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 The Book of Daoism was written by 'Lao Zi' Li Er in the Spring and Autumn Period. It was also called The Classic of the Way's Virtues, The Classic Book of Integrity, and the Way and the 5000 Character Classic.

It was a famous work from ancient times and was respected by all Schools of Thought. It was the foundation of the School of Taoism's philosophy and the foundation of the School of Taoism itself.

The Book of Daoism was split into two parts; the first part was called the 'Virtue Classic' while the second part was called the 'Dao Classic' and did not have chapters. Later, it was split into chapters, with the first 37 chapters being the Dao Classic and the latter 44 chapters being the Virtue Classic, for a total of 81 chapters.

The Book of Daoism touched on 'Dao,' which was the Dao of the Heavens, Earth, and all living things; it also touched on 'Virtue,' which was the method and theory of searching for the Dao.

The book was focused on Dao and Virtue, discussing things like Cultivation, politics, military affairs, and maintenance of health. It was referred to as a book that taught 'sageliness within and kingliness without' and was incredibly profound to the point of being called the King of Classics.

The Book of Daoism was one of the greatest works in China's history, and it had a deep impact on traditional philosophy, science, politics, and religion. According to statistics, apart from the Bible, the Book of Taoism was the most widely-distributed translated book.

As one of the ancient saints, even though Lao Zi did not cultivate, his thoughts had reached a saintly level, making his works quite extraordinary. As such, Zhao Fu decided to quote some passages from there; perhaps he could obtain quite a few brain bugs that way. Since he did not have anything profound to say, he could at least pretend to be profound.

"Dao that can be spoken of is not the Constant Dao; the name that can be named is not a Constant Name.

"Nameless, is the origin of Heaven and Earth; the named is the Mother of all things.

"Thus, the constant void enables one to observe the true essence. The constant being enables one to see the outward manifestations.

"These two come paired from the same origin. But when the essence is manifested, It has a different name. This same origin is called "The Profound Mystery."

"As profound the mystery as It can be, It is the Gate to the essence of all life."

Zhao Fu casually wrote out the first chapter of the Book of Daoism. If there were any Chinese people from earth here, they would immediately curse at Zhao Fu for being a fraud. After all, almost every Chinese person knew the first chapter, making it easy for him to be exposed.

However, with how rare the Heaven Spirit Steles were, how could ordinary humans, much less Chinese people, possess one? It would be incredibly difficult for anyone to expose him.

Just as Zhao Fu sent that message, the Communication Region fell deathly silent. Even after half an hour, no one said anything.

Zhao Fu felt quite confused and wondered what had happened. Was there something wrong with the Heaven Spirit Stele? Why was no one speaking? Even if people thought he was a fake or couldn't understand, surely someone would say something. He still had brain bugs to buy and Fish Scale City Lords to control.

After waiting for a while, Zhao Fu felt quite regretful that he had tried to pretend. He should have just traded with them and collected as many brain bugs as possible instead of trying to obtain brain bugs for free. Now, he would not be able to obtain any more brain bugs.

What Zhao Fu didn't know was that among the high-level Cultivators, a shocking piece of news was being spread - there was a massive opportunity, as a higher being was giving pointers on the Dao in the Heaven Spirit Stele's Communication Region. It was an incredibly rare opportunity that one would regret missing for the rest of their lives.

Most people condescendingly laughed when hearing about this - how could higher beings be willing to share their Dao, which they had painstakingly comprehended, with lesser Cultivators like them? Who would be willing to do such a thing?

At first, many people didn't believe this, but as more and more started to spread this news, some people started to enter the Heaven Spirit Stele out of curiosity, and there were even reports of people gaining comprehension and breaking through

Looking at the rainbow-colored words giving off a formless might, everyone's hearts trembled. Those words seemed to form a world of their own, and they seemed to be instantly pulled in, unable to draw themselves out as they comprehended the Dao.

Those words seemed to be filled with a heavily law, and no one dared to say anything out of fear that those words would disappear.

This matter became larger and larger. Those who found out about it first was naturally the Heaven Spirit Financial Group. They had given Zhao Fu his Supreme level account and badge, mostly to establish good relationships and monitor him.

After Zhao Fu said such profound words, they were immediately reported to the higher-ups. Hearing that it was about Zhao Fu, those people did not dare to dally, but after seeing what he had said, their expressions became incredibly grave.

For someone to be able to say such profound things, it was possible that his Comprehension exceeded even theirs, making them feel shocked. Their Cultivations were already at the peak of the world, and only those who were half-step Celestials surpassed them.

However, that person was in a remote region and had not even entered the Heaven Awaken World for long; how could he have such profound Comprehension?

Suddenly, the Heaven Spirit Financial Group's leaders thought of a terrifying possibility, which was that he had once been a half-step Celestial and then had used some sort of heaven-defying method to reincarnate.

That was the only explanation for why that person had such a terrifying bloodline and could awaken the Celestial Emperor Star and Nether Emperor Star. After all, someone of such a high realm would be able to do those things.

Celestials were the ultimate existences in the Heaven Awaken World, and they reigned above everyone. Even countless gods and demons were just like ants in front of them.

For a half-step Celestial to choose to reincarnate, everyone felt a great haze covering the Heaven Awaken World. There was a plot underfoot, and it could cause a massive catastrophe.

After a long period of silence, one of the people said, "Looks like we've underestimated the importance of this matter; that person is incredibly dangerous."

Hearing this, everyone else sighed and nodded.

The ones who were the most shocked were naturally the Heaven Path Sect. After looking at those words, the elders felt incredibly shocked, because those words were extremely similar to their Heaven Path Sect's most important teachings, yet they were casually said by an outsider. Could it be one of their Ancestors?

Because of this the Sect Master even went to consult with the Ancestors in closed-door training and was shocked to hear that that person's Comprehension was above even theirs. That person was not someone from the Heaven Path Sect, though there was an even more monstrous existence in the Heaven Path Sect. However, that existence had been in closed-door training for over 1,000 years, and even the Sect Master did not dare to disturb that being.

However, those words had been given for free, so the Sect Master immediately ordered some people to engrave those words on a mountain peak in order for the Heaven Path Sect's disciples opportunities to comprehend them.

Seeing those words, the ordinary Heaven Path Sect disciples felt incredibly dumbfounded and asked which higher-being from the Sect had comprehended such things. However, the Sect Master did not answer, and it was soon spread that those words within the Heaven Spirit Stele were from a higher being from the Heaven Path Sect.

Soon, the Heaven Path Sect's fame greatly increased, and many people felt much more respect towards it. A higher being from the Heaven Path Sect had been so selfless, freely talking about the Dao he had painstakingly comprehended. Who would not respect such a person?