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 The Spirit Light people in the distance also stopped because of this terrifying aura. They looked ahead with serious gazes, because they knew that if they continued onwards, their lives would be in danger. Ahead of them were four World Protectors.

The World Protector who had just arrived gave off the supreme aura of an Emperor, and he even suppressed the three others slightly.

Mo Qi's expression was quite unsightly as he looked at that cloaked figure and said, "I never thought you'd come as well, and you've become even stronger."

Kamen and Shi Xiao looked at Mo Qi, feeling quite surprised that Mo Qi knew this terrifying person. However, since that person had dared to try to snatch the Primogenitor Statue, he was an enemy, so there was not much to say. This was especially so because Shi Xiao had almost been able to escape with it.

"Hmph! You'd better hand over the Primogenitor Statue, or I won't show any mercy," Shi Xiao said as she looked at that person with dense killing intent in her dark green eyes.

"Sir, that Primogenitor Statue belongs to the Spirit Light race; I advise you return it to me, or I'll have to act against you," Kamen said threateningly.

That person looked up, revealing his terrifying eyes, but did not say anything, only calmly putting the Primogenitor Statue within his cloak.

When the Primogenitor Statue had given off ripples, Zhao Fu had not sensed it at all in the human world. However, Ye Cang in the Dark Demon world had clearly sensed that terrifying power, so Zhao Fu hadn't hesitated to come.

After looking through the Primogenitor Statue's information, he felt quite delighted, as this was an incredibly rare treasure and was incredibly powerful. It was incredibly helpful to the Spirit Light race, but if it fell into anyone else's hands, it would become a deadly item that could suppress the Spirit Light race. As such, he could not give up on it.

After putting it away, Zhao Fu immediately turned and ran, planning to leave this place. After all, this was enemy territory, and there were three other World Protectors here.

Zhao Fu's actions caused Shi Xiao to feel furious. She slashed out with a finger, causing countless bandages to shoot out towards Zhao Fu.

Facing Shi Xiao's attack, a powerful wave of Six Paths of Reincarnation Power flowed out of Zhao Fu's body and instantly formed a gray ball that was as big as a walnut. It gave off an incredibly dangerous aura, seeming incredibly deadly.

By now, the countless bandages had arrived, bringing with them immense power, but Zhao Fu did not seem bothered at all. The gray ball in front of him shot at Shi Xiao incredibly quickly, reaching her in an instant.

Shi Xiao was given a big fright, and countless bandages wrapped towards the gray ball. However, the gray ball suddenly exploded, giving of terrifying shockwaves that blasted the bandages to pieces and sent Shi Xiao back a few steps.

Shi Xiao's expression became even more serious; she had never thought that Zhao Fu would actually possess the Death Race's power, nevertheless one that was even more powerful than hers. After all, she had the highest-grade power in the Corpse Pall world, yet that person's Death Race power was even higher than hers.

Just who was this person? He seemed like a human, yet he had such high-grade Death Race power.

The instant Zhao Fu sent Shi Xiao back, Mo Qi and Kamen simultaneously attacked. Mo Qi did not hesitate to use his full strength, which was several times more powerful than what he had used before. This made Kamen feel quite surprised, seeing Mo Qi go all-out like this.

Mo Qi had not acted like this when facing off against him before, yet this cloaked figure could force him to do this. It seemed that he had to be careful as well.


Mo Qi raised his demon sword with both hands, sending a large amount of demonic qi into it. His sword gave off a shocking demonic light as an incredibly powerful sword wind rippled out. The sword then slashed down at Zhao Fu, looking as if it could slash through anything.

Facing Mo Qi's full-powered strike, Zhao Fu did not dare to be careless and took out his Death Disaster Sword. He sent a large amount of power into it, causing it to give off a cold, gray light. Zhao Fu also forcefully slashed out, sending out a powerful sword light.


A massive explosion resulted as the two massive sword lights collided, causing massive amounts of sword qi to fly everywhere. The enormous shockwave forced Mo Qi, Kamen, and Shi Xiao all back, and they had to defend.

Zhao Fu was still where he was originally, with nine black dragons around him, and he gave off an authentic Emperor's aura.

All of the sword qi and shockwaves had been blocked by the nine black dragons, and they had not harmed Zhao Fu at all.

This made Kamen and Shi Xiao quite startled; they had never thought that Zhao Fu would be so powerful. Just from his terrifying aura alone, he was not just the King of a Barony Kingdom.

This caused Kamen and Shi Xiao to become even more curious about the identity of this person.

Seeing that Zhao Fu was completely unharmed, Mo Qi's expression became even more unsightly as he yelled, "I don't want that Primogenitor Statue anymore, but we have to kill Great Qin's Legatee; otherwise, you'll all regret it in the future!"

"Great Qin's Legatee?" It was the first time Kamen and Shi Xiao had heard of this name, and they understood this other World Protector to be Great Qin's Legatee. Even though they did not know much about him, seeing that Mo Qi did not want the Primogenitor Statue anymore and was so desperate to kill him, they understood the threat of this person.

Kamen could not allow the Primogenitor Statue to fall into anyone else's hands, so Kamen roared and did not hesitate as his body unleashed a large amount of brilliant light, and he ferociously stabbed at Zhao Fu with his spear.

In order to take the Primogenitor Statue, Shi Xiao also released her full power. A massive gray-white aura flowed out from her body, and countless bandages formed two slim blades as she also rushed at Zhao Fu.

Facing these two people, Zhao Fu understood that if he did not defeat them, he would not be able to leave, so he also became serious.

The Great Qin Seal within his body continuously trembled as a powerful aura burst forth from Zhao Fu's body. Zhao Fu stepped out, his sword containing immense power as he slashed Kamen flying, and he then slashed the other way to force Shi Xiao back.

Following this, Zhao Fu once again slashed out towards a place where there was seemingly no one. This attack forced out a white-haired, white-eyed young man. His aura was extremely powerful, and he was another World Protector.

Now, there were five World Protectors gathered here, making the Spirit Light people far away feel incredibly shocked. This had never happened before.

Not a single person dared to go any closer, because just those shockwaves alone could kill a City Lord of a Great City. The strength of five World Protectors was extraordinarily powerful, and it was enough to make them feel despair.

After being forced out by Zhao Fu, the white-haired young man lightly laughed and said, "Why did you do that? I just wanted to watch the battle from the side. Now, you've forced my hand; don't you think you're too arrogant to face four World Protectors?"