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 This happened in just an instant, and no one had any time to react. Kamen stabbed out with his spear, the immense force destroying one ball of demonic qi, but there was nothing inside. However, Kamen did not give up, and his eyes danced with golden light as he chased after another ball of demonic qi.

Following this, Kamen once again gave off shocking power and swept out with his spear, sending out a massive gale. This forced Mo Qi to reveal himself, and Kamen glared at Mo Qi angrily as he yelled, "Mo Qi, you won't be able to escape!"

Mo Qi was still holding the Primogenitor Statue, which gave off a brilliant light. For some reason, he was unable to put it into his spatial ring, and that was how he had been found.

If he remained, he would definitely lose. However, the Primogenitor Statue was incredibly important to the Spirit Light race, and Mo Qi could clearly sense how terrifying it was. He could not allow it to fall into the Spirit Light race's hands, or else the Dark Demon race's outcome would be quite pitiful.

Mo Qi did not need to think and once again tried to turn into a ray of light and shoot off.

Kamen could tell what Mo Qi was thinking, so he suddenly threw out an orb of light that soundlessly exploded. White light covered the surrounding 1,000 kilometers, making it so bright that no one could open their eyes.

This white light was called World-Cleansing Light, and it was an incredibly powerful type of Holy Light energy. It could purify a world and was an incredibly rare treasure. It dealt terrifying amounts of damage to all dark-type creatures, and in order to stall Mo Qi, Kamen went all out.


After the white light disappeared, Mo Qi coughed up a mouthful of blood, looking moderately injured. His gaze towards Kamen now contained a trace of killing intent, as he was now quite angry. A demonic flame burst forth around him as he prepared to stay and fight with Kamen.

However, because his attention was completely focused on Kamen, Mo Qi became somewhat careless. A white ray of light suddenly shot out from the side and snatched away the Primogenitor Statue.

Immediately, Mo Qi was infuriated, and a large amount of demonic qi gathered in his demon sword. Mo Qi's sword brought with it countless traces of sword qi as he seemed to tear space itself apart, turning the space around him completely dark, with many cracks stretching out.

"Hehehehe..." A strange laughter sounded out as a figure appeared. It was a person completely covered with bandages, revealing a pair of dark green eyes. That person seemed to be a woman, as she had an elegant figure and a large chest.

This woman gave off a large amount of corpse qi, and her aura was not weaker than Mo Qi's and Kamen's. This was because she was also a World Protector - she was from the world to the left of the Spirit Light world, while the right of the Spirit Light world was the Dark Demon world.

"Primogenitor Statue? I never thought that your Spirit Light race would have a treasure like this; I'll help you take care of it. I'm sure you have no objections, right?"

The woman laughed strangely and looked at the statue before looking at Mo Qi and Kamen.

"Shi Xiao! Don't act too excessively and hand over the Primogenitor Statue. Your Corpse Pall world and our Spirit Light world have an agreement; could it be that you want to fight with our Spirit Light race? We have the God Doors and can attack at any time," Kamen said angrily as he looked at that woman.

"Hmph!" Shi Xiao coldly harrumphed before saying, "Letting your Spirit Light world obtain this Primogenitor Statue would be a disaster. Alright, I'm not going to say anything else; I'm going now."

After speaking, Shi Xiao prepared to fly off. At that moment, the furious Mo Qi suddenly attacked. He stretched out a hand, causing countless traces of demonic qi to flood out, forming an enormous demon hand that grabbed at Shi Xiao. This person dared to snatch something from him, so he definitely would not let her off.

Kamen did not hesitate either and stabbed out with his spear towards Shi Xiao, looking like he was determined to kill her.

Facing these two attacks, Shi Xiao continued to laugh and did not move. When Mo Qi's attack arrived and grasped at her body, her body suddenly turned into black substance and evaporated.

As Shi Xiao disappeared, Kamen's attack also missed.

Suddenly, they saw a bright light flash in the distance; that was the light from the Primogenitor Statue, and Shi Xiao was greatly startled, knowing that she had been exposed. As such, she once again reappeared and turned into a ray of light and sped away.

Mo Qi and Kamen immediately chased after her. Even though they would not work together, they were willing to indirectly work together to stop her in order to get their hands on the statue.

"Demon Tide!" Mo Qi did not waste any words and made a cut on his palm. Black blood flowed out from the wound onto his sword, and Mo Qi vigorously slashed out, causing tens of thousands of demons to appear, roaring as they rushed at Shi Xiao.

Shi Xiao's demeanor became quite serious as she slashed out with a finger. Countless bandages shot out from her like arrows, piercing through the demons and reducing them to demonic qi.

Kamen also attacked, once again summoning the ten light dragons. The light dragons gave off intense Holy Light power as they roared and rushed at Shi Xiao, giving off shocking strength and seeming to want to rip her to shreds.

Shi Xiao's gaze became cold as she grabbed with her hand. The bandages on her body gathered towards her arm, forming a bandage sword. Shi Xiao was incredibly lithe as she dodged and weaved between the light dragons, continuously slashing out with her sword, sending out gray crescents and destroying the light dragons.

However, by now, Mo Qi was already close, and he vigorously slashed out with his sword, a terrifying demon light covering Shi Xiao's body.


Shi Xiao coughed up a mouthful of blood as she flew backwards. It was not easy for her to face two World Protectors' attacks.

Kamen also took this chance to continue attacking Shi Xiao. His spear stabbed out a burning white ray of light that shot at Shi Xiao, forcing her to dodge to the side. However, Mo Qi followed, causing her expression to become grim. She did not have the strength to resist two World Protectors, and she could not even escape. If she stayed, she would definitely lose.

"Wait, I don't want this Primogenitor Statue anymore!" Shi Xiao suddenly said before throwing it at Mo Qi. Kamen immediately turned at Mo Qi, and just as Mo Qi went to catch it, Shi Xiao suddenly shot out a few bandages, taking hold of the Primogenitor Statue.

At that moment, a rune appeared on Shi Xiao's forehead. Just then, she had just been acting to make Kamen and Mo Qi lose focus in order to prepare her escape. This Primogenitor Statue was incredibly powerful, and she did not want to let it go, as it was an incredibly rare treasure.

Shi Xiao's bandages successfully wrapped up the Primogenitor Statue, but just as she was about to retract them, a few black sword lights cut the bandages as a person who gave off an incredibly terrifying aura, seeming to freeze space itself, stepped out, taking hold of the Primogenitor Statue.

This person wore a black cloak and caused the three World Protectors' expressions to become incredibly grave. This person seemed incredibly dangerous, and even with their strength, they felt a trace of fear.