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 How could someone have exchanged for a Legendary grade equipment already? Even though it was one of the lowest ranked ones, this was enough to shock countless factions, making them understand how intense the competition was. All of the factions started to madly buy Flower Tears, aiming to constantly buy them.

The disappearance of one of the pieces of Legendary grade equipment somewhat shook Zhao Fu's heart, reducing his confidence in obtaining one of the top 10 pieces of Legendary grade equipment. As the saying went, there are mountains beyond mountains and heavens beyond heavens.

Zhao Fu did not waste any time and returned to the Great Qin Village, and he instructed his people to quickly collect Flower Tears.

Time always went by faster when one was busy. Soon, night fell, and Zhao Fu watched Li Si do his calculations before he reported, "Your Majesty, we collected 150,000 Flower Tears this time!"

Zhao Fu couldn't help but sigh again. Right now, they only had 2.27 million Flower Tears, which was still not enough. After returning to Holy Light City to convert the Flower Tears into Flower Tear Points, he saw that two more of the 37 pieces of Legendary grade equipment had disappeared. Now, three pieces of equipment had already been claimed.

After looking at this, Zhao Fu was about to leave when he suddenly heard someone call out to him. He turned and saw that it was Jiang Rou.

"What is it?" Zhao Fu softly asked Jiang Rou.

Jiang Rou looked around before pulling Zhao Fu to an alley where no one was around, making Zhao Fu quite curious.

"This is for you!" At this moment, Jiang Rou handed him a normal spatial ring. Zhao Fu took it and looked inside, and he found about 6,000 Flower Tears within it. When Zhao Fu saw this, he immediately returned it to Jiang Rou.

Jiang Rou asked curiously, "Zhao Xin, could it be that you don't need them? Don't worry, these Flower Tears belong to me, not the Jiang family."

Zhao Fu knew that he definitely couldn't accept them. Right now, all of the large families were desperately gathering Flower Tears. If her family found out that she had given him Flower Tears, she would be strictly reprimanded, and her life would become quite difficult.

Zhao Fu was somewhat moved by her actions. Since Jiang Rou had treated him as a friend by taking such a risk to help him, how could he let her potentially suffer?

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and shook his head, and he didn't give any reasons. Instead, he only said, "Thanks, but I can't accept it!"

Jiang Rou took back the spatial ring. Each of them talked about his or her own situation, and they were able to gradually relax. Zhao Fu no longer felt as worried and anxious as before, and Jiang Rou did not feel as much pressure and nervousness.

Afterwards, both of them smiled before leaving.


The next day, Zhao Fu once again brought a large amount of food to Gunador's tent. He found that apart from Gunador, there was also an exceptionally strong Orc. He gave Zhao Fu a powerful sense of suppression, and he was more than 10 times stronger than the main cities' Stage 1 guards.

This Orc caused Zhao Fu's pupils to contract because he could feel that this Orc had definitely reached at least Stage 3 in terms of cultivation.

However, Zhao Fu's expression did not change because he had a powerful Nation Armament to rely on.

"Respected Vice-Lord, I've once again brought a large amount of food. Have you prepared the Flower Tears?" Zhao Fu cupped his hands as he smiled.

Gunador also smiled as he replied, "Esteemed guest, I've already prepared them!"

As he spoke, Gunador brought out 12 spatial rings. Zhao Fu was incredibly delighted, and after looking through them, he found that they collectively held 1.2 million Flower Tears. He then reciprocated by taking out the corresponding amount of food.

After completing this transaction, Zhao Fu felt quite strange. From the beginning until now, the powerful Orc by Gunador's side had not said anything. He just sat there with his mouth closed and dumbly looked at him. Zhao Fu started to feel that this Orc had some sort of mental illness.

Following this, Zhao Fu decided to quickly leave. He was not afraid of normal dogs, but he was afraid of the type that would suddenly start madly biting him.

After Zhao Fu left, Bodili finally let out the breath he was holding and said, "I feel that this human is not simple at all!"

Upon hearing this, Gunador was quite shocked and asked, "How did you know?"

Bodili immediately replied, "Because he wasn't afraid of me glaring at him!"

Gunador was speechless and ignored Bodili as he started to make arrangements for the food.


After returning to the Great Qin Village, Zhao Fu mounted Little Black and brought Little Grey along as he personally went out to search for Flower Tears.

This time, he mainly relied on Little Grey's nose to find where large amounts of flowers were. However, there definitely weren't any nearby because this area had long since been searched by normal Grey Wolves, so Zhao Fu planned to go further.

Zhao Fu rode on Little Black and followed behind Little Grey as it ran along. What surprised Zhao Fu was that he actually made a great discovery. They discovered a concealed valley, where there were all sorts of flowers growing. Zhao Fu was delighted to find a violet Flower Tear, which was even rarer than azure Flower Tears.

The violet Flower Tear was as big as a marble, and it hovered above a red rose as it gave off a mysterious and majestic violet light.

If one combined 10 violet Flower Tears, one would be able to receive a Level 3 Flower Fairy's Blessing.

[Level 3 Flower Fairy's Blessing]: Effectiveness: 3 years, Description: The Flower Fairy's wonderful blessing. It increases the speed at which flowers within your territory grow by 400% and the time it takes for flowers to wilt by 400%. Has a high chance of attracting Flower Spirits.

Surprisingly, the Level 3 Flower Fairy's Blessing did not increase the stat bonuses by another 100%. Instead, the stat bonuses were double that of the Level 2 Blessings, increasing the stat bonuses by 200%. There was also a high chance of attracting Flower Spirits. However, it was a pity that the violet Flower Tears were incredibly rare, as until now, he had only discovered a single one, while the Orc City had not found even one. At the same time, a single violet Flower Tear was worth 10,000 normal Flower Tears.

By now, Zhao Fu had collected seven azure Flower Tears, and soon, he would be able to obtain a Level 2 Flower Fairy's Blessing.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu returned to the Great Qin Village and took some people to the concealed valley to collect Flower Tears.

At night, there was no moon in the sky. There were only a few dim stars in the sky, making the night seem quite dark.

This time, they had collected another 830,000 Flower Tears, and another eight pieces of Legendary grade equipment had disappeared. This time, one of them was the seventh-ranked equipment, [Sacred Heaven].

This information made countless factions nervous and tense to the extreme, and Zhao Fu also started to feel worried. Early in the morning the next day, Zhao Fu headed to the Orc City to trade with Gunador again. This time, the Orcs had collected 1.3 million Flower Tears, allowing Zhao Fu to finally rest at ease.

Now, Zhao Fu had a total of 5.6 million Flower Tears, which were worth 56 million Flower Tear Points. It was just enough to exchange for the first-ranked piece of legendary equipment, [Sky Demon].

After traveling to Holy Light City, Zhao Fu felt somewhat nervous. After choosing the option to buy [Sky Demon] with his Flower Tear Points, it immediately entered his King's Ring.

Suddenly, a half-orange and half-violet light shined from the stone stele as something that caused almost all of the factions to collapse with shock and terror happened: the top-ranked piece of legendary equipment, [Sky Demon], disappeared from the list.