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 The three people looked at each other and made a decision. Their three worlds started to tremble as their worlds' energy started to flow into their bodies, and shocking auras exploded out from them.

Everyone in their worlds looked at the abnormal signs and looked incredibly serious. Even though they did not know what was happening, it was definitely something that was going to shake the world. After all, the world's energy gathering meant that there was a big problem.

Those who were the most terrifying were the ones from the Spirit Light world. The various Legatees had also obtained the world's energy, which was enough to shake the heavens. Now, the three other World Protectors also exploded out with their world's energy, which would be enough to make even godly spirits feel terrified.

Now, everyone in the Spirit Light world felt as if their minds and souls were being buffeted by a massive ocean. Their bodies continuously trembled, feeling only terror. All beasts in the Spirit Light world, no matter how ferocious, could only lay on the ground and whimper.

The group of people who had wanted to wait to snatch the Primogenitor Statue were now incredibly far away, looking back in fear.

This place was covered by dark clouds, which were quickly expanding out, that brought with them a terrifying aura of destruction. There were also bolts of lightning descending, with gales accompanying them. Trees were pulled out by their roots as massive rocks were lifted into the sky, looking like an apocalyptic disaster.

Terrifying shockwaves continuously erupted, and feeling those shockwaves, everyone looked at each other - this was a world-destroying battle!

"God Existence!" As the Spirit Light world's World Protector, Kamen was undoubtedly the strongest among them. Moreover, this was his domain, so the amount of world's energy he could use was incredibly great.

He now stood in the air, giving off fathomless divine light, looking like a true godly spirit. He loudly roared, causing a massive amount of spirit qi to madly gather, instantly forming an enormous vortex that gave off an immense pressure.

Zhao Fu was being completely suppressed by the other eight people. After finally struggling out of Shi Xiao's bandages, Kamen attacked - countless rays of golden light shot out of the vortex in the sky as a golden pillar engraved with runes descended.

Zhao Fu was unable to dodge at all and was hit by the pillar. Even though he released his protective barrier in time, the pillar smashed him towards the ground.


A shocking explosion sounded out as the pillar slammed against the ground like a falling meteor. A shockwave rippled out, causing the ground in the surrounding 1,000 kilometers to cave in, and dust filled the sky.

The pillar of light turned into countless motes of light and disappeared, while Zhao Fu lay bloodied at the center of the massive crater. Even though he had used the Six Paths of Reincarnation Power and all of the Great Qin Seal's power, he was unable to fight against those nine people.

Because Great Qin was in a tense situation, Zhao Fu did not bring the eight Aquatic Beast Kings with him. However, in front of the world's energy, they would not be of much help. What was key was that Zhao Fu could not use his own world's energy right now.

It was not that he did not want to use it but that he could not use it. After all, the world's consciousness had to give one the world's energy first, and if the world's consciousness did not give it to Zhao Fu, he could not use it.

Back at the human world, because Zhao Fu was the World Protector and the person the world's consciousness valued the most, it immediately started to channel the world's energy to send to Zhao Fu in order to prevent him from being killed.

However, when the world's energy was channelled, even ordinary people could sense it, and this was even more so for Legatees like Si Ji.

At that moment, he could sense that the world's consciousness was feeling quite panicked and was trying to send the world's energy into Zhao Fu's body. Si Ji immediately understood that Great Qin's Legatee was in life-threatening danger, or else the world's consciousness would not be so worried.

Si Ji felt quite delighted and told Su Yan and the other strategists, causing them to grin. They immediately suggested Si Ji to ally with the other Legatees, as well as the various Nation Legatees and Dynasty Legatees, to use their Fate to disturb the world's consciousness.

Even though they were not sure what sort of danger Great Qin's Legatee was in, if they could interfere with the world's consciousness, even if Great Qin's Legatee did not die, he would be heavily injured. It was best to use someone else to kill him.

This news quickly spread, and the various Legatees all agreed to help. After all, Great Qin was the biggest threat in the human world, so who didn't want Great Qin's Legatee to die? Only if Great Qin's Legatee died would they have an opportunity, and this would not require them to expend a single soldier, only a bit of their Fate.

Apart from Tina Pendragon, Geoffrey, and Masanori Hano, all of the world Legatees joined in.

As world Legatees, the five others had also been favoured by the world's consciousness and could also use the world's source energy. With them causing disturbances, with the Nation Legatees and Dynasty Legatees, they could cause the world's consciousness to become quite chaotic.

Si Ji and the other Legatees released their Fates, causing Fate Dragons to fly into the sky and give off powerful auras. The scene was quite grand and did not look very scary, but it could cause life-threatening damage to Zhao Fu.

This was because the world's consciousness was a collective consciousness, and as people with a large amount of Fate, with five world Legatees, they could cause it to become quite chaotic.

If the world's consciousness fell into chaos, the world's energy would be unable to enter Zhao Fu's body, preventing him from using it.

Back at the Spirit Light world, Zhao Fu was covered in blood as he slashed out with his sword, sending out a large amount of deathly qi that swept towards the nine others like a flood. Even if he handed over the Primogenitor Statue, they still would not let him off. Right now, they had a bigger goal, which was to kill Zhao Fu.


An arrow gave off an incredibly sharp aura as it whistled towards Zhao Fu. The ground beneath it was torn as well, and Zhao Fu flicked upwards with his sword, knocking it away, but his body was also sent back a few steps.

With Zhao Fu's strength, it was already quite difficult to last against nine people who had world's energy. He was only relying on his Six Paths of Reincarnation Power and his Marquisate Kingdom Seal.

"Sky Tiger!" Right as Zhao Fu blocked the arrow, the white-haired young man came near and slashed out with immense force, causing a ferocious azure tiger to appear. It gave off a shocking aura as it charged at Zhao Fu.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Zhao Fu's body was blasted flying thousands of meters by the azure tiger, crashing through many large boulders before finally stopping. He landed on the ground and coughed up a large mouthful of blood.

Everyone looked quite delighted, because Zhao Fu's aura was now quite weak, and his strength was decreasing. Even without his world's energy, he had been able to defend against them for so long; this proved his strength, but he would still die at their hands.