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 Even though the Ying family dying would not cause much of a loss to Great Qin, it would definitely cause Great Qin to be quite displeased, allowing those factions to achieve their goal. Since they were going to die anyways, they might as well take out their anger on the Ying family.

In order to respond to this, the Ying family mobilized all of the armies at its disposal. After all, the various large families held a lot of power in the real world, and they had created their own personal armies.

In response to this, Zhao Fu decided to properly think about it. Even though he could bring his real body into the Heaven Awaken World at any time, allowing him to not worry about this, not everyone could do this.

The Ying family was indeed not very important to Zhao Fu, as it was just the imperial clan of Great Qin. However, there were some people in the Ying family Zhao Fu cared about, and he did not want to see them all die.

Zhao Fu did not know what to do, as he did not have a way to bring large groups of people into the Heaven Awaken World. As such, he could only return to the Heaven Awaken World to ask the golden dragon.

The golden dragon gave a good suggestion, which was to use a Reality Magic Formation, but this would require many Spatial Stones. Spatial Stones were stones that contained spatial power, but they were extremely rare. However, with the Ying family's resources, gathering the spatial stones would not be a big issue.

Up until now, the various branches of the Ying family already had Great Cities and some Basic Cities. Even though they could not compare to Great Qin, within the eyes of player factions, they were already massive factions.

Zhao Fu prepared this magic formation so that even if the Ying family was broken through in the real world, they could all immediately enter the Heaven Awaken World. However, the Heaven Awaken World was a place that they were not in control of; it was Great Qin's territory.

Zhao Fu told the family leaders about this magic formation, and they gratefully thanked him and Great Qin's Legatee.

After taking care of these matters, Zhao Fu once again returned to the Heaven Awaken World and took care of some more things. Time passed day by day, and soon, it was May of the fourth year.

The sun shined brightly down on the earth, and there were no clouds to be seen in the blue sky. It was an extremely clear and sunny day.

Suddenly, a domineering dragon's roar sounded out, and the heavens and earth suddenly dimmed as a powerful aura swept through the entirety of China like a cyclone.

A black pillar of light stood between the heavens and the earth as nine massive black dragons circled in the sky, giving off incredible auras. They were incredibly domineering and could cause all creatures to submit.

Everyone in China had grim looks on their faces because the silent Great Qin had once again started to act up, and a bloody storm was about to arrive again. They all greatly feared Great Qin and could not help but feel terrified.

Zhao Fu smiled as he stood by the side - after six months of clearing regions and building the Great Wall, they had cleared out 950 regions and obtained three Barony Cities and five Capital Cities.

Now, Great Qin was a Level 1 Marquisate Kingdom. Not many people would be able to raise their Kingdoms to a Marquisate Kingdom before the real world was destroyed.

However, leveling up to a Dukedom Kingdom would be even more difficult. It would require three Marquisate Cities, six Barony Cities, and nine Capital Cities.

In actuality, the minor requirements were not so difficult, but leveling up to a Dukedom required unifying a whole world. Only with the world's power could one level up into a Dukedom; Region Power would no longer work, and they would have to rely on the world's power.

This was definitely a very long process, as Great Qin did not yet have the strength to unify the whole world. This still required a lot of development.

Right now, Great Qin was a Level 1 Marquisate. It had conquered 1,470 regions and required 1,000 regions to increase by another level.

The three Barony Cities were the previous three Capital Cities, which were Seven Kill City, Maurya City, and Demon King City. Great Qin already had a Capital City from taking down the Shang Dynasty, so they only needed to level up five Cities.

Zhao Fu did not continue to use Dynasty Cities for the five Capital Cities, as out of the three Barony Cities, there were already two Dynasty Cities and the Shang Dynasty's City. There were too many Cities from other Dynasties, so Zhao Fu decided to develop the other Cities.

The first was Celestial City, as its attributes were quite suited to Cultivation, and the residents living there were very happy. Next was Sword Mountain, as Zhao Fu wanted to increase its attack power and make it even stronger.

The third City that Zhao Fu chose was Disaster City, simply to make its Disaster attribute more powerful.

The fourth and fifth Cities were, of course, the Ice and Fire Cities. Before, they had only been Gold grade Cities, but they had leveled up into Legendary grade Cities. Zhao Fu had obtained an Ice Heart and Fire Heart from the Heaven Spirit Stele, which contained Legendary grade power.

The Heaven Spirit Stele was an extremely good thing and had all sorts of treasures. Anyone could obtain almost anything if they satisfied the conditions, and what surprised Zhao Fu was that his Supreme level account still had not been taken away.

This made Zhao Fu feel quite curious; even if it was a mistake, nothing had happened for six months. He could not understand what was happening, but he accepted it. Great Qin's Level 1 Marquisate City stats were as such:

Village Name: Great Qin Royal City (Human King)

Level: Marquisate Royal City (Level 1)

Village Area: 2,49,400 square kilometers

Village Territory: 232,421,800 square kilometers

Residents: 3,492,950/80,240,000

Military: 892,640/32,482,000

Popular Support: 86

Village Special Stats: Territory Crop Output +300%, Territory Crop Growing Time -300%, Population Limit +180%, Residents' stats can randomly +24, Soldiers' stats +29%, Population Attraction +250%, chance of attracting higher grade population +250%

Subsidiary Village Limit: 2,096,930

Subordinate Villages: Logue Village, Jean Village, Dorun Village, Li Family Village, Wolf Village, Ferocious Tiger Village...

Not only did the City became stronger, but Zhao Fu's Great Qin Seal's power also rose to a new level. Now that Great Qin was a Level 1 Marquisate Kingdom, its Kingdom Power was also greater. Zhao Fu could now have even more Civil and Military Officials, allowing Great Qin to become even more powerful.

Now, Great Qin had 1,470 regions and 8,820 Counties, meaning they could have 8,820 County Seals, 1,470 Province Seals, 147 Baron Seals, 14 Marquis Seals, and one Duke Seal.

These were only the Civil Official Seals, and they already numbered over 10,000. Now, very few factions dared to make a move against Great Qin. Even if hundreds of factions came, with Great Qin's strength as a Kingdom, it would be able to easily destroy them.

Now, Great Qin had an incredible 4.7 billion residents, and it had expanded its military to 470 million soldiers. There were 320 million Stage 2 soldiers, 92 million Stage 2 soldiers, 1.1 million Stage 3 soldiers, and 50,000 Stage 4 soldiers.

Great Qin controlled 1,470 regions with one Marquisate Royal City, three Barony Cities, six Capital Cities, 3,428 Capital Cities, 1,921 Cities, 1,660 Towns, and 99,489 Villages.