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 After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu gathered his subordinates in the palace and said, "I'm sure you have all sensed that there has been something off; they've prepared for this, and Great Qin has continuously been at a disadvantage. What do you all think about this?"

Hearing this, Wei Liao stepped out and bowed before saying, "Your Majesty, Great Qin's intelligence reports have been a bit lacking this time to the point that we had no idea about this plot. If we could have known about it earlier, we would have been able to prepare countermeasures.

"This subordinate recommends using Flower Moon. Before, we obtained a lot of our intelligence from them, and even though Great Qin has established an information network, it has only been two years and is not very efficient yet and cannot compare to Flower Moon."

Zhao Fu sank into his thoughts. Great Qin had only established its information network after all of the regions were opened up. Before the regions had been connected, Great Qin's people had not been able to go all over the world, so they had only established their information network for about two years.

Flower Moon had appeared around when the Ancient Clans had appeared, and it had been maintaining its businesses and information networks for the past thousands of years. Its foundations were incredibly deep, so it was able to obtain a lot of important information. It was only natural that Great Qin could not compare to it.

Even though the higher-ups of Flower Moon had been captured by Great Qin, its various departments and branches were still there. Intelligence reports were important at any time, so Zhao Fu did not hesitate as he ordered, "Send out my order and summon Xiao Yueyin to the palace.

Following this, Xiao Yueyin came to the palace. Facing the gazes of the various Ministers and Generals, she sensed something and smiled before bowing and saying, "I greet Your Majesty!"

Zhao Fu looked at the smile on Xiao Yueyin's face and understood that she had already guessed what this was about, so he said directly, "We agree to restoring Flower Moon and allowing you to remain as the leader of Flower Moon. However, Flower Moon must become part of Great Qin and accept some people from Great Qin supervising it. If you agree to this, We will preserve Flower Moon. What are your thoughts?"

Xiao Yueyin lightly smiled and replied, "This Concubine is willing to agree to all of these terms. Thank you, Your Majesty, for restoring Flower Moon and preserving it; this Concubine and everyone from Flower Moon will not let down Your Majesty."

Zhao Fu nodded before giving Xiao Yueyin a Rank 2A Official position, making her officially part of Great Qin. After Zhao Fu restored Flower Moon, it quickly started operations again, and it re-launched the Heaven Awaken World forum as well.

A few days later, Flower Moon discovered some information that Great Qin had not been able to find, explaining the suspicious events.

Firstly, it was not just the factions in the Midland Continent; many other factions on other Continents had chosen to stand together against Great Qin.

Since Great Qin was going to sweep across the world, the various factions could not just sit there and wait to die; it was only natural for them to choose to resist. None of the other continents wanted to see Great Qin unify the Midland Continent because if it unified the Midland Continent, the four other Continents would be in danger as well.

However, given the fact that Great Qin was too powerful, they would suffer heavy losses if they took the initiative to attack; they had all learned their lesson. As such, they all decided not to attack but to defend against Great Qin's attack.

The factions closest to Great Qin contributed the most, while those further away contributed less, and the factions in other Continents only gave some indirect support.

Fortunately, Great Qin had not rashly continued to advance to attack the four countries, as the four countries had 10,000 City Lords lying in wait and all sorts of traps. If Great Qin had advanced any further, they would have fallen into their trap, resulting in heavy losses.

The three other sides had also prepared their armies, waiting for Great Qin to delve too deep into the Void Zone before ferociously attacking.

No single faction could do such a thing, and this was an incredibly intricate plot. The main mastermind was a faction that had not appeared for too long, whose single goal was to deal with Great Qin.

This faction was called Qin Suppression and was made up of the strategists of the various Dynasties, such as Jiang Ziya, Xiao He, Liu Bowen, etc. There were also strategists from the various Nations, such as the State of Shu's Zhuge Liang, the Wu State's Zhou Yu, and the Wei State's Guo Jia.

There were also two important people, who were from the School of Vertical and Horizontal. One was the Vertical Branch's Su Yan, who had disappeared for a long time. He had played a major role in creating Qin Suppression, and the other person was the Horizontal Branch's Zhang Heng.

This was the first time that the people from both branches of the School of Vertical and Horizontal had come together against a common enemy; it could be said that they were simply invincible.

Zhao Fu had wanted to kill Su Yan all this time, but after the battle that time, he seemed to have vanished into thin air. No matter how hard they looked for him, they could not find him. Now, he had suddenly reappeared and was continuing to resist Great Qin.

There was also Zhang Heng; Zhao Fu had met him before and felt that he was an incredibly dangerous person. He had slightly helped Great Qin before by giving Zhao Fu a strategy.

Back then, Zhao Fu had wanted to keep him to serve Great Qin, but it was a pity that Zhang Heng had no such plans. Now, unexpectedly, he was standing against Great Qin.

The main reason was that he had chosen someone to serve, which was one of the States that Great Qin had destroyed in the past: the State of Yan. Now that Great Qin was devouring everything in its path and was simply unstoppable, they could only choose to unite against it.

All of the schemes came from this faction. Their strategists came up with a plot against Great Qin, while the other factions gave them strength. They felt quite confident, as Qin Suppression was made up of countless genius-level strategists.

With the existence of this faction and the plots they came up with, Great Qin could not afford to be careless at all, nor could it act recklessly. It was evident how great their threat was.

Another of Great Qin's confusions was also resolved - the reason why the players were not afraid of the Reality-Harming Talismans was because they now had a way of neutralizing the Reality-Harming Talismans.

Their solution as something called a Two Body Talisman, which allowed one to split their consciousness and body. Even if one was harmed in the Heaven Awaken World, the damage would not be brought back to the real world, negating the effects of the Reality-Harming Talismans.

If it wasn't for the fact that Great Qin was too powerful, the appearance of these talismans would result in Great Qin being attacked by countless players again. As long as they did not die true deaths, many people would be willing to go on suicide missions for money.

The one who provided those talismans was naturally Su Yan. The reason he had disappeared without any news for so long was because it was said that he had ventured into a historical remnant and had come back with great gains.

From how Zhao Fu saw it, Su Yan had to die.