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 Su Yan and the various Legatees grinned as they sat together. This was the second time they had achieved a victory like this, and they were ecstatic.

"Everyone, it was all thanks to all of you. We all stopped Great Qin together, and now, there's nothing to fear about Great Qin. Since we can defend against them once, we can defend against them a second, a third, and a fourth time. Now that we're able to defend against Great Qin, we should think about how to attack Great Qin. This is for the happiness and peace of the world, so please do your best!" Si Ji smiled as he spoke loudly, and the other Legatees also praised the strategists, as this was all thanks to them.

The strategists all had slight smiles on their faces, as they had very steady and calm mental states. They only simply and courteously responded and maintained their cool; that was how a strategist ought to behave.

However, to be able to have victory over Great Qin again like this, they were naturally quite happy. After all, Great Qin was simply too powerful and dangerous, and they were under immense pressure. They had been worried that they would not be able to deal with Great Qin.

"Shall we celebrate our second victory?" a big man laughed loudly as he suggested.

Everyone else nodded and cheered, making the scene quite lively. Just as they were about to celebrate again, a person ran in with a pale face and cried out, "Myanmar has fallen!"

This caused the raucous scene to instantly chill. Everyone had looks of disbelief on their faces; how had Myanmar suddenly fallen? Didn't they have the protection of the Void Zones and isolation barriers, and hadn't Great Qin's army only just withdrawn from here? How could they have destroyed Myanmar? None of them could understand it.

However, the strategists' expressions fell as they realized something. They had that person give a full report before realizing that they had fallen for Great Qin's schemes - Great Qin's target had always been the four countries, and attacking the central area had just been a distraction. The strategists quickly ordered for reinforcements to be sent to the remaining three countries, as they were in immense danger.

Zhao Fu had a wicked smile on his face as he stood above Myanmar. After taking revenge in the central area, he had immediately returned to Great Qin. He had not appeared with Great Qin's army while attacking the central army, as he was naturally doing something else.

Great Qin had 23 Corps in total, and the remaining three Corps and about 2,000 City Lords, 1,500 Wyverns, and 1,500 Corpse Soul Commanders had gone to attack Myanmar.

That was how this matter could be explained - the strategists knew that Great Qin had various methods and tricks, so they had many countermeasures. This was not just a battle of might but also of wits, and no carelessness could be permitted.

After all, these were all famed strategists from throughout history, and Zhao Fu would not underestimate them. He would achieve victory by using means that they were unaware of in order to surprise them.

Zhao Fu had used the Wyverns and Corpse Soul Commanders before, so they were not secrets anymore, but Zhao Fu had a new trump card, which were the 60,000 Spiders.

These Spiders all had Stage 2 strength, and they were extremely proficient at digging tunnels. Their sharp claws could easily tear apart the ground, and they also had corrosive poison that could easily melt things as well.

They were able to soundlessly dig tunnels underground, and Zhao Fu used this method to get past the Void Zones and reach Myanmar's territory. Because the distance was quite far, it had taken them one month to arrive. They had also dug tunnels to Laos as well.

Bai Qi had taken the main army to resolutely attack the central area, drawing a lot of attention to cover for Zhao Fu.

The instant they arrived at Myanmar, Zhao Fu instantly released the eight Aquatic Beast Kings, the Wyverns, and the Corpse Soul Commanders, and they and the City Lords started to rampage.

Zhao Fu did not show any mercy either, killing anyone who came his way. They had to take down Myanmar as quickly as possible, and Myanmar did not even have time to respond.

On one hand, they were overconfident, as they thought that they would be able to stop Great Qin again. Moreover, they had received reports of victory from the central area, so they had never expected that they would be in danger.

Powerful spears shot into the player cities, and before the Myanmarese people could realize what was happening, magic formations were formed. Countless people were greatly shocked and wanted to escape, but it was already too late.

These spears were sealed with the Reality Magic Formation, and because setting up magic formations took time, in order to form them as quickly as possible, Zhao Fu sealed the formations within the spears. This allowed the formations to be instantly used and bring all of the players' bodies into the Heaven Awaken World.

Of course, these spears were incredibly special items, and not only were they fused with many Spatial Stones, but they had also used many precious materials to create them, or else they would not be able to seal the magic formation within them.

Myanmar had about 400 regions and around 1,200 City Lords. Putting aside Great Qin's Wyverns and Corpse Soul Commanders, just the eight Aquatic Beast Kings would be enough to destroy them.

Apart from Great Qin's high-grade battle forces, Zhao Fu had also brought 100 million soldiers and filled the main army with 100 million people's militia. Zhao Fu led these 100 million soldiers and three Corps to help Great Qin take control of the situation.

Myanmar fell incredibly quickly. Zhao Fu found the Pagan Dynasty and started to ferociously attack it. The Legatee was a round-faced young man, and the Nation Armament was a cattail and was not too weak.

However, in front of Zhao Fu, he was nothing. In order to deal with him quickly, Zhao Fu did not even use his Nation Armament and directly used the Great Qin Seal and the Six Paths of Reincarnation Power. In just three blows, he killed the Legatee.

After taking down Myanmar and controlling the situation, Zhao Fu led his soldiers to attack the next country, which was Thailand.

At the same time, the Vietnamese factions loyal to Great Qin made up some excuses to lead the other ordinary Vietnamese players to attack Laos. Laos was immediately enraged and sent soldiers to suppress them and kick them out.

However, at that moment, Zhao Mo and Elise brought a team of City Lords and Wyverns and started a massacre in Laos. They were incredibly cruel and merciless, making people shiver in fear.

As a Demon Sovereign King, Zhao Mo enjoyed slashing everything into pieces. Wherever he went, blood flew everywhere, and the ground was covered with mushed-up corpses.

Elise liked to chop people into countless small pieces, and she liked to hear people scream. As such, she would slowly kill them and not allow them to die quickly. This was unimaginably painful.

The City Lords and Wyverns here had come after retreating from attacking the central area. There were 2,000 City Lords and 2,000 Wyverns, and because the Corpse Soul Commanders could not be put into Spirit Pet Rings, they did not come.

With the forces here, destroying Laos would be no problem at all. Laos only had 300 regions and around 1,000 City Lords in total. Just Zhao Mo and Elise could deal with 800 City Lords together, and there were still 2,000 City Lords and Wyverns.