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 "How is this possible??"

Countless faction leaders stared at where the Sky Demon had been. Now that even the top-ranked equipment had been claimed, what about the second and third? Would they still be able to obtain one of the top 10 pieces of Legendary grade equipment?

"Hurry and get those Flower Tears as quickly as possible! Get them at any cost! I don't care if you have to buy them or take them by force; just get them!" countless leaders yelled as their eyes became bloodshot.

Now that the top-ranked piece of equipment, Sky Demon, had disappeared, they had all suffered a massive blow to their hearts. The shock was much greater than the seventh-ranked equipment, Sacred Heaven, being claimed.

When Sacred Heaven had disappeared, all of the factions had felt incredibly tense. This told them that the top 10 pieces of equipment were no longer safe, and anyone could claim them at any moment.

Now that the top-ranked piece of equipment, Sky Demon, had disappeared, what this meant was that all of the remaining pieces of Legendary grade equipment could be claimed at any second. This made all of the leaders feel as if their hearts were on fire.

Most of the player factions guessed that a super-powerful system governmental faction had acted. However, all of the Lords of the main cities were incredibly shocked. They all wanted one of the three Half-Epic grade weapons, and none of them had thought that the top-ranked piece of equipment, Sky Demon, would suddenly disappear. As such, they all quickly acted.

Si Ji, Di Wutian, Ji Shenming, and Liu Ye all wanted to possess Sky Demon because swords were the symbol of a king. China's 5,000-year-old history was filled with swords, and the top-ranked piece of equipment was not only a sword but also a Half-Epic grade piece of equipment.

They had all envisioned themselves wielding this sword, and it would have opened the Path of Kings for them, helping them establish their empires.

However, now, Sky Demon had been claimed by someone else, and they all been given a massive blow. Their confident expressions disappeared, and their faces became incredibly pale. However, they were soon dealt even bigger blows.

Because of what Zhao Fu had done, the system governmental factions had all quickly acted. Dragon Soul, Demigod, Vast Sun, Eighth Mountain, and Djinn, which were all in the top 6, quickly disappeared.

This not only made the 4 Legatees' faces become even paler, but all of the leaders of the player factions felt horrified as well.

Right now, only the eighth-ranked piece of equipment, Lightning Fang; the ninth-ranked piece of equipment, Frozen Soul; and the tenth-ranked piece of equipment, Spirit Tree, remained out of the top 10 pieces of Legendary grade equipment.

An even more intense competition erupted over the last three Legendary grade weapons.

Of course, Zhao Fu did not know about any of this. After obtaining Sky Demon, he was incredibly excited and happy, and he immediately returned to the Great Qin Village.

When Zhao Fu's subordinates heard that Zhao Fu had obtained Sky Demon, they all felt ecstatic.

Zhao Fu took out Sky Demon. It was a pure-black sword, and it was about 1 meter in length. The edge of the blade seemed to give off a demonic light that wanted to devour people, and there was a picture of a savage demon on the sword hilt and blade. The hilt seemed to be covered with black scales, and it felt icy cold when held in one's hand. The entire sword had a demonic feeling, giving off an evil, cold, murderous aura.

Suddenly, Sky Demon started to hum as it violently trembled. In the next moment, it broke free from Zhao Fu's hand and stabbed into the ground. Following this, large amounts of demonic qi streamed into the ground, and the ground started to turn black as if it was stained by ink. The darkness quickly spread until it covered the surrounding 10-meter radius area.

A figure slowly appeared and stood on the hilt of the sword. She slowly opened her large, black wings, revealing her appearance.

She was a female demon and was quite tall. Her jet-black hair fell to her waist, and she had the horns of a sheep on her head. Her face was quite beautiful, and it was to the point that it made one feel suffocated when looking at her. She had a pair of fangs, and her blood-red eyes gave off a cold air as she looked at Zhao Fu. Her voice contained a trace of arrogance as she said, "Human, you think you're good enough to wield me?"

When Zhao Fu saw this demon, he remembered Sky Demon's description. It had been forged from a Sky Demon's corpse, which was most likely the demon in front of him. More accurately speaking, the being in front of him was the sword spirit. She used to be a Sky Demon, but she was killed by some entity. Not only was her corpse forged into a weapon, but her soul was also sealed into the weapon, turning her into a sword spirit.

Zhao Fu did not like her arrogant tone and the fact that she was standing so high up and was looking down at him while she spoke. Zhao Fu remained expressionless and coldly harrumphed as he stepped forwards, and a black domain filled with dragon inscriptions burst forth from his body.

Zhao Fu released his King's Domain, which covered 30 meters, completely suppressing the Sky Demon Domain that the Sky Demon had released.

This caused the Sky Demon to become quite shocked, and just as she wanted to retaliate, Zhao Fu once again coldly harrumphed. He released all of his might, and the domain expanded from 30 meters to 50 meters. The Sky Demon's domain completely collapsed, and it turned into wisps of demonic aura as it dissipated.

The Sky Demon's face was quite pale, and her blood-red eyes stared at Zhao Fu as if she wanted to say something.

Zhao Fu stretched out his hand towards the sword and closed it into a fist. The Sky Demon turned into a ray of black light and shot back into the sword, and a formless energy pulled the Sky Demon Sword into Zhao Fu's hand.

Suddenly, a voice sounded in Zhao Fu's mind, "Hmph, human, I never thought you would have obtained King's Power. However, when I'm at the peak of my strength, I won't fear you."

Zhao Fu sent his King's Power into the sword until the Sky Demon became subdued. Now, Zhao Fu finally had the chance to look at its stats.

[Sky Demon - Sword]: Grade: Half-Epic, Stats: Strength +20, Intelligence +15, Constitution +10, Agility +10, Description: An extremely powerful demonic sword forged from a Sky Demon's corpse.

The sword's stats were incredibly close to Epic grade, and it was only lacking an opportunity. Zhao Fu's heart leapt when he thought of the General Soul.

The General Soul was equivalent to 10 Soldier Souls, and fusing 10 General Souls could create a General Armament. However, in terms of energy, a General Soul could not compare to 10 Soldier Souls.

Zhao Fu decided that he would use his General Soul to raise the Sky Demon Sword to Epic grade. After making the decision, he took out the General Soul and chose to fuse it with the Sky Demon Sword.

As the General Soul slowly fused with the Sky Demon Sword, the Sky Demon Sword started to float in the air and flash with violet and orange light. As the light covered the sword, it seemed to go through some sort of change.

Suddenly, wind and clouds swirled as golden clouds appeared in the sky. The violet light coming from the Sky Demon Sword dimmed before completely disappearing, and it was replaced by an ancient orange light. The golden clouds in the sky seemed to extend for hundreds of kilometers, and rainbow light streamed down from the heavens, which was accompanied by heavenly music. The scene was truly beautiful and awe-inspiring.

The Sky Demon Sword in the air finished its evolution and slowly floated down. Creating Legendary grade equipment resulted in abnormal signs, and this abnormal sign was caused by the Sky Demon Sword rising to Epic grade.

Zhao Fu caught the Sky Demon Sword as it floated down. Its aura seemed a bit more murderous, and it now felt better in Zhao Fu's grip.

Suddenly, a voice sounded out in his mind, "Owner! I still want more!"