaved by him. As such, this person must die, and we must destroy his spirit as well."

The enormous eyeball from the south looked at Zhao Fu eerily. Even though it had no mouth, it spoke with a sharp voice.

"No need to waste so many words; this person also has an incredibly pure Sovereign Bloodline. Quickly kill him and destroy his spirit so as to prevent any future troubles. Once this sort of person loses control, he will become incredibly evil. However, we need to preserve his corpse, as it is a top-tier treasure. If we eat his corpse, our strength will be able to rise to a new level."

The monster with the woman's head and crane's body spoke as it licked its lips. It seemed incredibly eager to eat Zhao Fu's body, and its voice was filled with cruelness. After speaking, it gave off an ear-piercing laughter and disregarded the three other Guardian Beasts as it flapped its wings and gave off a massive gale as it flew towards Zhao Fu. It was incredibly fast and seemed completely unstoppable.

Zhao Fu's eyes were completely empty, and his power was completely out of control. Facing the four Guardian Beasts, he did not show any fear at all and instead gave a crazed and twisted smile.

Zhao Fu directly rushed towards the half-bird monster, and the Chaos Imperial Star gave off a bright, blood-red glow. Instantly, countless blood-red swords of light appeared in the sky, giving off a sword aura that seemed to be able to tear the sky apart as they followed Zhao Fu and shot towards the half-bird monster.


A shocking explosion sounded out as the two massive powers collided. Wild gales and sword light shot everywhere, and the shockwaves instantly flattened the ground within 10,000 kilometers. There was not a single blade of grass remaining in the surroundings or any other life.

"Arghhh!" A cry sounded out from the half-bird monster as its enormous body was sent flying back. There were wounds all over its body from the swords, from which violet blood flowed out, making it look quite wretched.

The three other Guardian Beasts had never expected the half-bird monster to lose in a direct confrontation, and none of them hesitated anymore.

The golden lion was the first to act. It gave off a roar that seemed to shake the heavens as it opened its mouth and spat out an enormous golden ray of light. It had the power to destroy countless creatures, and the space around the ray of light trembled.

"Hahaha..." Zhao Fu gave a savage laugh as a demonic intent flowed out from within his soul. It was the demon god Divinity, and an enormous amount of demonic qi rushed out of Zhao Fu's body, making his aura even more terrifying, causing the space around him to start to distort.

Zhao Fu grabbed at the air, and countless traces of demonic qi gathered to form a demonic sword. He turned into a black ray of light and shot towards the golden ray of light.


A black flash of light blitzed through the massive golden ray of light, slashing it in half, and the golden lion was dismayed to see Zhao Fu appear before it.