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 Zhao Fu did not believe that this matter did not have any connection to him at all. Since this was the case, what should he do? If he fell into that higher being's hands, he would definitely die, and that higher being would be able to easily wipe out Great Qin. After all, higher beings had enough strength to make people despair.

The only thing that reassured Zhao Fu was that the human world still had the Heavenly Domain Barrier's protection, which was reinforced by the Heaven Awaken World's power, so even a higher being would find it very difficult to break through.

Even after desperately thinking, Zhao Fu could not thinking of any way to escape from the higher being, just like an ant would not be able to figure out a way to defeat an elephant. That was how powerless Zhao Fu was right now.

What should I do? What should I do? Zhao Fu thought worriedly. This was no simple crisis; Great Qin could not deal with this at all.

Perhaps if it wasn't for Tuoba Qing and the two Emperor Stars, Great Qin would, at most, only have to beat the Grassi world, Dark Demon world, and Fish Scale world. Without that higher being, Zhao Fu would not feel as much pressure.

Now, Zhao Fu felt quite regretful. However, even after he met Tuoba Qing again, he would still take her in. After all, if someone treated him sincerely, he would never turn his back on them. However, he had to hide the Origin Mark carefully.

Back when he had awakened the Emperor Stars, Zhao Fu could not control the Origin Mark, resulting in this situation.

Zhao Fu felt quite troubled, and in the end, Zhao Fu decided that if that higher being found him, he would submit to one of those top-tier factions and hope that they would protect him and Great Qin.

However, the price would be quite great. Regardless, Zhao Fu had no other choice; that was the only way he could survive against a higher being.

Even though Zhao Fu was a World Protector and a Legatee, having some of the world's source energy, in front of a higher being, he would not even have the ability to resist. What was even more important was that once the Heavenly Domain Barrier disappeared, the power from being a World Protector and Legatee would disappear.

After all, every world would fuse into the Heaven Awaken World, and as they fused into it, each world's consciousness and world's power would become weaker and weaker.

It was because of Zhao Fu's World Protector status that he had obtain the world's source energy, but this power would become weaker as the Heavenly Domain Boundary disappeared. This was because the human world's consciousness would gradually fuse with the Heaven Awaken World.

Perhaps it was time to find a suitable faction in the Heaven Spirit Stele that could protect him. Zhao Fu could not help but laugh at himself, and he decided to put this matter aside for now.

The second matter was about the Devil Horn Empire. The Devil Horn Empire had been a Dukedom Kingdom when it had tried to invade the Lantong world and Grassi world. However, due to their intense resistance, it had been unsuccessful, and with other worlds joining in, it had been suppressed.

With so many worlds working together, the Devil Horn Empire was naturally at a great disadvantage, so it was forced to defend. The allied worlds wanted to join together to destroy the Devil Horn Empire and split it among themselves, and the Devil Horn Empire's King ended up fighting with the other Kings at Dragon Bone Mountain. The battle had caused the heavens to dim and for the world to seem to be turned upside down. In the end, they were unable to defeat the Devil Horn Empire's King, as he was simply too powerful.

After this, the worlds relaxed their pressure on the Devil Horn Empire, and the Devil Horn Empire expressed that it wanted to restore friendly relations with those worlds. In order to do this, it gave out many treasures and beauties, resulting in the other worlds relaxing their pressure even more.

After all, they knew that the Devil Horn Empire was a tough nut to crack, and devouring it would cost them greatly. As such, they decided to obtain as many benefits as they could.

Now, the relations between the Devil Horn Empire and the various other worlds were becoming better and better. Soon, there would not be any animosity between them, and the Devil Horn Empire would be safe again.

After this, the Devil Horn Empire would most likely secretly develop, no longer being so audacious. It had been taught a lesson this time, so its threat would become more hidden.

Zhao Fu felt that if the Devil Horn Empire was not destroyed, it would definitely fight against Great Qin someday. Of course, that was if Great Qin was not destroyed by that higher being.

Zhao Fu ended up buying ten million Talisman Stones, as Great Qin greatly lacked Talisman Stones. Great Qin's military was always quickly expanding, but the number he bought would be enough. If he wanted to buy more, he would have to go to more worlds.

After dealing with the matters in the Heaven Awaken World, Zhao Fu returned to the real world. Before, Zhao Fu bringing everyone in those five countries into the Heaven Awaken World had shocked countless people, and even if anyone wanted to act against the Ying family, the Ying family's people could immediately enter the Heaven Awaken World. As such, it would be quite difficult to threaten them.

Before, many people had wanted to destroy the Ying family to vent their anger. After all, Great Qin had destroyed many factions, such as some Dynasties and Nations. Because they had returned to the real world, Zhao Fu could not completely get rid of them, and they would definitely be plotting revenge against Great Qin.

However, now that Great Qin could quickly bring large numbers of people into the Heaven Awaken World, they understood that it would be pointless to attack the Ying family, so they once again went back to plotting.

Just as usual, Zhao Fu filled his stomach after returning to the real world. At that moment, Wu Qingniang called, asking if he had made a decision yet.

After Zhao Fu had woken up from his injuries, Wu Qingniang had tried to persuade him to stay away from Great Qin's Legatee, saying that Great Qin's Legatee was too dangerous. She had also prepared to relocate in order to preserve the Zhou Dynasty.

Wu Qingniang said that Great Qin's momentum in unifying China would be incredibly difficult to stop, so she would take Zhao Fu with her to another Continent or even another world. She would never submit to Great Qin's Legatee.

After all, Wu Qingniang thought of Great Qin's Legatee as someone incredibly licentious, and he would not let her off just because of her connection with Zhao Fu. She would definitely be used to satisfy his lust, and if Zhao Fu didn't want to lose her, he would have to go with her to somewhere else.

What could Zhao Fu say in response? To him, Wu Qingniang was one of the few women he truly cared about, and he had even considered telling her about his true identity. However, would she be angry if he told her that he was Great Qin's Legatee?

Just as Zhao Fu was wondering about how to reply to her, a system announcement sounded in the real world - throughout the entire real world.

"System announcement! There are 30 days until the real world will be destroyed. Please develop quickly in the Heaven Awaken World. Everyone's bodies will be fused with their bodies in the Heaven Awaken World, and dying will result in a true death."