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 This second option was quite troublesome, as the four countries had spent a lot of effort building so many isolation barriers. Some isolation barriers were even underground or within mountains, making it incredibly difficult to get rid of them.

Zhao Fu first had some people investigate to see how long it would take to get rid of those isolation barriers, and he found out that it would actually take three to four months. As such, Zhao Fu could only choose the first option, as having the entire army quickly move through two regions would only take about a month.

These four countries had spent a great deal of effort to resist Great Qin, but all of it would be for nought. A trace of coldness appeared in Zhao Fu's eyes; after conquering them, he would deal with them severely.

However, not too long after they started to move, the coastal area to the north of Great Qin suddenly erupted out with large gales, causing some small tsunamis. Some aquatic beasts were affected and started to go onshore to attack fishermen, and even though they responded in time, this still resulted in some casualties and injuries.

This made Zhao Fu frown - from the situation, these things seemed like they were caused by people. It was too suspicious for these things to start happening all of a sudden, and they were quite small as well. They would not be able to defend against true natural disasters.

Also, there were factions attacking Great Qin from the south, east, and west; they were some factions made up of system factions and player factions, and they formed hundreds of thousands of small teams. They did not directly attack, instead harassing Great Qin.

This was quite annoying, like a group of flies buzzing around. The Civil Officials had moved out, and the remainder of the soldiers guarded the Great Walls.

Zhao Fu thought about it and had the eight Aquatic Beast Kings guard the coastal area. With their powerful might, the man-made natural disasters would not be able to affect Great Qin even a bit.

At the same time, he ordered those guarding the Great Walls to only defend and not go out and attack, and he also ordered them to ignore the harassment from those factions. After destroying the four countries, they would deal with those factions.

Now, Zhao Fu was going to destroy the four countries so that the northern side of the Midland Continent would be at peace, and Zhao Fu would be able to attack other regions with peace of mind.

The four armies headed towards the four nations, but in less than a day, they started to be ambushed. Even though the enemy did not have many people, ranging from groups of thousands to tens of thousands, they would attack whenever they had an opportunity.

With their strength, they were unable to cause many casualties or injuries to Great Qin's army, and those who attacked all died. However, groups continuously came over to ambush them.

Sun Wu led a group of 100,000 soldiers to easily kill a group of a few thousand people, resulting in a few deaths on Great Qin's side. He brought the corpses to Zhao Fu and reported, "Your Majesty, they are all players; this has been same for the previous waves as well."

Zhao Fu frowned. Even though these people could not cause much losses to Great Qin, they continuously attacked, reducing the speed at which Great Qin's army could advance. Every time they moved forwards, they would soon have to stop and face more ambushes. This was incredibly annoying and would reduce morale.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu felt a trace of killing intent. Since they wanted to die, he would fulfil them. He shouted, "Send down my orders: Use Reality-Harming Talismans and kill all who come, whether they're male or female, young or old!"

Zhao Fu had used the remainder of his points from the Six Day Festival to buy materials to create more Reality-Harming Talismans, so they did not lack these talismans at all.

"Yes, Your Majesty!" the army responded loudly, shaking the surroundings. The soldiers started to take out talismans and stick them to their weapons.

Great Qin's army once again advanced, when arrows suddenly shot out from the distance with massive sounds.

Those responsible for clearing the path ahead were ready for this, and they sent their power into their weapons before slashing out and sending the arrows flying. The broken arrows landed like rain onto the ground.

"Charge!!" After blocking this wave of attacks, a General gave the order to charge, and he shot forwards as a few City Lords also flew over.

Those who had attacked did not try to attack again, and they immediately turned to run. Most of these players did not even have Stage 1 strength and would only die if they remained. They all knew this, so they immediately ran.

However, the City Lords and Great Qin's soldiers quickly caught up and started to launch monstrous attacks towards them.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Massive explosions sounded out as blood and broken corpses flew everywhere as cries sounded out. The players looked at the City Lords in the sky and the soldiers attacking them, and they immediately scattered in all directions.

However, most of them were unable to escape, and they were slaughtered by Great Qin's army. They were killed in just an instant with very few people escaping.

After clearing out this region, the main army was able to continue onwards, but soon, another wave of concealed players once again attacked, and they were once again killed by Great Qin's army.

At night time, Zhao Fu sat within a tent and frowned, feeling quite confused. They had used Reality-Harming Talismans, yet those players were still attacking; were they really not afraid of death? Were they really willing to give up everything for their countries? Or was it to protect their families that they were willing to die to resist Great Qin?

There were indeed people who were willing to give everything for their countries, even their lives, but they were in the absolute minority; usually people were only willing to do this for their own families and their own benefits. Perhaps this could be explained by them wanting to protect their families, which was why they were disregarding their own lives.

However, Zhao Fu had never slaughtered an entire country before; as long as they obediently left, Zhao Fu would not kill everyone. At most, their country would be destroyed, and their interests would be harmed.

As such, Zhao Fu was not able to believe that they were really willing to give up their lives just like that.

After all, most people were quite greedy, selfish, and cowardly, so Zhao Fu would not believe that they were so noble.

There was another point of suspicion - why was there not a single indigenous resident? If even the cowardly players were willing to give up their lives, then why wasn't there a single system main city soldier? They all had at least Stage 1 strength, and if they attacked, they could cause greater losses to Great Qin.

Why did they not send a single system main city soldier, choosing to use only players?