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 Suddenly, the heavens and earth dimmed as an extremely terrifying aura spread out in the sky, instantly covering the entire world. The entire Spirit Light world fell silent, without any sound at all.

Everyone looked up at the sky in fear, their bodies frozen and completely cold. They felt as if their hearts were being gripped by a pair of large hands, and it was as if they were going to die.

The sky had completely darkened without a trace of light at all. It was a boundless darkness, and it was not just the sky - the ground seemed to have been devoured by a demonic mouth, looking completely black. It was impossible to even see what was right in front because of how dark it was.


A shocking explosion seemed to tear the sky apart as red light started to stream through cracks in the sky. The terrifying aura reached its peak as a gigantic blood-red star, giving off an incredible might, slowly descended.

An aura of killing, evilness, and disaster swept down, causing everyone to feel terror.

Kamen and the others also looked incredibly startled. They looked up at the sky, not knowing what was going on. However, they also felt a sense of terror towards this star.


At that moment, another almighty explosion rang out as the sky seemed to be torn once again. Fathomless golden light shined down, giving off an aura that made even the heavens and earth seem to want to submit.


Another enormous explosion sounded out as an extremely cold aura, making people's spirits shiver, swept out followed by a deathly intent.

A golden star and a gray star, giving off immense pressure and a boundless Emperor's aura, simultaneously appeared and slowly descended.

The three stars each gave off an intense light, and their formless aura suppressed the entire Spirit Light world, making it difficult for everyone to even breathe. A feeling of despair and terror welled up in everyone's hearts.

In the distance, countless people looked at the three stars that had appeared in the sky, looking like apocalyptic stars. They had no idea what had happened for this to happen, and it seemed like a world was going to be destroyed.

Kamen and the others suddenly realized why their worlds' consciousnesses had wanted to kill Zhao Fu. Looking at the golden and gray stars, they understood - those stars were the two terrifying stars they had sensed in the past.

What they had never expected was that Zhao Fu had three Fate Stars. That blood-red star was also incredibly terrifying, and it was only now that they knew the truth of the situation.


"Isn't Great Qin's Legatee dead? What's going on? Could it be..."

When they thought this, Kamen and the others felt greatly startled and looked towards Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu, who seemed to have died, was once again moving.

He slowly raised his head, his two terrifying eyes seeming even more horrifying. The whites of his eyes had become completely black, and both pupils had become blood-red colored, giving off blood-red light and looking like two blood-red jewels.

Those eyes looked empty and lifeless, completely emotionless and filled with only destruction.

The white-haired young man, who was the closest to Zhao Fu, felt as if his body had fallen into icy water when his eyes met Zhao Fu's eyes. A bone-chilling coldness assaulted his heart, and he was incredibly shocked.


Before he could do anything, a muffled explosion sounded out as the white-haired young man was hit by a formless energy, causing him to fly back thousands of meters, crashing through a mountain and destroying it. Within the rubble, the white-haired young man coughed up a large mouthful of blood, his face extremely pale. If it wasn't for his world's energy protecting him, he would have died.

This shocking turn of events caused everyone to feel a chill in their hearts. Zhao Fu once again moved, gripping the silver spear lodged in his chest. He vigorously pulled it out, and his terrifying eyes turned to Kamen. Immediately, Kamen's hairs stood on end as if he was being gazed at by an incredibly terrifying beast. A sense of extreme danger welled up in his heart, and he immediately unleashed a golden barrier to defend himself.

However, at that moment, Zhao Fu threw out the silver spear, which seemed to turn into a bolt of silver lightning and instantly pierced through Kamen's body, nailing him onto the ground 1,000 meters away. His barrier, which was reinforced with his world's energy, had been completely useless.

Kamen's chest had been pierced. There was a large crater beneath him, but he was not dead. His aura was incredibly weak, and blood continuously leaked out of his lips, forming a wretched sight.

The blood-red eyes emotionlessly turned to look at Shi Xiao. Shi Xiao felt a chill in her heart and did not hesitate to turn and run. However, in the next moment, she felt an incredibly shocking aura appear next to her.

Shi Xiao's expression fell, and bandages shot out, forming a protective barrier around her. However, in the next second, a sharp claw giving off a world-destroying power instantly tore through the bandages, causing them to scatter.

A sharp claw grabbed towards Shi Xiao with terrifying power, causing her pupils to constrict. A rune appeared on her forehead, and as the claw was about to pierce through her chest, Shi XIaoi's body turned into countless traces of black substance and disappeared.

Her body suddenly appeared a few hundred meters away. Right now, she only had a single thought, which was to run away. She did not even want the Primogenitor Statue anymore, because she would definitely die if she stayed. Even with world's energy, she was completely powerless.

Suddenly, a figure appeared beside Shi Xiao, causing her to look extremely shocked. Zhao Fu, who had been a few hundred meters away, had suddenly teleported and grabbed her head. Shi Xiao felt as if her head had been grabbed by iron claws, and before she could move at all, she was smashed into the ground.


Shi Xiao heavily crashed into the ground, opening up a 1,000 meter wide crater. Dust billowed into the air, and it was difficult to tell if Shi Xiao was dead or alive.

"Arghh!""Arghhh!" the two Legatees who had been blocking the white-haired young man were instantly torn apart by Zhao Fu, causing blood and parts of their bodies to fall to the ground.

After seeing this scene, Mo Qi and the three other Legatees stared in shock. The three Legatees immediately chose to run, while Mo Qi stood his ground. He was unable to escape, as those terrifying eyes had already locked onto him.

Mo Qi gripped his sword with both hands, staring at Zhao Fu. His heart tensed as sweat ran down his forehead. He had never thought that Zhao Fu's power would become so terrifying after losing control. Even with his world's energy, it was far from enough.

Compared to last time, Zhao Fu was at a completely different level; right now, he seemed to have enough powerful to destroy an entire world.