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 Great Qin would only be sending 100 million soldiers to the back, and most of the City Lords would be at the front to draw attention. As such, simultaneously invading four countries would be quite difficult, so Zhao Fu planned to invade one country first instead of splitting his forces.

After destroying a country, they would immediately turn to another country. They would first destroy Myanmar and Thailand, as they were stronger than the other countries.

Because Laos and Cambodia were weaker, after Great Qin destroyed Myanmar and Thailand, dealing with them would be much easier.

Moreover, Great Qin had a massive chess piece buried within Laos, which was the Vietnamese faction from before. More than 70% of the factions there had secretly decided to join Great Qin, and Zhao Fu could order them to attack Laos at any time, helping Great Qin easily take down Laos.

As such, with only Cambodia remaining, it would not have any hope and could only be destroyed.

Great Qin spent about a month building a large number of ships. Great Qin did not have enough ships to accommodate 100 million soldiers, so they had to quickly build them.

Now, all preparations were complete, and Bai Qi, Wang Jian, Wei Liao, and Bai Xihan each led an army and marched towards the four countries on land. The Midland Continent, which had just enjoyed a bit of peace, was once again covered by a storm.

The four countries, as well as China's various factions, once again roused themselves and made preparations to deal with Great Qin's advance.

Just like before, as the four armies advanced, they were continuously ambushed, making their advance incredibly slow.

This time, Great Qin's armies brought Scholars, who set up isolation barriers wherever they went. This way, the four countries' people would not be able to attack from the side whenever they wanted, making it difficult to attack as they could no longer be as nimble.

Great Qin slowly reversed its unfavourable conditions, and the people from the four countries no longer looked as pleased. They continued attacking while reporting this to the higher-ups, asking them for a solution.

In response, the four countries' factions asked the Chinese side for advice, and the Chinese side passionately responded. Because of the current situation, they seemed incredibly close as if they were a family.

It was only because of Great Qin's threat that they were willing to be so close and harmonious.

In a world where interests reigned supreme, no one cared about justice, evil, or even patriotism. In this kind of world, anyone would kill their brother and father for one's own benefits.

It seemed that everyone had forgotten the matter about the 21 countries invading China. Some people had said that since Great Qin was part of China, it should have helped China, yet now this was happening. As such, Zhao Fu wanted to take over China; this world could only have Great Qin.

In response to what Great Qin was doing, the four countries sent over more people and increased the size of their teams, continuing to ambush them.

Even though they were not as nimble as before, the frequency of their attacks increased and had a greater effect.

Because Zhao Fu wanted to use the Reality Magic Formation at the back of the four countries, he could not reveal it now. As such, the four armies would not use the Reality Magic Formation.

Facing the four countries' continuous harassment, Great Qin continued to advance slowly but steadily, looking incredibly resolute to attack the four countries. This made the four countries feel quite worried, and they sent even more people to launch attacks, looking incredibly resolute to defend.

On the other side, Zhao Fu took 100 million soldiers on countless ships, as well as the eight Aquatic Beast kings and 2,000 City Lords. With this sort of strength, destroying a country would be no problem. The main thing was the eight Aquatic Beast Kings and Zhao Fu's immense power.

The 100 million soldiers and 2,000 City Lords were mainly for tying up the residents and soldiers and for support as well.

The sight of countless ships sailing together was quite majestic, and it could cause one's heart to tremble. It could be said to be the human world's largest navy.

After sailing for five or six days, they discovered that they were even faster than expected and were already more than halfway there. They did not encounter any problems on the way and progressed quite smoothly.

Zhao Fu stood on the ship at the front in order to deal with any unexpected circumstances. Just as they were about to reach the coastal seas of the four countries, a shocking aura burst forth, seeming to shake the heavens.

The surface of the ocean started to toss and roll, creating massive waves.

Zhao Fu immediately sensed a terrifying danger, and his expression fell. He immediately sent out the eight Aquatic Beast Kings, while 20,000 people appeared ahead of them, giving off powerful auras - they were all City Lords.

At their head was Su Yan, who gave a condescending smile as he looked at Zhao Fu, saying, "Long time no see, Great Qin's Legatee. Firstly, I need to thank you, as you showed me just how weak and powerless I was. However, things are different now, because we've seen through all of your plans."

"Retreat!" Zhao Fu had no time to respond to Su Yan. When that terrifying aura had appeared, Zhao Fu had already sensed that something was off. Now that he personally saw the 20,000 City Lords, he realized that the other side had set a trap here and was waiting for him, so he immediately gave the order to retreat.

All of the soldiers obeyed and started to turn the ships around, but it was already too late.

A 1,000 meter tall, thousands of kilometers wide wave formed, giving off an aura that seemed like it could devour everything as it rushed towards Great Qin's navy.

"Arghhh!" Zhao Fu roared as he took out the Sin Dragon Sword and exploded out with the Great Qin Seal and the Six Paths of Reincarnation Power, sending them into the Sin Dragon Sword. The Sin Dragon Sword gave off a world-destroying sword light, and Zhao Fu slashed out, seeming to rend the heavens, towards the enormous wave.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

The eight Aquatic Beast Kings also obeyed Zhao Fu's orders and exploded out with terrifying auras as they entered the sea and charged towards the wave.


A shocking explosion sounded out as the terrifying sword light split the wave in half, while the eight Aquatic Beast Kings also crashed into the wave. The wave was destroyed, but a massive amount of seawater still flooded forwards with immense destructive power towards Great Qin's navy.

Ship after ship was easily crushed, and countless soldiers fell into the water. Even though Great Qin was prepared and gave each soldier a Water Pearl, allowing them to breathe underwater, the massive shockwave still blasted the soldiers' bodies. The impact caused the soldiers to be heavily injured, destroying their organs and killing them. Corpses bobbed on the surface of the water before yet another 1,000 meter wave rushed forwards with a ferocious aura.

Zhao Fu exploded out with his full power, and the eight Aquatic Beasts and 2,000 City Lords also used their full power, wanting to stop this destructive wave.

In the end, Great Qin escaped wretchedly, losing around ten million soldiers. They had lost so many people without having accomplished anything, making this Great Qin's greatest loss.