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 Great Qin decided to give these players one last chance. Their living conditions would be quite abysmal, and they were treated far worse than ordinary residents. If they wanted to advance their position, they would have to contribute to Great Qin. Anyone who had any thoughts of disloyalty would be killed without mercy.

After announcing the punishment for the players, he turned and left, and the players kneeling on the ground let out a sigh of relief. At least they had kept their lives.

Following this, Great Qin's Civil Ministers started to make arrangements for these players, sending them to various places and giving them various jobs.

Zhao Fu returned to the palace and discussed with his subordinates about the gains from this operation. The 1370 regions from the four countries provided Great Qin with 3,500 Great Cities, 1,000 Cities, a whopping 1.5 billion indigenous residents, and 200 million players.

There were also the regions to the east and west of Great Qin. Many of them had been taken by Great Qin without even fighting - 1,500 Great Cities had submitted, providing Great Qin with 600 million residents.

Altogether, Great Qin had gained 6,000 Cities and 2.3 billion people. Now, Great Qin's overall population reached seven billion people.

Great Qin now controlled 3,720 regions and had 8,428 Great Cities and 2,921 Cities. Just the Cities it had alone numbered more than 10,000. After unifying the northern side of the Midland Continent, Great Qin was simply monstrous, causing anyone to feel terror.

Now, it was time to give out rewards. All Ministers and Generals who had performed well were rewarded with titles, land, and other valuables. Following this, a large group of women were brought in. These women were all the top beauties from among the players, and there were thousands of them. Zhao Fu allowed the Ministers and Generals to take their pick as additional rewards.

It had already been four years, but most of his subordinates had not shown much interest in this area. Since there were so many women, Zhao Fu did not mind giving them to his subordinates. He had already taken out those with a large amount of Phoenix Qi, and the rest he decided to give as rewards.

However, no one dared to choose any of the women and insisted that he keep them for himself. In their hearts, they all saw Zhao Fu as a licentious person; who would dare to fight with Zhao Fu over women? Moreover, their hearts were set on the development of Great Qin, and they did not have any thoughts for anything else.

Zhao Fu could only feel quite helpless. Since they were unwilling to take them, Zhao Fu could not force his subordinates to take them. They were the top beauties from the five countries, and they included superstars, models, and people from large families. As such, Zhao Fu decided to just keep them in the palace.

This time, the Spiders had contributed greatly. In order to develop the power of the throne, as well as Elise's powers, Zhao Fu gave the order to create a place to especially nurture spiders. As such, he built a small palace called the Spirit Spider Palace.

Elise also asked for a large number of spirit pills, but Zhao Fu did not know what she wanted them for. However, since she and her spiders had contributed greatly, Zhao Fu did not question her and agreed to her request.

Now, they had almost doubled the number of regions Great Qin controlled. Great Qin's task was now to clear them out and build a Great Wall to contain all 3,720 of them and raise Great Qin to a Level 3 Marquisate Kingdom.

Because Great Qin had revealed its trump card, the Spiders, the various factions were now prepared. As such, Zhao Fu did not plan to attack, and he instead decided to digest those regions first and stabilize the northern side. Only then would Great Qin be unshakeable and be able to start its plan to unify China.

Next, it was time to refine the four Nation Armaments, which would allow Great Qin's foundation to become even firmer. After a lot of writhing and moaning, hundreds of women lay weakly on the ground.

They were all women from the various Dynasties, and many of them were women of powerful people in the real world or held power themselves.

The woman underneath Zhao Fu right now used to be the most powerful person in Vietnam. Now that Vietnam had perished, she had naturally been brought to Great Qin. The amount of Phoenix Qi she had was many times greater than ordinary women from Dynasties, which was quite massive.

"Your Majesty, please give some more thought to the Vietnamese residents," she said as she affectionately hugged his arm.

Zhao Fu lightly nodded and put on his clothes, bringing with him the four Nation Armaments. He once again gathered the necessary people and activated the Great World Refinement, causing the Fate in the Midland Continent to gather.

A cauldron giving off a massive aura appeared in the sky, and countless people looked towards Great Qin with grim expressions. Now that the five countries had been destroyed, the rest of them were in great danger, so they could not help but worry.

Soon, all traces of those Dynasties were burned away by the formless fire, and Great Qin's Fate madly entered the Nation Armaments, causing them to go through changes.

Finally, the colorful cauldron dissipated into traces of Fate and disappeared, and the four shining Nation Armaments slowly descended from the sky.

Zhao Fu took hold of the four Nation Armaments; their appearances had all greatly changed. The Nation Jade used to give off a light that was reminiscent of the dawn, but it now gave off a black light. After all, Great Qin's main color was black. Zhao Fu looked through their information and felt quite satisfied before placing them next to the Great Qin City's City Heart.

Right now, even though Great Qin had entered a period of clearing out regions again, they could not just do that and neglect everything else, allowing the various factions to ally together. As such, Great Qin now had another task, which was to divide the enemy forces and have more people surrender.

In order to do this, Great Qin had to first scare those people, so it announced, "The consequences of offending Great Qin are what happened to the five countries. Either choose to remain neutral or submit to Great Qin. Great Qin can give you everything you want. Anyone who chooses to oppose Great Qin will be killed without mercy."

After sending out this announcement, many people left the alliance, and those who had wanted to join did not dare to make it public.

The unification of the northern side of the Midland Continent caused everyone else in the Midland Continent to feel extremely nervous. This was not just a matter about China anymore - once Great Qin solidified its position in the north, it would have the ability to unify the entire Midland Continent.

The entirety of the Midland Continent became quite tense, and the other Continents felt quite worried as well. Now that Great Qin had unified the northern side of the Midland Continent, it was a great threat to them as well.

However, many system factions did not want to get involved and chose to remain neutral in order to avoid trouble, looking like they did not want to offend anyone. This was Great Qin's might - in the end, it was only the many player factions that still dared to openly oppose it, but even though there were many of them, they were quite weak.

After taking care of matters in the human world, Zhao Fu went to the two other worlds to take a look. The faction in the Fish Scale world was developing quite well and already had 1,400 City Lords.