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 However, that was completely false - Zhao Fu was not selfless at all. What happened to the brain bugs in exchange for pointers? These people had all forgotten and were being shameless to the extreme. Of course, Zhao Fu had no idea what was really going on, and seeing that no one was saying anything, he thought that there was something wrong with the Heaven Spirit Stele and left.

However, he was not left disappointed - right after he left, some people remembered the agreement and sent him some brain bugs for free.

Now, Zhao Fu suddenly had 2,000 brain bugs, which was much more than the 1,100 he needed. After using 1,100 on the uncontrolled City Lords, he would still have 900 left over.

If he used those 900 as well, Zhao Fu would be able to control 2,300 City Lords, which was a massive force. With such a force, Zhao Fu planned to sweep across the entire Darkwater Continent. If he could unify the Darkwater Continent, Great Qin's hidden piece would become even more terrifying.

Zhao Fu once again went to the Fish Scale world with these 2,000 brain bugs and headed to the faction he controlled in the Darkwater Continent. The number of people who were not yet controlled was far greater than those who were controlled, so he had to be careful.

Zhao Fu used their trust towards the system City Lords and split them into groups before slowly dealing with them. He would occasionally call some over to show hospitality while secretly controlling them, or he would use immense power to suppress them before releasing the brain bugs. Just like that, Zhao Fu was able to control 1,400 City Lords in total.

The Darkwater Continent was one of the Fish Scale world's seven continents, and it was one of the bigger ones. It had 6,000 regions in total and roughly 19,000 City Lords. Now that Zhao Fu controlled 1,400 City Lords, he possessed roughly 10% of the power in the Darkwater Continent.

Zhao Fu wanted to find another opportunity to use the remaining 900 brain bugs. He stealthily entered some system main cities and released the brain bugs, controlling the City Lords. Because there were 900 of them, it took him about a week to do this.

Now, Great Qin controlled 2,300 City Lords in the Darkwater Continent. Its massive strength once again caused many City Lords to want to join.

At the same time, it aroused the attention of the other factions in the Darkwater Continent, After all, 2,300 City Lords was a great threat, and even factions on other Continents paid attention to such a big faction.

After all, very few system factions had such immense strength, so many factions from other Continents sent people over to collect intelligence and see what was going on.

Zhao Fu did not have many plans, just clearing the surrounding regions to solidify the faction's foundation. With their 2,300 Cities, they controlled around 700 or so regions. If they cleared out all of the factions within those regions, the faction's strength would become even greater.

When that time came, it would start conquering and clearing out player factions while inviting more system factions to join. After all, system factions were willing to join together to be safer.

Zhao Fu felt that the Darkwater Continent would be quite easy to conquer, and when that happened, Great Qin would obtain a massive force.

The development of this faction was much faster than the Night Dynasty, and after dealing with the matters in the Fish Scale world, Zhao Fu headed to the Dark Demon world to check on the Night Dynasty.

Even though the Night Dynasty was not developing as quickly, the alliance it had gathered had some top-tier factions, and it had taken down some system factions and weaker player factions. However, it had to split its gains with others in the alliance.

Despite the Night Dynasty gaining much, to Zhao Fu, it was still not enough. However, things could only be like this for now; after Zhao Fu unified the Midland Continent, he would help the Night Dynasty develop more quickly and unify the Southern Continent.

After taking care of so many matters, Zhao Fu once again left the Legacy Land. He had wanted to buy some Talisman Stones, but he was surprised to hear that two large incidents had happened recently.

The first was that a higher being had passed through, seeming to be looking for something. This had unsettled the surrounding ten or so worlds, as the higher being had not hidden his aura. The entire sky had been dyed blood-red as when he flew past.

Even though he had flown by in just an instant, the worlds fell deathly silent, and even all the beasts lay flat on the ground, not daring to move at all.

That aura had caused countless Kingdoms to feel despair, because it was like a massive hand pressing down on everyone's bodies. No one was able to resist, and even Kings were like tiny grains of sand against a ferocious ocean, making everyone feel suffocated.

The might of a higher being was incredibly terrifying, and let alone killing a godly spirit, destroying an entire world would be incredibly easy.

The reason why it was said that the higher being seemed to be searching for something was because he had flown around a few times, seeming like he had a purpose. If he was just passing by, why would he come back a few times? That seemed unlikely.

This matter was taken very seriously by the surrounding dozens of worlds, as someone who stood at the peak of the Heaven Awaken World would not fly around in a remote region like this for no reason; he definitely had some sort of goal.

What was lucky was that the higher being did not do anything, allowing everyone to let out a sigh of relief. Otherwise, a higher being descending would be a massive disaster for any world, one that could not be defended against.

Even though that higher being did not say anything, some people guessed he was searching for those two stars. After all, those two stars were both incredibly powerful, and even Kings would bow down to them.

Only these two stars would draw a higher being's attention; otherwise, they could not understand why a higher being would be drawn to an unremarkable place like theirs.

What was most important was that the higher being had passed by the Grassi world the most, and he had even slightly paused above it. This caused all of the Grassi people to feel utterly horrified, and only after the higher being left did everyone calm down.

After hearing about this, Zhao Fu was scared to the point of breaking into cold sweat, and he felt as if his heart had been dropped into icy water - was that higher being after him?

That was what Zhao Fu was worried about the most; there were many quests for killing him in the Heaven Spirit Stele, and if he had caught the attention of a higher being, it would be difficult for him to survive. If he was killed, even his soul would be destroyed, spelling out a true death for him.

Was it that higher being who had once sent a clone to the human world? Zhao Fu felt that it was quite likely, because that higher being had already come once, so it definitely knew roughly where the human world was.

Zhao Fu did not believe that the higher being was just passing by; after all, he had come and gone quite a few times and had even paused above the Grassi world. The Grassi world was the world right before the human world.