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 Early in the morning, a cool breeze blew over as a trace of light stretched from over the horizon. In the blue sky, the moon had not fully disappeared yet.

The Great Qin Village's residents all came to the Heaven Prayer Platform, which had a few flags inserted in it. A red carpet was rolled down the steps, and rows of valiant soldiers stood on both sides of it.

"His Majesty has arrived!"

A loud and clear shout sounded out as the residents and soldiers all kneeled down. Zhao Fu was wearing his Dark Gold Dragon Crown and Dark Gold Dragon Robe, and he gave off the might of an Emperor as he walked out. Zhao Fu was followed by Li Si and his other main subordinates.

Zhao Fu slowly started to walk up the steps, while Li Si and his other subordinates kneeled.

Zhao Fu walked up one step at a time, his heart feeling incredibly clear. There was a table on the Heaven Prayer Platform, on which there were candles, an incense-burner, and offerings.

Just as Zhao Fu reached the top of the Heaven Prayer Platform, the golden sun slowly rose from the east, piercing through all darkness. As golden sunlight fell on Zhao Fu's body, he seemed to glow with light, and he seemed to not only be majestic but also divine.

Zhao Fu walked over to the table and lit three sticks of incense before bowing. He then held the three sticks of incense as he said, "Today, this one comes as the Legatee of the Great Qin Empire to hold the first Heaven-Sacrifice Ceremony. I come with my subjects to offer our sacrifices to the heavens. We hope the heavens can see our sincerity."

After saying this, Zhao Fu placed the three sticks of incense in the incense-burner, closed his eyes, slightly raised his face, and calmed down his heart, sensing the heavens and the earth.


A massive explosion seemed to ring out within Zhao Fu's mind. A boundless, ancient, mysterious aura descended, and Zhao Fu opened his eyes to see countless spots of light descending like snow. The scene was indescribably beautiful, and after these spots of light descended on flowers, they became translucent Flower Tears.

Zhao Fu was overjoyed. The method He Xianru had told him about had indeed worked, and after concluding the Heaven-Sacrifice Ceremony, Zhao Fu sent orders for his people to collect these Flower Tears. Afterwards, they found that there were 1 million Flower Tears in total, which was worth 10 million Flower Tear Points. Naturally, Zhao Fu was incredibly happy.

However, he could only carry out another Heaven-Sacrifice Ceremony after waiting for a long period of time, but he was already quite content. After all, 10 million Flower Tear Points was an astronomical amount of Flower Tear Points.

Within the 1 million Flower Tears, Zhao Fu's people also found 10 pink Flower Tears and azure Flower Tears, which were even rarer. By combining 10 azure Flower Tears, he would be able to obtain a Level 2 Flower Fairy's Blessing.

[Level 2 Flower Fairy's Blessing]: Effectiveness: Three years, Description: The Flower Fairy's wonderful blessing. It increases the speed at which flowers within your territory grow by 200% and the time it takes for flowers to wilt by 200%. Has a chance to attracting Flower Spirits.

The Level 2 Flower Fairy's Blessing decreased the growing time by another 100% and increased the wilting time by another 100%. The small chance of attracting Flower Spirits also became 'a chance.'

Zhao Fu only had three azure Flower Tears, but he was not in a rush to collect all 10. He combined 10 of the pink Flower Tears, which turned into a pink orb the size of a pearl, and took it to the center of the Village before choosing to use it.

The pink orb slowly rose from Zhao Fu's hand and flew into the sky, turning into the image of a beautiful young girl. The young girl looked to be only 15 or 16 years old, and she wore clothes that were made of flower petals. This was most likely the Flower Fairy!

After the image of the Flower Fairy appeared, she lightly laughed before spreading out her hands, causing countless flower petals to descend. A pink wave of light spread out, and following this, the Flower Fairy's image slowly disappeared. At this moment, Zhao Fu received a system announcement that said that the Great Qin Village had received the Flower Fairy's Blessing.

After taking care of this matter, Zhao Fu took a large amount of food to the Orc City and took out Gunador's command medallion, gaining him access to Gunador's tent.

"Respected Vice-Lord, I've brought a large amount of food. How many Flower Tears have your people collected?" Zhao Fu said from under his black cloak.

Gunador confidently smiled and took out 10 normal spatial rings. Zhao Fu took them and found that each of them contained 100,000 Flower Tears, meaning that the 10 rings contained 1 million Flower Tears in total. This was the result of 200,000 Orcs collecting Flower Tears.

Zhao Fu was incredibly happy when he saw so many Flower Tears, and they exchanged the goods based on the rate that they had negotiated. Just like that, Zhao Fu had obtained another 1 million Flower Tears.

"Let us continue our partnership! I hope that respected Vice-Lord can continue gathering Flower Tears." Zhao Fu put the Flower Tears into his King's Ring as he cupped his hands and smiled.

After obtaining so much food without losing a single soldier, Gunador was also ecstatic and quickly nodded as he smiled. Gunador was also happy because he was using something that was useless, Flower Tears, for something that he needed, food.

After both sides obtained what they wanted, the transaction was perfectly concluded.

Not long after Zhao Fu left, a well-built Orc, who gave off a sense of pressure, walked in and said unhappily, "Gunador, who do you trust this human and even trade with him?"

The smile on Gunador's face did not fade at all as he replied, "I didn't trust him; we're merely engaging in deals that benefit both of us!"

"But if he has so much food, why don't you just take it by force?" the Orc retorted loudly.

Gunador smiled as he shook his head and said, "Bodili, can you think before speaking? You should learn from humans in that regard. Violence isn't always the best solution. Do you want a bit of food or a lot of food?"

Bodili, the well-built Orc, dumbly replied, "Of course it's a lot of food!"

"Then it should be clear to you!" Gunador replied.

However, after listening to Gunador, Bodili asked with a hazy look, "Gunador, what do you mean?"

Hearing his words, Gunador, the most intelligent Orc in Kaki City, felt incredibly helpless.

"What is it? Explain!" Bodili seemed to become interested and once again asked Gunador.

Gunador shook his head with annoyance and felt that Bodili was quite an oddity. Even though Orcs sought strength, that did not mean they were stupid - Bodili was just exceptionally stupid. If Gunador answered his question, he would be swept into a whirlpool of questions and wouldn't be left alone for days.

However, Bodili was a mighty fighter - apart from Lord Kaki, there was not a single Orc among the 200,000 or so Orcs who could defeat him.

In order to make Bodili quickly leave so that he could make arrangements for the food that he had received, Gunador quickly said, "Lord Kaki seems to want to see you; go and pay him a visit!"

Bodili nodded and believed that Kaki really wanted to see him, so he left. It was evident how easy it was to trick this fellow.

Back at Holy Light City, Zhao Fu converted his 2 million Flower Tears into 20 million Flower Tear points. Following this, Zhao Fu looked at the top three pieces of equipment on the Legendary Rankings. However, a purple light suddenly flashed as one of the 37 pieces of Legendary grade equipment suddenly disappeared, shocking Zhao Fu.