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 After speaking, the young man burst out with a terrifying aura and took out a slim saber as he hacked at Zhao Fu, showing no mercy at all.

This person was also here for the Primogenitor Statue. He had been hiding for quite a while, and if Zhao Fu did not force him out early, it would be quite troublesome if he suddenly attacked out of nowhere.


As the young man hacked down at Zhao Fu's head, Zhao Fu raised his own sword to parry, resulting in a massive colliding sound.

At that moment, Shi Xiao grasped this opportunity to attack. A large amount of gray-white corpse qi gathered in front of her, forming 100 corpse hounds that were dozens of meters long. Their gazes were incredibly ferocious, and their fangs gave off cold lights as they ran at Zhao Fu.

They were incredibly fast, and soon, they were only ten or so meters away from Zhao Fu. The corpse hounds leapt and sprang at Zhao Fu, giving off a stench and biting at him.

Just as the corpse hounds were about to bite Zhao Fu, he coldly harrumphed and the nine black dragons around him roared. Even though they were small, they were incredibly powerful and demolished the corpse hounds into traces of corpse qi before flying at Shi Xiao.

However, at that moment, Mo Qi stretched out his hand, causing demonic qi to flow out, forming a demonic hand that grabbed Zhao Fu's body.

This hand was dozens of meters wide, and let alone a person, it would be able to crush even a small mountain. Seeing that it had grabbed Zhao Fu, everyone slightly relaxed, thinking they had him under control.

"Ghost Devour!" A cold shout sounded out within the massive hand, and Mo Qi cried out as he brought the hand back. Countless Ghosts had appeared, ferociously biting that demonic hand.

The six gray dots in Zhao Fu's right eye were continuously spinning as a cold and gloomy aura rippled outwards like a flood. Ghosts appeared at Zhao Fu's side, giving savage roars as they opened their mouths and sprang at the people around them, giving off shocking sounds.

The four World Protectors faced the flood of Ghosts and swung their weapons, easily killing many of them. However, at that moment, Zhao Fu lightly cried out, "Ghostgod!"

Zhao Fu used the Ghostgod Soldiers' skill, causing the Ghosts leaping towards the World Protectors to instantly transform into all sorts of different weapons: swords, sabers, spears, hatchets, and the like. They were simply innumerable and seemed to cover the sky.

After these weapons appeared, they gave off sharp auras and ferociously flew at the four World Protectors.

The four World Protectors were greatly startled and quickly swung their weapons, destroying the incoming weapons and reducing them to tiny parts. However, their bodies were still cut by many weapons, revealing thin cuts.

The people watching from afar felt incredibly shocked and marvelled at how powerful that person was. Just by himself, he was able to push four World Protectors into a corner. The spectators all knew that if they went up, they would die in mere seconds.

Zhao Fu did not want to continue fighting with them; he had only come to steal the Primogenitor Statue. With a massive killing item like this, it would be incredibly simple to deal with the Spirit Light race in the future, so he wanted to take this opportunity to leave.

Suddenly, the weather changed as clouds swirled and a massive wind swept out. Countless trees swayed, and sand and pebbles were blown into the sky as all of the world's power gathered. An ancient and powerful will descended, causing the entire world to fall silent.

In front of this will, everyone seemed as small and ants, and they all looked at the sky in fear. Their bodies froze, unable to move even a bit.

"The Primogenitor Statue must remain!" A voice sounded out in all of the Spirit Light world Legatees' heads, making them feel quite shocked. This was actually the voice of the world's consciousness, and an unimaginably powerful wave of energy entered their bodies.

"Arghhh..." Cries sounded out, piercing the heavens as incredibly powerful auras burst forth. At that moment, it seemed as if the entire world had descended into chaos.

Everyone who was just spectating now only had a single goal, which was to get as far away as possible; if they remained, they would die without a doubt. Even the City Lords would be crushed like ants; the world's source energy was something that could destroy all life.


After receiving the world's energy, Kamen looked like a brilliant divine world, and he gave off an aura that seemed to be able to suppress the entire world. He seemed like a god as he swept out with his spear, causing a massive amount of ower to fly at Zhao Fu.

The instant that the world's consciousness descended, Zhao Fu had sensed that things were taking a turn for the worse. As such, he exploded out with his true strength; the Great Qin Seal continuously trembled as nine dragon roars sounded out, and nine black dragons that were 100 meters long flew out of Zhao Fu's body.

The Ghost World Pearl also appeared on his chest, and the sealed Six Paths Demon Images' energy were drawn into Zhao Fu's body.

Immediately, an incredibly cold aura flooded outwards like a tsunami, seeming to cover all life. The entire world seemed to be filled with deathly qi, making it seem like a world of death.

As someone from the Death Race, Shi Xiao's face became incredibly pale after sensing this aura. Her heart was filled with terror as her body trembled; how could this person have such terrifying strength?

A black flame erupted around Zhao Fu's body, and his terrifying eyes gave off a shocking light. His aura became incredibly powerful, and facing Kamen's attack, Zhao Fu stretched out a hand, causing the nine black dragons to circle around him. They formed a massive protective barrier, blocking Kamen's attack.

However, five other Spirit Light Legatees also arrived, giving off brilliant divine light as they also had the world's energy.

The three other World Protectors felt quite hesitant. These people who had obtained the world's energy were now more powerful than them, so they were hesitant if they still wanted to continue.

However, before they could think too much, their own respective worlds gave them their own world's energy. What shocked them was that their worlds gave them only one task, which was to kill Great Qin's Legatee at all costs.

They could not feel any more shocked. Just what sort of person was Great Qin's Legatee that their worlds' consciousnesses were so determined to kill him? Such a thing had never happened before, and now, they all realized how serious this matter was.

This was especially so for Shi Xiao and that white-haired young man. Now, they understood Mo Qi's words; no wonder he gave up the Primogenitor Statue and was so bent on killing Great Qin's Legatee, saying that they would regret it if they did not kill him.

After all, this person was someone even their worlds wanted to kill; this meant that he had enough power to threaten their worlds. This person had to be killed, or else he might destroy their worlds in the future.