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 Something must have happened in the last six months; everyone seemed to have planned something in advance, and a dark haze covered Great Qin. Zhao Fu's expression became serious, and he felt that something was very off.

It had seemed like taking down the four countries would be incredibly easy, but they now faced massive obstacles. With their current speed, it would take at least seven or eight months to reach the four countries.

Would Zhao Fu spend seven to eight months of precious time to attack those four countries? Absolutely not; Great Qin had to quickly develop, as there was not much time left for the human world.

If Zhao Fu was unable to unify the human world, he would not be able to even think about taking down the Dark Demon world and Fish Scale world; that would be impossible.

"Roarrrr!!" a dragon's roar sounded out, and soon, a soldier ran into the tent and knelt, holding up a bamboo container. He said in a loud voice, "Reporting to His Majesty! This is the report from the second army!"

Since they could not use teleportation channels, they could only rely on Wyverns to quickly send information to each other. With the Wyverns' strength, this was quite safe.

The four armies were led by various Generals. Zhao Fu led the first army with Meng Tian and Wang Jian, Wei Liao led the second army, Bai Qi led the third army, and Bai Xihan led the fourth army.

The report detailed how the second army had met a beast tide with millions of beasts. Even though the beast tide was quite terrifying and ferocious, it was still destroyed by Great Qin's army with the price of some casualties and injuries.

Everything else was quite similar to what had happened to Zhao Fu's army; people had continuously attacked, reducing their speed and making it difficult to advance.

Reports soon came from the other two armies, and things were about the same over there as well.

"Roarrr!!" Suddenly, the roars of countless beasts sounded out, and Zhao Fu clearly sensed a ferocious aura rushing at Great Qin's army from the northwest. It was a beast tide.

As the beast tide drew closer, deafening rumbling could be heard as a dark mass of beasts charged over with unstoppable momentum towards them.

Facing this beast tide, Great Qin's soldiers did not panic; after all, it was just a few million beasts. Great Qin's soldiers quickly responded, getting into formation, and the City Lords also prepared to destroy this beast tide.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed, feeling quite angry. He left the tent and turned into a ray of light, quickly appearing above the beast tide.

Looking down at the beast tide, Zhao Fu unleashed his full power, causing a massive aura to burst forth. He took out the Death Disaster Sword and slashed out with a terrifying sword light.


An enormous explosion sounded out as the sword light seemed to cleave the ground in half. The ground continuously shook as a sword gash that was 10,000 meters long and 100 meters wide appeared on the ground, surrounded by blood and broken corpses.

This single sword strike had killed hundreds of thousands of beasts, and the terrifying sound caused the beast tide to pause. Most of them were just ordinary beasts; how could they resist Zhao Fu, who had unleashed the Great Qin Seal's power?

After unleashing that strike, Zhao Fu charged into the beast tide and started to commit a massive slaughter. Sword light continuously shot everywhere, causing blood and broken corpses to fly all over the place. Before the ferocious beast tide could even reach Great Qin's army, all of the beasts had either been killed or had run away.

Of course, Great Qin's other City Lords helped out as well; how could they dare to just watch while their Majesty fought?

However, they could sense Zhao Fu's anger, so they were careful and stayed away from him as they killed the beasts.

After killing countless beasts, Zhao Fu felt somewhat better and not as melancholic. Without him realizing it, the eye of kindness in his heart no longer made him feel any pain because it had turn into an eye of killing.

Having met so many obstacles, Zhao Fu returned to his tent and discussed with his Generals. They decided to stop advancing like this and use Great Qin's Scholars to get rid of these annoying isolation barriers.

Zhao Fu did not want to spend seven to eight months advancing like this. Because of this, their only option was to destroy the isolation barriers.

As such, they set up camp and rested for a few days while they waited for Great Qin's Scholars to arrive. Now that Great Qin had set up camp there, no one dared to come and attack. Just the Archers standing guard were enough to easily kill them, making it so that they did not dare to come close at all.

After Great Qin's Scholars arrived, they brought with them many things, most of which were to break isolation barriers. After arriving, they soon started to work.

Zhao Fu's task for the Scholars was to break through the countless isolation barriers within one month. Zhao Fu was determined to destroy the four countries within one month before turning to attack the other regions.

The Scholars had to look everywhere for the isolation barriers, and Zhao Fu sent many City Lords with them to guarantee their safety. Otherwise, just a few teams of players could annihilate Great Qin's Scholars, as they were quite weak.

Zhao Fu decided to stay where he was and wait. The four countries were resisting quite a lot, so he would definitely deal with them severely after conquering them.

A few days later, Zhao Fu looked quite displeased as he looked at the Scholars kneeling in front of him. Over the past few days, there had been no developments at all, and Zhao Fu was quite angry that another few days had been wasted.

According to the Scholars, these Void Zones were created by combining countless different isolation barriers, forming an enormous isolation barrier. Even though they knew how to dismantle it, there would be new isolation barriers set up. In other words, the other side would be able to build as fast as Great Qin could dismantle.

Moreover, the other side had left a path within the isolation barrier, meaning that they could use teleportation channels while Great Qin could not.

In terms of speed, Great Qin was far behind them, so it was at a disadvantage. Zhao Fu was quite worried that the other side's City Lords would suddenly attack an army. Right now, Great Qin's 10,000 City Lords were split among four armies.

Each army only had 2,000 or so City Lords, and if the other side's City Lords gathered together, they would have around 5,000 City Lords. Luckily, Great Qin was not too deep within enemy territory, so reinforcements could quickly arrive. However, once they went further into enemy territory, they would be too far from each other, making the situation quite dangerous.

Zhao Fu breathed out and calmed himself down. He understood the situation Great Qin was in, so he ordered for the four armies to return and give up on attacking the four countries.

After receiving this order, the three other armies were not too surprised. In the end, they had not prepared enough and had underestimated the enemy.