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 There was the attack from the Vietnamese factions from within while Great Qin's even more terrifying attacks came from outside. Under these combined attacks, Laos seemed incredibly weak and would be destroyed easily.

At the same time, under the assault from such ferocious attacks, many people were willing to surrender, making the situation even easier to deal with.

The Lan Xang Kingdom's Nation Armament was an elephant made of gold. It was quite powerful, but facing the violent and ferocious Demon Sovereign King Zhao Mo and the cruel Elise, it was at a complete disadvantage. In the end, Zhao Mo bit the Legatee in half and devoured him.

Seeing how deliciously Zhao Mo was eating the Legatee, Elise licked her lips. To them, Kings were incredibly delicious food, and King's blood was of great help to them.

However, Elise thought of something and lightly smiled as she left.

After destroying Laos, Zhao Mo and Elise led their forces to continue to attack Cambodia.

The various factions were hurriedly rushing to save the four countries, because once the four countries fell, Great Qin would unify the northern side of the Midland Continent and would not have anything to worry about. They could fully focus on dealing with China without worrying about anyone attacking from behind.

Moreover, after destroying the four countries, Great Qin's strength would once again greatly increase. If that happened, the pressure they faced would be even greater, so they absolutely could not allow the four countries to be destroyed.

However, they were still too late. In the distance, mournful dragons' cries sounded out, signifying that multiple Legatees had perished. It seemed that the four countries were doomed, but none of them were willing to give up and continued onwards.

However, at that moment, Bai Qi led the remaining City Lords, Wyverns, Corpse Soul Commanders, and the 20 Corps and faced off against them, not letting them past. Because of this, yet another massive battle exploded out.

This time, Great Qin had a big advantage, as they had many high-grade forces. Most importantly, they had 20 Corps, which could suppress City Lords, and it was not a problem for a Corps to deal with 70 or 80 City Lords.

Over at Zhao Fu's side, after destroying Myanmar, Zhao Fu started to quickly attack Thailand. Thailand had 350 regions and was slightly weaker than Myanmar, and it had 1,000 City Lords at most. They were completely powerless to resist.

The ones who were the most excited were the eight Aquatic Beast Kings. They could devour as many humans as they liked, and they had Zhao Fu's permission to rush into Cities to eat City Lords. After all, to them, City Lords were incredibly flavoursome snacks.

They City Lords were like sheep in front of them and could not retaliate at all. The Aquatic Beast Kings rampantly devoured them, but because Zhao Fu would not allow them to digest City Lord Seals again, they obediently preserved them.

The Netherocean Demon Whale gave off a mountain-toppling aura as it descended above a City, looking down at it ferociously. There was blood all around its mouth, as it had just devoured hundreds of thousands of people.

The City Lord sensed that terrifying aura and was so scared that his legs became weak. The countless residents looked above in terror as if they could already seem themselves being devoured. All of them clearly understood that Thailand was doomed.

"I'm willing to surrender, please don't harm my residents," that City Lord knelt down and said loudly in fear.

Seeing that their City Lord had knelt and pleaded for mercy, the soldiers and residents also knelt. They did not even dare to look up at the Netherocean Demon Whale anymore, because under its pressure, they could only tremble in fear.

The Netherocean Demon Whale dissatisfiedly harrumphed. In the past, even if people pleaded for mercy, it would still devour them. However, it had submitted to Zhao Fu now, and Zhao Fu had ordered them not to harm anyone who surrendered. But, they could do as they liked to those who resisted.

Thinking about those days of torture, the Netherocean Demon Whale resisted its desire to eat and flicked its tail, sending out a massive gale as it slowly flew towards the next City.

Seeing the Netherocean Demon Whale leave, the City Lord relaxed. However, thinking about the future, his gaze became dim - Thailand and those four other countries wouldn't exist anymore; it was all over.

Zhao Fu went to Sukhothai Kingdom in Thailand, and the Legatee was a beautiful woman. She had a beautiful face and an elegant figure, as well as a pair of large breasts, but Zhao Fu was not sure if this Legatee was a man or a woman.

After all, in Thailand, not every beautiful woman was really a woman. Even if they had breasts and sounded like a woman, they might have an extra something.

Zhao Fu gave off a terrifying might, covering all of Sukhothai City. Everyone looked up at Zhao Fu in fear, understanding that this person standing in the air was Great Qin's renowned and terrifying Legatee.

"Myanmar has already perished, and you all will be next. We do not want to waste words; either submit or die!"

Zhao Fu's voice was cold and filled with might and a dense killing intent. He did not put them in his eyes at all. However, they were not angry at all, only fearful, as Great Qin passing through the Void Zones had already sealed their fate.

Just then, the system announcement of Myanmar perishing sounded out throughout the entire Midland Continent, so everyone already knew of this. They had also just heard that Laos had perished, and they would be next. Zhao Fu had not lied at all.

Sukhothai Kingdom's Legatee's expression was quite unsightly and did not say anything for a while, unable to come to a decision. Seeing this, Zhao Fu suddenly attacked, causing a massive wave of power to fly out. The Legatee was unable to resist at all and was knocked to the ground, coughing up a large mouthful of blood.

Even though everyone else felt quite afraid, seeing their Majesty being attacked, they all gripped their weapons and gave off powerful auras as they rushed at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu disdainfully laughed as he stretched out a hand and prepared to commit a massacre. Zhao Fu had always felt quite angry towards the four countries, and now, he wanted to properly take revenge and vent out his anger.

"Stand down!" The Legatee lightly cried out and wiped away the blood at his or her lips. The Legatee knew that if they rushed up, they would definitely die.

A precious jade, giving off an incredibly powerful aura appeared, and even the weather started to change. This power was filled with the aura of a country's culture and civilization; this was Sukhothai Kingdom's Nation Armament, the Nation Jade.

"Hmph! You overestimate yourself." Seeing the Legatee unleash the Nation Armament's power, Zhao Fu understood her decision and coldly harrumphed as he released his power too and showed no mercy.

In just a few blows, Sukhothai's Legatee was sent into despair. Even when using the Nation Armament, the Legatee was unable to retaliate at all and had been heavily injured.

In the end, Zhao Fu pierced through the Legatee's chest with his sword, ending the Legatee's life. He found that this Legatee actually wasn't a woman, and as Sukhothai Kingdom perished, Thailand fell as well.