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 After dealing with this young man, Zhao Fu soon dealt with the others as well and used all 150 Brain Bugs, successfully controlling 150 City Lords.

By now, it was dawn, and Zhao Fu commenced his next plan. He first gathered all of the City Lords to hold an emergency meeting; those who were controlled by Brain Bugs naturally knew what was happening.

The remaining 30 City Lord did not understand why they were having an emergency meeting, as they had not been able to sense any danger. However, because everyone else was gathering, they wondered if something big had happened and also went.

However, when they arrived, they could not help but feel angry. Seeing the other City Lords eating and drinking at a banquet, it did not seem like an emergency at all.

Many people they were familiar with walked over with wine and warmly invited them to drink, and some of them felt too embarrassed to reject them, so they joined in. Others still had things to do, so they decided to return, and no one stopped them.

However, on the way back, a person stood in their way. The ten or so City Lords' expressions changed, as they could sense that that person's strength was incredibly powerful, and he gave off dense killing intent.

"Hurry! Let's split up and escape!" a person cried out. The other City Lords also understood that they were not a match for Zhao Fu, so they scattered and flew in different directions.

At that moment, Zhao Fu condescendingly laughed as the five pupils in his left eye spun and a terrifying power burst forth as countless chains brought with them shocking power and flew towards the escaping City Lords.

Before a few of the City Lords could realize what was happening, their bodies were pierced by the countless chains, and they immediately died. Their City Lord Seals floated out of their bodies.

The other City Lords were greatly shocked and released energy barriers to defend. However, they were unable to last for very long before their barriers were destroyed and countless chains pierced through their bodies. In the end, they all died without a single one being able to escape.

After putting away the City Lord Seals and corpses, Zhao Fu returned to the place of the banquet, where the other City Lords had been poisoned to death. Zhao Fu looked at his 150 City Lords and said, "Go and quickly take control of those 30 Cities, then gather your forces and clear out the regions around you."

Now that the 150 City Lords were completely controlled by the Brain Bugs, they naturally followed all of Zhao Fu's orders. Because they had made preparations, they had been able to take over those 30 Cities easily.

Zhao Fu did not take those 30 Cities away, and he instead left them there. After all, Zhao Fu wanted this faction to greatly develop, so he did not want to reduce its strength. He picked out a few decent people from the Cities that had pledged their allegiance to him; when he had more Brain Bugs, he would use them.

The nearby smaller factions did not pose much of a threat, but clearing them out could take some time. After clearing out all of the factions and becoming stronger, they would be able to start making a move against the larger factions.

The countless smaller factions felt incredibly terrified at the changes in the system faction. They could not understand why this faction, which had maintained absolute neutrality, had suddenly started to attack others. They did not know that the City Lords were now all controlled by someone else.

However, this did not draw much attention, as this sort of situation was quite common. In order to survive, plans often changed.

After dealing with this, Zhao Fu returned to Great Qin. Great Qin was still clearing out regions while building the third Great Wall. This required a lot of time and would not be finished anytime soon.

Seeing that there was not much to do, Zhao Fu decided to return to the real world.

Zhao Fu's wounds in the real world had healed, and he had returned to his own villa. Just like always, he was extremely hungry, and after having a large meal, he turned on his laptop to see if there was any important news.

Zheng Dong, the Class President of Zhao Fu's class in university, sent a message, saying that his faction had been developing quite well. Not too long ago, he had taken down a Basic Xiongnu City, and he was now a City Lord, with many of the people from their class joining him.

This included Zhao Fu's roommate, Zhang Yue, who he had a good relationship with. As such, he also invited Zhao Fu to join him and said he would give Zhao Fu a decent position because Zhao Fu had supported him in the past.

Everyone in the group were praising and flattering Zheng Dong, as he had been the most outstanding in the class, and even some of the teachers praised him.

Because the real world was in utter chaos, the news of the Heaven Awaken World devouring the real world became more and more widespread and believable. Those who were powerful in the Heaven Awaken World would be at the frontier of the new world, so many people started to make plans for their futures.

It was quite difficult to survive alone without a faction, so many people chose to join a faction. The most well-known faction was, of course, Great Qin; after all, Great Qin was about to sweep across the world with unstoppable momentum.

However, how could ordinary people like them join Great Qin? Even some of the large families or financial groups had tried to curry favor with Great Qin, but Great Qin had not responded in the slightest.

Of course, ordinary people like them could not enter, so they could only choose to join other factions. Now that Zheng Dong had become the City Lord of a Basic City, there were naturally people who wanted to join him; it was only natural that everyone was saying such good things about him.

"City Lord of a Basic City?" Zhao Fu could not help but lightly laugh. However, he politely rejected Zheng Dong's offer; how could he be a subordinate of the City Lord of a Basic City?

Because Zheng Dong had asked him in the group, Zhao Fu also replied in the group.

In order to curry favor with Zheng Dong, some people said to Zhao Fu, "Zhao Fu, you're not giving President Zheng any face. He's already a City Lord, and others would be begging to join him; don't regret it in the future!"

Someone else agreed, saying, "That's right, that's right. Only an idiot wouldn't want to join President Zheng; we completely support the President."

Zhao Fu didn't know what to say in response to this, so he decided to just log off.

Following this, he decided to have a look at the Heaven Awaken World forum, but he found that he could not enter the forum. He remembered that he had captured all of Flower Moon, so there was naturally no one to take care of the Heaven Awaken World forum.

Mu Guilin soon came in with some documents; it was the information on the remaining Dynasties that Zhao Fu had ordered people to collect. If Zhao Fu wanted to unify China, they were his first targets. As such, he had people collect information on them to destroy them in the future.

There was nothing within the documents about their precise locations, making Zhao Fu feel quite disappointed. However, these people were nearly going mad that they could not take revenge against Great Qin, so they decided to take revenge against the Ying family. After all, the Ying family was the imperial clan of Great Qin.