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 Zhao Fu dryly laughed before also bringing Wu Qingniang into his embrace. Wu Qingniang's face became red, and she tried to struggle free, but after discovering that this was impossible, she stopped resisting and lightly hugged Zhao Fu's waist.

"Qingniang, what are you planning to do with the Zhou Dynasty?" Zhao Fu asked.

After all, Wu Qingniang had said how much she feared Great Qin and wanted to relocate to escape it. Zhao Fu was unable to truly lay hands on Wu Qingniang if she was resistant, which was why he asked.

Wu Qingniang pinched Zhao Fu's waist and said, "You baddie, my Wu family's ancestor is already yours; why are you still asking me?"

Zhao Fu smiled. He had already discussed matters about the Zhou Dynasty with Wu Zetian, and the Zhou Dynasty could merge into Great Qin. All of its people and resources would be managed by Great Qin, but Great Qin had to give Wu Qingniang a Ladyship.

This was quite simple, and Zhao Fu agreed almost immediately. After all, Zhao Fu had always given Lordships and Ladyships to those who surrendered. Because of Wu Qingniang, Zhao Fu was even willing to take in the entire Wu family.

Both Wu Zetian and Wu Qingniang were quite satisfied with this. Now, all they had to do was relocate the Zhou Dynasty to join Great Qin.

The Wu family had never expected such a thing, and there were countless celebrations. Great Qin's momentum was now unstoppable, so they would be destroyed by Great Qin sooner or later. As such, joining Great Qin was actually quite good.

More importantly, the Great Qin gave the Wu family special benefits, making them quite happy. These were all things that most people would not obtain even if they submitted.

After hearing about this, the Ying family felt quite surprised - why had the Wu family decided to submit to Great Qin so easily? Ying Xi felt quite startled as well, because she knew Wu Qingniang's personality quite well. She had never expected that Wu Qingniang would be willing to submit to Great Qin - with how lascivious Great Qin's Legatee was, was she not afraid of him laying his hands on her?

Even though she was part of the Ying family, Ying Xi did not want to see such a thing happen to Wu Qingniang. She had wanted to ask Wu Qingniang what was going on but found that everyone in the Wu family had brought their real bodies into the Heaven Awaken World. Even if Ying Xi wanted to ask, there was no one to direct those questions to.

Now that the real world was going to be destroyed, the Ying family was also going to enter the Heaven Awaken World soon. Thinking about how the family leaders had said that she absolutely had to become a Concubine of Great Qin's Legatee, Ying Xi felt quite uncomfortable. Perhaps only Zhao Fu, that minor figure, could help her.

After taking care of the matters with Wu Qingniang and the Wu family, Zhao Fu once again returned to the real world. Because the real world had gone out of control, there were some things that he had to take care of.

The main thing was the issue of protection. Now that the real world was going to be destroyed, countless factions wanted to join Great Qin to obtain Great Qin's protection. There were dozens of times more people than before, and these people would do anything to join Great Qin. Some were even willing to kneel in order to show their sincerity.

Zhao Fu did not pay any attention to these opportunists; right now, the only ones who Zhao Fu wanted to give protection to were some relatives and friends.

Even though he did not have much of a relationship with some of them, it was not a big deal to help them out, as it was not a very big deal to him.

Even though it was quite chaotic in the outside world, it was still quite safe within the Ying family. They had a lot of food, had electricity, and had the internet, and the place where they were staying was quite safe with nothing to worry about.

For those people to be able to obtain Great Qin's protection, they all felt incredibly grateful to Zhao Fu. Seeing those relatives, Zhao Fu's grandpa and grandma also felt quite joyful, and hurriedly arranged a big feast. However, Zhao Fu did not attend as he did not have much interest in such things.

Just as he was about to leave his grandparents' home, his uncle and aunty came to find him, looking quite embarrassed as they said, "Um, Zhao Fu, you have a great deal of authority in Great Qin, right?"

Zhao Fu coldly looked at them and lightly harrumphed before asking, "What is it?"

Zhao Fu did not want anything to do with his uncle and aunty anymore, and he even felt quite contemptuous towards them. If it wasn't for his grandparents, he would have kicked them out of the Ying family and made them fend for themselves.

After all, their opportunistic behavior had caused Zhao Fu to no longer view them as relatives.

Hearing Zhao Fu's reply, his aunty said happily, "It's actually like this: we didn't know this matter was so serious; if we knew, we would have asked for your help. Can you help your cousins find some work in Great Qin?

"Your older cousin's Village was conquered by someone, and his girlfriend said she'll only marry him if he becomes a City Lord. We don't know what to do, so we thought to ask you to help him become a City Lord. Please help us, we'll all be very grateful."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu lightly laughed in anger. They had actually just directly asked for a City just like that; their appetite was quite big.

Seeing Zhao Fu laugh, Zhao Fu's aunty felt some hope and thought that he had agreed, and she said, "Thank you so-"

However, before she could finish speaking, Zhao Fu cut her off, saying, "I don't agree. If there's nothing else, I'll be leaving now."

Seeing Zhao Fu refuse so easily and seem so condescending, his uncle felt quite angry and said, "Zhao Fu, it's just a simple matter, why are you being like this? He's your cousin; you should help."

Zhao Fu did not even bother to reply and turned to leave. Seeing this, his uncle angrily grabbed at him, wanting to teach Zhao Fu a lesson. However, without even moving, a formless energy blasted his uncle back.

Now that Zhao Fu cultivated the Six Desires Celestial Art, his power had also been brought back into the real world. Although the energy was quite weak, it was enough to deal with ordinary people.

Zhao Fu's younger cousin, who had been eavesdropping, angrily rushed out and punched at Zhao Fu. However, Zhao Fu's bodyguard quickly subdued him and pressed him against the ground.

Zhao Fu's younger cousin angrily yelled, "Zhao Fu, don't think you're all that great! You're only so high and mighty because of Great Qin's Legatee; without him, you're just a dog! You were just lucky to be chosen by Great Qin's Legatee. If I had that luck, you would be the one begging me."

Zhao Fu disdainfully waved his hand, saying, "Kick them out of the Ying family and don't allow them back in anymore."

Hearing this and thinking about how chaotic the outside world was, they knew that if they were kicked out, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Zhao Fu's aunty cried and pleaded, and hearing all this commotion, Zhao Fu's grandpa and grandma came out to try to persuade him. However, Zhao Fu did not say anything and decided not to come here in the future.