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 Fortunately, those talismans could only negate the effects of basic Reality Harming Talismans, while Zhao Fu's Heart Sword could directly kill one's soul, rendering the talismans useless. Anyone who was killed by Zhao Fu's Heart Sword would remain dead.

Now, they had to find a way out of this situation. Zhao Fu could not do this by himself, so he could only discuss this with his subordinates.

Since they were unable to attack the four countries, they could only turn back and attack the three other directions, devouring the remaining regions in China's northern side. They could then expand to the east and west, separating the four countries from everyone else.

If they could do this, it would be easier to deal with the four countries. After all, if anyone wanted to help the four countries, they would have to pass through Great Qin. With the four countries isolated, they would be much easier to deal with.

Their second option was to move into China's central area, which had about 1,000 regions. After controlling those 1,000 regions, they could attack the east, west, and south and unify China.

The smaller countries did not give Great Qin even a bit of pressure, and they would be incredibly easy to deal with. It was the Chinese factions that gave Great Qin the most pressure, and they were Great Qin's greatest obstacle.

If they could get rid of this obstacle, Great Qin's path would be incredibly easy in the future. None of the remaining factions in the Midland Continent would have the strength to resist Great Qin.

In actuality, this was quite a good plan, getting rid of the resistant factions in China first before dealing with the resistant factions outside. However, the other side had long since expected Great Qin to make a move against them.

By the time Zhao Fu and his various Generals prepared to turn their attention to the central area of China, a Void Zone that spanned five regions had already been set down. The central area was where most of China's Fate was gathered, and China's first Dynasty, the Xia Dynasty, was there.

Even though Great Qin had suddenly emerged as a powerful force, causing all of China's Fate to lean towards the northern side, the central area had many powerful factions, such as the Ancient Clans, School of Taoism, School of Confucianism, School of Mohism, etc.

Even though most factions decided to remain neutral, some actively helped others to resist Great Qin.

For example, the Confucians, who could not tolerate Great Qin's ruthlessness, and the Mohists, who advocated for benevolence, were the greatest opponents of Great Qin. When Great Qin decided to move into the central area of China, the factions would all have to make a decision, as Great Qin would not allow any other factions to remain there.

All of the factions at the central area would be cleared out, and they would either submit or die. There was no possibility of remaining neutral, and this increased the difficulty of Great Qin moving into the central area.

Now, there would be great resistance wherever Great Qin attacked; it was like they were surrounded, so how could they get out of this situation?

Elsewhere, within a luxurious pavilion, many people were celebrating. With Great Qin's strength and momentum, it seemed unstoppable, yet they had stopped it in its tracks. Having Great Qin retreat was a great victory.

However, it was also a pity that Great Qin had turned back in time. If they had delved any deeper, they could have dealt a heavy blow to Great Qin.

Apart from the various strategists, there were, of course, the various Dynasty Legatees. The Dynasty Legatees all grinned as they sat together and drank, feeling much better.

"Come! Brother Su, I salute you with this cup; you've contributed the most this time!" Si Ji was slightly drunk as he held a wine cup and put his arm around Su Yan as if they really were brothers.

Su Yan lightly smiled and picked up his cup, finishing it in one gulp, as he said, "It wasn't just my contributions; my junior apprentice brother and the other strategists all helped greatly; this victory belongs to everyone. Also, Great Qin will not give up so easily, so we need to continue to be careful."

Hearing this and thinking about how terrifying Great Qin was, the slightly drunk attendees became more clear-minded and nodded seriously.

Back at Great Qin, Zhao Fu and his subordinates once again made a plan, and they decided to continue attacking those four countries. The difficulty of entering the central area of China would be many times greater than destroying the four countries. After Great Qin became even more powerful, entering the central area of China would be much easier.

Also, if they unified the northern side of the Midland Continent, there would not be much to worry about anymore. After all, if Great Qin wanted to move into the central area right now, it would not only face the various Chinese factions in front of them but also the four countries behind them. This would be quite difficult to take care of, so Zhao Fu decided to attack the four countries first.

Even though Great Qin was surrounded by Void Zones and isolation barriers, there was one place where there was not any, which was the coastal area. Naturally, the four countries were unable to set up any isolation barriers there, so there was not any resistance there.

Great Qin could use the ocean to come behind the four countries and attack from there.

However, it was also possible that the four countries had set up isolation barriers on their coastal areas to stop Great Qin from attacking from the ocean. However, even if they did set up isolation barriers, Zhao Fu would still attack from the ocean, as he already had a good plan.

He first took out 100 million soldiers from the army and replaced them with the 100 million people's militia.

When they attacked the four countries again, they would still have the same number of soldiers, so this would not evoke any suspicion. The four countries would think that Great Qin was still attacking from the front and gather their forces to the front.

While the four armies advanced on land, they would also set up their own isolation barriers. If Great Qin could not use teleportation channels, they would make it so that the other side could not use them either. That way, Great Qin would not be in such a disadvantageous position and would be able to fight a prolonged battle with them.

As for the 100 million soldiers that Zhao Fu took out of the army, he would have them travel behind the four countries and attack there. Even if there were isolation barriers, it would be much easier to attack from behind, and they would also be able to utilize the eight Aquatic Beast Kings.

When the time came, because the four countries' armies and City Lords would be at the front, Zhao Fu would bring some City Lords and the eight Aquatic Beast Kings to quickly travel and attack from behind.

Traveling on ships would definitely be faster than walking. Instead of taking one month to walk, using ships would only take 15 days. This would save a lot of time.

The only thing to be wary of was that there could be countless players retaliating, as they no longer feared Great Qin. After all, the Reality Harming Talismans were no longer useful against them, and because it was Great Qin invading them, things would not be as easy as taking down Vietnam.

Zhao Fu thought of the Reality Magic Formation that the golden dragon had given him. He considered bringing all of these players' real bodies into the Heaven Awaken World before slaughtering them all.